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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 17th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sonali getting angry seeing Manvi trying to feed Shilpa. She asks what is this? Manvi asks what is the problem? Sonali asks who made this food? She asks did you check the expiry date of food. Manvi says she has checked and it was within expiry date. Sonali asks Nisha to taste food. Nisha tastes it and thinks it is so tasty. How can she make tasty food, thinks what happened to mum today. She tells Sonali that food is okay, but it is oily and unhealthy. Sonali asks how can I serve unhealthy food to my friends. You have done it purposefully to get me insulted. Manvi apologizes to her and says she will change the food. Shilpa also asks her to forgive. Sonali says because of her mistake, everyone will be hungry. She says you said that you will cook food, I didn’t ask you, but you have ruined everything. Manvi says I will change. Sonali says if this is Palak Paneer and says Palak is not cooked properly. She asks why she cooked only indian food and asks where is other cuisine. She says you are brought up in poor family and that doesn’t mean that you will insult my friends. She says it is very embarrassing. Nisha thinks I wish I could make video of this drama, I can’t believe this.

Sonali says I told that I will order food, but you said no, and you wanted to spoil my mood. She asks Nisha to order food from a 5 star hotel and asks the servant to throw the food made by Manvi. She asks Shilpa and Manvi to go. Manvi hugs Shilpa and cries. She says Sonali never treated her like this. Shilpa says I wanted to know why her behavior is changing. Manvi asks what happened and forces her to tell. She tells how Sonali insulted her after she came to party, Manvi says I can’t believe that mummy ji could do this. She says whenever something wrong happens with me or you in this house, she is the one who has supported us. Shilpa says there might be a reason behind her behavior and asks if you have done any mistake. Manvi says no. Shilpa says may be she is angry as her trip is cancelled. She asks Manvi to take care and asks her not to forget that Sonali always supported and loved her. Manvi thinks she is right.

Rahul comes home and asks Manvi if everyone got happy and like her food. Manvi is sitting sadly and says she will serve food. Rahul asks what happened. Manvi asks him not to think her wrong and says Sonali insulted her and also Shilpa. Rahul says how can she insult you both. Manvi says she is not lying. Rahul says mom must be angry as dad forgot her birthday. He asks her to talk to mom and clear the misunderstanding. Manvi is silent. Rahul says I will go to mom and talk to her. Yamini talks to Kabir on phone and says everything is happening as planned. Rahul comes there. Yamini changes herself to Sonali and acts as talking to her friend and praises Manvi. Rahul thinks why did Manvi say that?

Rahul asks Sonali if you have insulted Manvi and Shilpa. Sonali says she didn’t tell anything as such and she might be joking. She says you are trusting her and doubting on me. Rahul says I shouldn’t have interfere between you both. Sonali says you are doubting on me. Rahul says she was crying and that’s why I came to talk to you. Sonali says if I cry, will you believe me? She takes him to Nisha’s room. She asks Nisha, if she has insulted Manvi and her mum. Shaleen is shocked. Sonali says I want Nisha to tell Rahul. Shaleen asks Sonali not to certify anything. Rahul says it is my mistake and I will take care of it. Shaleen asks Rahul how can he listen to his wife. Sonali says just Nisha shall confirm then I will end this. Nisha thinks which game is she playing? I shall support her.

Nisha tells Rahul that Sonali didn’t tell anything to Manvi and says she is feeling bad, how can Manvi tell this about mom. Rahul apologizes and thinks why did Manvi lying about mom. He recalls if Manvi is affected because of the resort happening. Manvi asks Rahul, what did mom say? Rahul says I did a mistake and talked to her. Manvi says I was not lying. Sonali says then am I lying? Nisha says thank god, I was there and heard everything. Mom didn’t insult you. Sonali asks her to leave it, apologizes to Manvi and asks what do you want? Shall I touch your feet? Rahul asks her to stop it and scolds Manvi.

Manvi says I am not lying? Rahul asks her to apologize to Sonali. Sonali thinks they are making my plan easy, and thinks she will separate them. Rahul says she is my mom and have always supported you. Manvi cries. Rahul says I hurt her because of you. Sonali says I don’t want to make an issue and tells her that she is like a daughter to her. Rahul feels bad. Sonali apologizes to her again and tells Rahul not to scold Manvi. Nisha tells Manvi, why she is making stories, and says mom slapped me, but I never made any issue. Shaleen asks Nisha to let it go and provokes Rahul to do something. Rahul tells Manvi that she should have apologize and asks why her ego is so big.

Manvi asks Rahul to trust her and says she is not lying. Rahul says he knows his mom well and says she is not lying. Manvi says that means I am lying? Rahul says may be you are lying.

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