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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 18th December 2015 Written Update

Sujoy’s Sherwani comes to Chatterjee house by mistake. Upmanyu decides to drop it off at Sujoy’s home.

Nikhil asks his mother why she is working when there are so many servants. She says it is my son’s marriage. She sends him to check on something. Rahul is leaving for jogging. I am feeling a little weird. I need to get some fresh air. She allows him to go. I don’t know why he is so

Rahul asks Twinkle if she got Sujoy’s details. Send me the address. She agrees. He thinks he cannot let Manvi marry a wrong person. I wont let her suffer. She can hate me as much as she wants to but she doesn’t deserve to marry a cheater. I wont let her destroy her life even after knowing everything!

Sujoy gets Rahul’s call. Upmanyu reaches there just then. He gives the Sherwani to Dibakar. He calls Sujoy his son. Sujoy is speaking to Rahul. I might have died yesterday. I am not scared of you. Why should I meet you Rahul? Upmanyu hears Rahul’s name. Sujoy agrees to meet Rahul when he threatens to send Mala at Manvi’s house. Upmanyu thinks Rahul is still threatening Sujoy. Maybe he is scared of his power. I will show Rahul common man’s power. I will end this chapter today!

Rahul thinks to make sure Sujoy does what he wants him to do today.

Sujoy notices Rahul alone. He was lying. Mala isn’t here. Why did you call me here? What do you want? You wont get anything after following me or calling me. Manvi hates you, your face. Find some other girl. He turns to go. Rahul says I saw many cheap people in life. You are worst than all of them. You impregnated a girl and elft her. You want to marry someone else! Nice! Sujoy asks him who he is to interfere in his life. You are a rockstar. You might have done it more than me. You are doing the same thing. You are enjoying with someone else and marrying someone else. Mala is dumb to be after me even after getting pregnant three times. I have such charm. Mala slaps Sujoy. Tell me the truth. All the three times when I was pregnant you promised to marry me once I get a permanent job. I was a fool to trust you. I wont let Manvi ruin her life. Sujoy isn’t afraid. I will tell Manvi that Rahul sent you. Rahul agrees with him. You have been torturing Mala mentally and physically since years. Why not go to police station? DO you know what the punishment can be? I have a better idea for you to get away safely from here. Tell Manvi you don’t love her. Break the marriage.

Upmanyu enters there. Sujoy had come here only. Where did he go? Sujoy holds Rahul’s feet. You are a good guy. Please forgive me. Upmanyu watches it from a distance. I knew that Sujoy is a good guy. I wont spare this Rahul. He is about to go there when Sujoy’s tone changes. Sujoy asks Rahul if he thinks he will change this way. I have made Mala pregnant 3 times already. She still wants to marry me? Upmanyu is shocked. I have Mala’s video clip and pictures which I can upload any time. Mala will become a star then. Your dignity will be finished. No one will be able to do anything to me then. If you show this video to Manvi and her family, even then they wont trust you. I am a very simple person before them. Who are you? Rahul says I was giving you a chance to back down nicely. You are worst cheapo than you look. He shows the hidden camera to Sujoy. I have recorded everything in my phone. I have the proof. Sujoy asks for phone. Rahul beats him. Sujoy pushes him and holds Mala. I will hit her on her womb. She is pregnant. I can do anything. Give me the phone. Rahul gives him the phone. Sujoy breaks it. Upmanyu looks on stunned. Sujoy advises Rahul to stay here. I am the groom. I have to leave early. He is shocked to see Upmanyu standing there.

Sujoy act innocent all again but this time Upmanyu slaps Sujoy hard. Rahul and Mala get happy. Upmanyu says I heard everything that you just said. You are a cheapster. You ruined Mala’s life and now you were after Manvi? Did you forget what I could do with you once I get to know your truth? You were right. The wedding wont happen now. You used us, lied to us, and blackmailed us emotionally. Your pot of sins is full now. I will beat you and then take you to police station. I wont leave you. He slaps Sujoy again! Rahul looks relieved.

At Chatterjee House, Haldi function is going on. Shilpa waits anxiously for Upmanyu.

Upmanyu cannot believe Diabakar’s son can be this cheap. Raj’s son is helping me! He says sorry to Rahul for not trusting him. Sujoy was instigating me against you. You thought you will get away by breaking this mobile? He tells Rahul he is the eye witness of the case. I heard and saw everything. I will just come, don’t let Sujoy run away! He turns to go. Sujoy pushes him. Upmanyu hurts himself on his head. Rahul beats Sujoy. Rahul asks Upmanyu to go home. Handle the situation there. Sujoy pushes Mala. She shouts in pain. Rahul rushes to her side. Sujoy manages to escape.

Raj asks Sonali why she still isn’t ready. Where is Rahul? Sonali says he must be around. Raj ahs called Talwar early. I don’t want to postpone it anymore.

Sujoy has locked Mala and Rahul there. She says I am bearing the brunt of my mistake. Rahul denies. Sujoy will be punished. He is successful in opening the door. Rahul asks Mala to stay here only. I will send Twinkle here.

Sujoy tries to cook up another story to Upmanyu. Upmanyu refuses to let him marry his daughter. I will tell everything to everyone. Rahul is on the road too. Sujoy holds UPmanyu’s hand. Upmanyu scolds him for following him again. Sujoy’s tone changes. Things will happen as per my wish now. Upmanyu stands on the side of the road. Rahul notices them worriedly. Sujoy pushes Upmanyu before an approaching truck. Rahul runs but fails to stop it in time.

Precap: Manvi’s marriage happens.

Written Update By Pooja


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