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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 13th June 2016 Written Update

Manvi sees little Payal stabbing her father with a dagger.

Rahul comes with Payal shocking Manvi. She gets scared seeing Payal because of what she just saw. Rahul says Payal was playing with me. Manvi tells him everything. Payal cries. What happened to papa? Is he fine? I have to see him. Rahul somehow makes her wait outside and goes with manvi. Manager is dead. Payal too comes in. Rahul tries to make her look away but she asks him to let her be with her papa. A lady from the staff joins them. Who did this? Manvi ends up telling the truth before the staff lady as well. She goes to inform police. That lady is no one but Yamini. Flashback shows her taking care of the staff lady when she came here. It is all because of Rahul and manvi. Next it will be a member of their family only. Noone will be spared.

Rahul, Manvi and Payal wait for police and ambulance but to no avail. Rahul goes downstairs to check. Manvi is scared of Payal thinking about what she saw. Payal cries for her father. I want to be with papa and speak to him. What happened to him? Manvi is speechless. Payal asks her again about her father’s condition. Manvi says your papa will be fine. She consoles Payal. I saw her killing Manager with my own eyes. How can she be with Rahul then? How can someone do this? What I saw was also true. I don’t know what the truth is.

Rahul wonders why police is taking so much time. Did she leave on foot? He meets another member who he asks about police. The guy knows nothing. Rahul shares that manager has been killed. I sent that girl in room service to inform someone. Did she go out? The guy denies. One can make call from lobby only. Why go outside? Rahul gets thinking. He calls police.

The guy notices drops of blood on his way to manager’s room. He follows the drops which lead to storeroom of housekeeping. Sir said Manager died in his room. He comes to storeroom. The stains lead to almirah. He is shocked to see the dead body of that lady. He screams in fear. Rahul hears him. Rahul and Manvi rush to the storeroom. Manvi panics. What is going on here? So many deaths are happening since we came here. Rahul says she is the same girl who we sent outside to inform police. The guy reasons that he did not see her going out. I was outside only. Maybe the killer is still here. What if we all get killed? Manvi says we should leave from here. Rahul notices that that girl is still alive. They pick her up and inform ambulance.

Agni compliments Yamini on what she has done. She says my real revenge will be over when I will torment Rahul and Manvi to death. Agni says I understand your pain. If you need anything or anyone then I will support you. His mom seconds him. She sends Yamini in her room to rest. Agni thinks I was right. We only have to sit back to see our motive turning out to be true. Yamini wont even doubt. His mother says our motive is to bring that horn back to get our Devta back. Our powers are diminishing. We don’t know how to take that horn back. Agni knows Rahul has kept that horn near him as he knows its powers too. She asks him how they will get it then. He calls Shaleen. Shaleen closes the door so he can talk to Agni in private. Agni gives him his next task. Your brother has hid something which belongs to me. It is a horn. Rahul or Manvi have hidden it in your house. You have to find it anyhow. Shaleen reasons that Rahul wont need it. Agni tells him not to question him. How would I find it in such a big house? Plus what if I get caught stealing it in my own house? Agni leaves the choice on him – either to bring it or become famous in world. It takes only a minute’s time to upload a video. Shaleen gives in.

Rahul and Manvi are in police station. Inspector says such a case has come for the first time. Commissioner Sir wants to see the report himself. Tell us what happened. Manvi shares what she saw. I couldn’t believe it that the person who killed manager can actually do it. She doubts if she should take Manager’s name but then does. Inspector is shocked. Rahul calls it a misunderstanding. Payal was playing outside in lawn with me at that time. There is no way she could be inside and kill someone. Manvi reasons that she saw it with her own eyes but then she saw Payal outside with you. I am not lying. He agrees she isn’t lying. But you might be mistaken. I took photos and videos of that time. You can relate the timing. I too was mistaken about killing that person but it dint happen. Inspector seconds Rahul. These photos and videos prove Payal innocent. Why are you blaming a little girl for killing her father?

Precap: Yamini says Sonali is Manvi’s biggest strength. Sonali’s trust on her is somewhere making Rahul trust Manvi blindly. I have to break this so Rahul turns against Manvi. Agni is happy with her plan.

Written Update by Pooja

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