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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 19th May 2016 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Baba’s residence
As maanvi comes outside the room, she finds kabir going outside. she wonders where i he going at this time of the night, and hollers at him. he thinks that he got exactly what h aimed for. he turns around and asks if she didnt sleep yet. she instead asks him where was he headed. he wonders what should he tell her and thinks of some excuse. she asks him if there is any problem, and if he is hiding something, or wants to say something. he asks what does she mean, and why is she staring at him. she says that she has noticed that he has been aloof, recently and was concerned about him, and about his wound. he says that he didnt want to unnecessarily tense everyone, by the wound that he sustained through renovation. he hopes she believes it. she pretends to be believing, and says that she shares everything with him, as a friend but he never reciprocates the same. he apologises and says that he felt it was a minor wound, hence didnt say anything. she asks how can he talk like this as a friend, and says that till he gets better, he cant stay here. she says that its needed, and its her order as a friend, for him to stay here, and that with her father and husband, she would need his help if anything happens. he agrees to stay since she needs him. she readily complies, and asks him to go to the room and sleep. they both eye each other tensedly. he thinks that it seems she knows his secert and if she does, then why isnt she saying anything, and then wonders whats going on in her mind, and whats she upto. she meanwhile, thinks that she needs to keep enemies closer, and that she wont let him go any nearere, till she unravels his truth, as nothing is more to her than her family, and if she gets to know, that he s behind the family’s turmoil, then she shall finish him and his motives too.

Later, Nisha gets kabir’s call, and thinks that he called to talk about maanvi’s death. Instead he lashes at her and then he asks how dare she tried to kill her. she asks him to listen to her instead and asks how dare he talk to talk like this, as she doesnt need his permission to do what she wishes. she says that she isnt scared of his threatenings, and that she shall do whatever she pleases. he says that if she as much as tries to hurt her, she would face consequences, and would have to pay for what she already did. he thinks tht he shall deal with her later on, but first needs to get to his mother. she however fumes, that maanvi’s luck is so good, that she got saved this time too, and thinks that she needs to focus on her later on. she starts thinking about getting herself out of the doubt circle and the first doubt shall go on her.

Meanwhile, walking in the lobby, Maanvi remembers the attack, and how she had overheard people conspiring about rahul and wonders how can kabir be the bull even though the evens and evidences point towards it and how granny too had pointed out, that kabir’s presence in the family has increased their family disputes. Maanvi starts connecting one clue after the other, and thinks that all point to kabir. she wonders what to do now, and if kbir is really trying to harm their family. she says that she shall have to find evidence anyhow, to protect her family. she starts researching on the net, and finds an old folk lore, about bulls who could take human form, and were considered dangerous, and their rituals too. she is tensed and continue reading. she remembers the lion and bull fight, and then reads that they are scared of red colour and snake.

Shaleen meanwhile comes to nisha, and asks if she has gone crazy to think that she could blow up his entire family, in a joke. he says that its his family she was killing. she says that she merely wanted to hurt maanvi. he is shocked that she risked everyone’s life due to maanvi, and asks if that would really have sorted it out. he says that they are trapped in problems, and the mysterious situations in which they got saved, would only stand to implicate them further and that they shall merely land in jail. she asks him to calm down, and says that she isnt stupid, as she has safeguarded them, and no one shall doubt them. he asks why shall they do so. she says that she knows how to manipulate them into thinking what she wants them to. she says that she shall see to it that maanvi is ruined.

The next morning, Baba serches for shilpa, and finds her working in the kutchen, preparing breakfast for everyone. she says that its good that he forgot the past and sent them an invitation to stay here. he says that its due to her preachings about it being maanvi’s family. he says that he is unhappy with raj, but doesnt resent him, and amusedly comments as to how he agreed to stay here. she says that maybe he too is thinking what he himself thought, and hence turned over a new leaf. he eyes the breakfst and is concerned. she says that its for raj and rahul, who like boiled eggs. he says that he knows what raj wants, and makes her step aside to work himself to make soemthing for raj. she wonders whats gone into him all of a sudden.

Meanwhile, at the dining table, rahul is miffed as his parents crib amongst themselves while raj says that they could have gone somewher else, instead of here. she asks him not to crib. she says that noone invited them, even though they knew that their house has been burnt. he says that the reason behind the news is maanvi too. she says that it was just a trap to incite conspiracy. she gain clarifies his misunderstanding, that its someone’s trap, and asks him to let bygones be so, and reminds him that he can do anything for them. he resignedly complies. shilpa serves them breakfast, while raj sits sullenly. all join at the table to eat. raj senses a smell, and then baba comes out with egg rolls. raj is delighted to see them, while maanvi is amused. baba then apologises for the mistake that he did, and firstly for what hasrh said to them, even though he didnt know what he was saying, and that his mistake was that he even didnt try to find the truth, once he saw harsh in that condition. he resolves that even though there might be many differences, but they are one family. rahul’s mother says that its one big happy family. they all get to eating. baba wonders whether he would remember it, and would eat too. raj meanwhile wishes to have chapati rolls, but wonders whether he should dare to have with his scrutinising wife sitting right next to him. baba is amused to watch this. he then finds raj mustering the guts to try and stealthily take one, and is amused. but he is disappointed to see that he ignores them. maanvi notices his sadness, and then asks him to serve rahul the paranthas. he readily complies, while she smiles. rahul hesitantly tries to get out of it, hile baba insists him to have more. he leves citing office work, taking the rolls. maanvi meanwhile thinks why is kabir not down for breakfast. she leaves to check on him she finds shaleen in the doorway, and asks whats he doing here, and why hasnt he even met her. he too accuses her that she never has time for him, chiding with him. he asks why isnt she spending time with them. she cites being busy for attending to her two families. she says that she is going to call kabir for breakfast and finds him tensed, and is boggled why. she asks him to come too. he says that he wont go. she asks why is he scared of kabir. he asks why would he be scared of a human. he is silenced. she asks if he has been threatened by kabir, and says that he can share anything with her, as she shall always be by his side. he wonders what to do, and if he should tell maanvi the truth, as if his family is with him, noone can do anything. But he remembers his threats, and gets petrified. he decides not to spill the truth, and asks her to relax, and rushes down for breakfast. she is boggled at this weird behaviour, and says that his fear heightened at the mention of kabir, and thinks that maybe he saw kabir turning into a bull.

In the room, kabir however talks to his mother, talking bout how he feels that she know the truth, but isnt sure completely. she asks him to find out then, as its imp for them, as maanvi doubts them, then they shall have to chnge the plans. he asks whats to be done. she asks him not to lose his temper, and think calm, or else he should come home, so that they both can decide whats to be done. he says that he shall meet her tomorrow morning, when he leaves for office. he is oblivious that maanvi stands behind him, listening to her. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Maanvi asks kabir for a favour, and he complies. she says that she wants to go to the temple, to pray, since so much happeneed and still everyone got out alive. he is hesitant, while she eyes him tensedly.

Written Update by Rimjhim

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