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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 19th April 2016 Written Update

Rahul brings Manvi to their room. What happened? did anyone set fire intentionally? She has no idea. I was waiting for Ma and Baba. He asks her if she can think of herself for once. When will you think about yourself? If Baba finds out that this happened when you were worried for him what will he think? She says she is fine. it happens. He says it does not happen just like that. I always tell you to be careful. Who told you to wear chiffon saree like a heroine? She says you only brought it. I am perfectly fine. I am your shield but it is you who has saved me always. You have taken care of me so much. He calls himself useless. I wasn’t there right now. Thank God Kabir was there. You will have to be careful. Ambika said you are under more danger than me. We don’t know how these enemies look and who they are. She nods. I will take care of myself. Not just Kabir but your love also saved me. She goes quiet and diverts the topic. Kabir made an entry like a hero and saved me. I wonder if you could do it. He gives her a saree to change. She senses he is jealous. He smiles. Hero never gets jealous of hero-like people. Come downstairs. I will make you meet my fans. We will realise who is jealous. She thinks he fell in love first so he only will have to announce it first. He is sure he will make her talk first.

A lady recognizes Nidhi. I saw her last night. The waiter thinks to send her away or people will complain. He tries to send her away but Prithvi intervenes. The lady lies that she said so by mistake. Prithvi is sure this lady has indeed seen Nidhi.

Agni thinks of Manvi. Ambika asks him what he is thinking. Agni says nothing. She says you did a great job today. you saved Manvi at the perfect time. Rahul will be indebted to you now. There is no chance for him not to trust you now. We have to think how to use it to our sake. Agni says I have to win Manvi’s trust too. What if I make her fall in love with me? She is his shield. She will help us if she is on our side. we can easily kill Rahul when he turns into tiger. Ambika likes the plan. How will it happen? He says it will happen. Rahul asks him about it. Agni wonders if he heard them. Rahul says I don’t know what you are talking about but no one can stop you as you have made up your mind. I wanted to thank you for saving my wife. Manvi also extends her hand towards him to thank him. agni keeps looking at her. you are so beautiful. You should be with me only. Ambika senses something weird about Agni. Rahul and MAnvi excuse themselves. Agni looks at his hand.

Shilpa is happy that Upmanyu agreed to meet Raj for Manvi. Shilpa asks Raj if he cannot give a chance to Upmanyu for Rahul’s sake. Raj blames Manvi. She is filling Rahul’s ears against me. I will never let my son fall for him. sonali tries to explain it to him that both Manvi and Rahul love each other but Raj calls it Upmanyu’s plan. There is no love here. It is his entire plan. He came here dressed like a beggar. Look at me. I have a class. Upmanyu walks in angrily as he heard the entire convo. Who do you call a beggar? Who are you? All your fame, house, money, is all mine! You stole my composition and became a star. You are a thief. Raj tells him to be in his limits. I am quiet because of my son or I would have thrown you out by now! They get into an argument. Shilpa and Sonali have a hard time controlling him.

Raj refuses to accept manvi as the DIL of the house. Sonali says your thinking wont change the truth. Rahul respects her Baba. He lives in a small house but that does not make you disrespect him all the time.

Shilpa makes Upmanyu understand. He is sure Rahul will take care of Manvi always as he loves her very much. Shilpa says no son will take it if you try to raise a hand on his father.

Sonali too scolds Raj for his rudeness. No parent will like it if you say something about their kid.

Shilpa tells Upmanyu to be calm for Manvi’s sake atleast.

Agni overhears their convo. Raj and Upmanyu hate each other. I will use it to break Rahul and Manvi’s relation. I want Manvi for myself only!

Manvi is upset to see Rahul busy with his client or some guests. Agni asks her if she is bored. She is surprised. Does it show on my face? He says you have the same expression like me. I am bored. They both share how they dislike parties. He asks her for dance. She is uncomfortable. He teases her if she needs permission from her husband. He asks Rahul for permission. Rahul says ofcourse. Manvi goes with Agni. He tries to hold her waist but she backs out. They dance at a distance. Nisha observes them. Something interesting is going to happen. Agni thinks it is no fun to get something which you get easily. Manvi is disturbed by his stare. What are you looking at? Agni says I see love for Rahul in your eyes. She smiles. Rahul must always tell you how much he loves you. She nods. She hears the song. It is my favourite song. Rahul comes there just then and asks Agni if he can dance with his wife now. it is her favourite song. They share sweet moments. He compliments her. This saree looks better. Agni looks at them. He imagines dancing sensually with Manvi on another song. Waiter brings him out of his thoughts. Agni thinks Manvi will come to me soon and Amma will hold Rahul’s head. No one will be able to save you.

Nisha looks at Agni from a distance. Why dint I see it before? It is clear that he is interested in Manvi. He will do my work now. She goes to talk to him. it would have been better if it was you in Rahul’s place. I understand how difficult it will be for you to stay away from her. He says they both are very happy with each other. She continues to fill his ears against them while he keeps tries to avoid her. Nisha tells Agni she knows he wants Manvi. You would need the help of an insider for the same. I can help you. Think and let me know.

Precap: Manvi tells Rahul she was dancing with Kabir to instigate her. He acts to not care and praises other tall girls. Agni wants Manvi at any cost. She is Rahul’s shield. It will be easy to kill Rahul once they get away from one another.

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