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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 12th November 2015 Written Update

Upmanyu returns home along with his family. Sujoy drops them off. Upmanyu thanks him for the same. He later questions his wife why she called Sujoy for help. Mrs. Chatterjee talks in SUjoy’s favour. We should think of getting Manvi and Sujoy’s engagement done asap. Upmanyu heads inside. Manvi reads a letter. She gets tensed after reading it. Manvi tells her Baba that they have received a legal notice. Our landlord is selling this house to some builder. We have to vacate this house. Upmanyu and his wife are shocked. Where will we go? Manvi adds that they dint pay the rent on time for 2 years. Landlord can take any step. We will either have to deposit 1.5 lacs or vacate the house. Upmanyu leaves to talk to the landlord. Manvi tries to go with him but he takes his son with him.

Raj and Talwar talk to each other on phone. Raj wants to see Upmanyu all broken and devastated. Leave no way out for him. Talwar agrees to take good care of Upmanyu if he comes to him. His secretary tells him of Upmanyu’s arrival. Raj asks him to get the house. I will get our kids married.

Manvi’s mother is all tensed. Both of them left 3 hours ago. They dint even call. Manvi thinks of going there too. I know that builder’s office. Manvi’s mother too decides to go with her. Upmanyu and Harsh enter just then. Upmanyu looks all sad. Harsh shares that they have to vacate this house in a day’s time. Upmanyu wants to call some Malhotra. I will live in this house till my last breath. I will give him money. I will throw it in his face. I will sell every expensive item in my house. He collects all the awards and certificates in his home. He selects all the stuff that he will sell to get money. Manvi is in tears. Upmanyu says he insulted me. He laughed at me. A person is valued by money in their eyes. They have no respect for a music teacher. They are wrong to think a music teacher cannot do anything to save his house and family. I will prove him wrong. This is my house. It will always be ours. No one can snatch it from us! I will sell everything and get money.

Mr. Malhotra comes there. Upmanyu shows him what all he wants to sell. I need a lot of money. What will you give me for this? Mr. Malhotra checks all the items. I can give maximum 10k for all this. Upmanyu says this is all antique, it is art. They are all rare collections. Do you know anything about art? Mr. Malhotra calms him down. Who listens to all this in today’s date? Do you have Rahul’s music? Give me any unreleased CD if you have or any CD of Raj! That is what works in market these days. I will give you 1 lac. Upmanyu angrily holds his collar. How dare you connect that music to this! Manvi scolds Mr. Malhotra for speaking ill against her father. He is as old as your father. You don’t know anything about what my Baba is selling. People like you can never even value it. My Baba’s respect is above everything. No one can play with it. Get out of our house! Malhotra warns them. I will see till when you will call this house your house. Manvi tells her Baba that they will give the entire amount at any cost, from anywhere!

Harsh and Manvi break their piggy banks. They count all their savings, their jewellery but they still don’t have enough money. Harsh takes out his FD papers. He was keeping FDs to get a new shop for himself. She is proud of him. They count all their savings. They still need more money. They reach around 84k. Manvi still is positive they will arrange the rest of the money too. I don’t know how but I am sure he will! Harsh shows Manvi the ad he saw in a paper in Talwar’s office. Rahul needs a chorus singer. Why don’t you go? They will pay a lot. Manvi refuses. I hate Rahul. How can I sing with him? He reasons that they cannot even get a loan. How will we get so much money? Rahul’s hatred is important for you or your love for Baba? She says Baba. He adds that Baba will not be happy if he loses this house. Manvi fears her Baba’s reaction but Manvi’s mother assures her. Your father wont find out about it. You are doing it to save your father. Hatred or enmity doesn’t help at the time of problem. One has to act smart. You will have to take up this job to save this house and your Baba.

Manvi is in vehicle. She appears to be like at Saraswati ma’s idol. Bless me that I will help my family members in this problem. I’m hiding it from Baba. I have not accomplished it ahead of. I hate Rahul so deeply. I haven’t any other way. Do something that no person will get to understand about my identification.

Rahul is using auditions. He prays that God gives him some signal. I’ve dropped that voice. Will I ever get it? Manvi concerns the audition location. The girls, waiting around in queue, are so excited to sing with Rahul. Manvi will take a kind much too. I’ve to get it done regardless of whether I am towards it. My hatred to Rahul can not be more than my appreciate for Baba! Manvi is asked to anticipate her number. She appears at Rahul’s poster but then looks absent. She appears to be like in the Saraswati Idol in her hand. Her range is termed out. Vicky stops her. All the girls have been picked for chorus singing. You all can leave. Manvi is stunned. This job is my previous hope. I are not able to reduce it. Manvi requests Vicky to allow her to provide audition. He denies. All five chorus singers happen to be decided on already. I can not allow you to now. Manvi attempts to make him understand that this task is essential to her. He says it isn’t in my arms. All the girls happen to be selected already. Manvi is in tears. How can I get money now? This was our final hope. We’ll lose our property if I don’t get this work. This was my very last prospect. I misplaced!

Precap: Rahul holds Manvi’s hand. She has covered her face using her dupatta. He looks at her.

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