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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 20th April 2016 Written Update

Manvi and Rahul discuss about the party. He keeps praising some girl to make her jealous. Manvi tells Rahul she was dancing with Kabir to instigate her. He acts to not care and praises other tall girls. She hits him with a cushion. I wont spare you if you speak of anyone else. He asks her if she is jealous. She denies. they only wear makeup on their faces. I don’t want to talk to you. Sleep now. He thinks she is mad. How can you think I will look at someone else after getting you?

Agni is thinking about Manvi. Ambika warns him not to lose his dream for a girl. we have taken years to come here. Don’t ruin things. He says this love will not decrease his hatred towards Rahul. He will always be my enemy. I will kill Rahul but not Manvi. I will make her my life and keep her near me. if I get her on my side, if she becomes my shield, begins to love me as much as she loves Rahul then no one can stop me from doing anything. Ambika reasons that she is Rahul’s wife. Do you think it is easy? He knows it isn’t. But Manvi will come to me because of my love. my victory is hidden in it. Ambika agrees to support him. do you have any plan? He nods. we have a well wisher too who will help us. Nisha wants Manvi to be out of Rahul’s life and that house. An enemy’s enemy is our friend!

Next morning, Manvi gets up. She stops before waking up Rahul as his words echo in her head. she walks away.

Prithvi comes to that same lady’s house that recognized Nidhi last night. He shows her photo to that lady again who says I have never seen her. He finally shows her his ID. I am sure you know something about this missing girl. I have come to take you to police station to take your statement. She says you cannot force me. he asks his constables to come in. She panics as he talks about women constable knowing a better way to handle her if she wont agree. She requests him not to do so. They will fire my brother if they find out about it. He assures her that her identity will be kept a secret.

Manvi looks at Sonali helping Raj wear his coat. They are so perfect for each other. They know what the other wants. They don’t need words to say it. Raj and SOnali share a sweet moment but get conscious seeing Manvi on the stairs. Raj leaves. Manvi shares her opinion with Sonali. Sonali smiles. Manvi says papa dint say I love you to you. Sonali shares how men say it n number of times when they just get married. Women are opposite. We begin to share our feelings when we spend some years with someone. I do the same. I am sure Rahul will keep saying I love you to you 10 times in a day. Tell him to keep something for his old age too. manvi looks sad which does not go unnoticed by Sonali. Manvi tells her that Rahul has not confessed his love for her till now. Sonali thinks to talk to him but Manvi wants Rahul to say it when he really feels it. Sonali advises her how some men are stupid like Rahul. They take too much time in teasing you. we cannot depend on them. women have to take a lead which is not at all wrong. You are so bold and his shield. Can you not do this much? Manvi agrees. But how do I say it? Sonali tells her something in mute. Nisha overhears their convo.

Nisha calls Agni. I got to know that Rahul and Manvi haven’t said I love you to each other till date. You still have a very good chance. do something to make Manvi see you in her dreams so you don’t lose out. I heard mom telling Manvi a plan. She tells him something (in mute). It is up to you now as to how you do it. all the best. She ends the call. Agni says I will stop it easily as what is mine is only mine!

The lady tells about that night (when Nidhi went missing). I tried to leave without coming in NIsha Ma’am’s notice. I was in the garden when I slipped. My specs fell down. I saw something weird there. It was too scary. I could not understand if it was a man or a woman. I hid in the bushes and found my specs there. I saw a man in black clothes dragging a dead body. Prithvi is shocked. Whose dead body? The lady takes Nidhi’s name. The dead body was so scary as if some wild animal ate her up. I closed my eyes afterwards because I got scared. I swear on my kids’ name. Prithvi allows her to leave.

Someone brings a bouquet for Rahul. He thinks it might be from some fan. He reads the card. I should make it interesting.

Manvi talks to Sonali. He must have got the flowers yet he dint call. Sonali tells her to wait. He must be busy in some work. Plus your name was not mentioned on the card. Manvi is all panicked. I thought to tell him when he will call me but he isn’t calling me. why so? She gets Rahul’s call just then. he asks her not to cook food for him tonight. I have a very important meeting tonight. I will be really late. Don’t wait for me. she is taken aback. Is this why you called me? He tells her to send his tuxedo through someone. This client is extremely special. She is unhappy. He keeps talking about random things like wallet. Manvi angrily ends the call. You (Sonali) were right. Your friend is extra dumb.

Sonali calls Rahul to scold him. he says sorry to her. why did she think I will not recognize her writing? She tells him to stop troubling Manvi. Don’t trouble her on the dinner date tonight. Rahul asks her to send the location to him. Finally we will be confessing our feelings to each other. I don’t know about you Manvi but I am sure of it all. I love you!

Manvi complains to Sonali. He dint even tell me when he got bouquet from someone. He wants to go out on date with some other girl! sonali calls it all an excuse to take her on date. He only loves you so he recognized your writing. Manvi smiles. Sonali tells her to dress up beautifully tonight. Epi ends on Manvi’s happy face.

Precap: Manvi confesses her feelings thinking it is Rahul but it turns out to be Agni. She is shocked.

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