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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 13th April 2016 Written Update

A scared Manvi walks up to the tiger while holding tightly onto the rudraksh. She touches it to the tiger’s paw but it shows no effect. Forgive me Rahul. I cannot see you yearning every night. I couldn’t save you even though I wanted to. I will find a way out for sure!

Agni comes in the stable. It is Kabir only. The lady welcomes him. Agni touches her feet and then hugs her. That tiger killed your father and put our Kul in dark. We have only faced defeats because of him. The time to take revenge from him has come now. Kill the tiger and revive your father using his blood. Our Kul will become most powerful after doing so. Ambika agrees with her. Agni will kill the tiger in the last war and make us win. Our revenge will be completed by Agni. Agni says these humans don’t know of our power today. We lived in hiding because of a tiger. Time will change now. Our God, my father will spread fear in this world. We will rule over the world. No one can stop us from winning. I will end that tiger’s story. He raises his hands up in the air when his horns come out (funny).

Manvi and Rahul fell asleep in the jungle itself. Rahul wakes up and is shocked to see Manvi lying near him. He tries to wake her up. I always wanted to see you happy. I promised to not let you feel any pain. Look at the situation. I have become the reason of your pain. I love you a lot but how to express it before you. I know you love me. You can make up excuses but the reason is only love. I want to tell you how much I love but how. You will never understand this fight between my heart and mind. She mutters in her sleep. I understand. I will understand. I will never leave you. I am your shield. He feels all the more guilty. She thinks of me only in her sleep too. I dint want this. He notices the rudraksh. You were near me because of this only or I would have! No way. I cannot put her life in risk by being emotional. Every moment that she spends with me is a danger to her life. He wakes her up. She does not tell him about Nidhi. You were not at home so I followed you in jungle. He says you gave me sleeping pills. She nods. But maybe I gave you some other medicine by mistake. He asks her if she is sure he dint do anything last night. She nods. They head home together.

Nisha has gathered everyone in the hall. Rahul and manvi enter just then. She taunts Rahul for spending all the nights with his own wife somewhere else. What will people say? Manvi is giving you sleeping pills yet I am blamed. What’s my connection with it? Dadi is shocked to hear about the sleeping pills. Sonali tells Nisha to stop it but she keeps talking. Rahul tells Shaleen to handle his wife but Shaleen denies. Not today. You create a mess if anyone says anything to Manvi. Why shouldn’t I support my wife? Nisha keeps talking about the sleeping pills. We should check the house to find out who took it. Sonali tells her to stop it. it is such a small matter. Nisha says exactly. I want to prove it that you should stop thinking of me to be a thief. Dadi demands to know why Rahul takes sleeping pills. Sonali thinks to not let the truth come out. She says sorry to Nisha. Rahul calls it a favourite sport of Nisha to check anyone or the house. Go ahead and do it. Nisha agrees. We will start with Rahul’s room only as the pills went missing from that room only.

Nisha checks Rahul’s room. She thinks to see all the jewellery or things that Manvi got during or after the wedding. This is the perfect time to see everything. She finds the sleeping pills in a drawer and shows them to Sonali. Is this because of why you were blaming me? I get insulted always for no reason. Rahul says nice. Are you happy now? You proved all your blames. You must be so happy and satisfied. Are you done? NIsha denies. I have to ask Manvi one thing. When you kept them in the drawer yourself then why you lied to mom? Rahul replies that that’s my side of the bed. Manvi is my wife but she never checks my drawer. Nisha is taken aback. You mean you kept it here? He says I might have. I don’t recall. She keeps questioning him and he gives fitting replies to her. I am not here to answer your every question. Let’s end this nonsense now. If I start blaming you now then many secrets will come out. Nisha leaves followed by Shaleen. Rahul hugs his mom asking her not to stress.

Nisha fumes in her room. Rahul lied to save that behenji.

Manvi asks Rahul why he thinks Nisha was behind it all. He asks her who else can do it. You see no fault in anyone. We were not at home at night. Mom wont do this. The way Nisha was checking the room it was as if she knew it well where the pills were. She wants to make you look down.

Shaleen tells NIsha to calm down. You should stop doing these small politics at home if you want to do something big. Even I am irritated. Think of something big to trap them from which they are unable to come out. She nods.

Manvi does not care what Nisha thinks. I am glad that you took my side. he tells her not to start the tape of thank you. I get fed up. She says we are even now. He smiles.

Prithvi speaks to Nidhi’s friends but no one knows anything about her.

Constable informs Prithvi. I followed Rahul all the time but found nothing unusual. A not so tall girl came to meet him. She was wearing yellow coloured suit. Prithvi feels as if the constable is speaking about Nidhi. He shows Nidhi’s photo to constable who recognizes her.

Precap: Prithvi comes to meet Rahul but meets Kabir / Agni. Agni picks up the photo which fell down. It is Nidhi’s only. He hands it back to Prithvi. Agni thinks Rahul will be trapped for the mistake that he dint even commit.

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