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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 11th May 2016 Written Update

maanvi comes out of room feeling guilty for all that she said to rahul. rahul asleep on sofa in corridor. maanvi sits near him. “main aur tum” playing from ki and ka with memories. maanvi picks his jacket, folds it and puts under his head. rahul wakes up. maanvi says sorry. such warm and cute convo. kabir comes out of room and watches them getting all cozy.

raj ready to eat some breakfast. reads news paper “raj gets his son’s brother-in-law beaten”. raj throws the paper. nisha comes and reads it to him … spice it up. sonali comes and says shut up nisha. raj blabber again. sonali takes harsh’s side saying he was in hospital he couldn’t have given this interview. raj goes away. sonali lectures nisha and tells him to keep her mouth shut and don’t speak to rahul about it. nisha says she don’t have to and rahul will find it anyway.

rahul comes home a sees sonali. asks for breakfast and informs about harsh went through surgery last night. sonali understands that someone else is behind that interview. she hides truth from sonali.

chotu taking tray to rahul. nisha takes that tray from him and takes newspaper to rahul. rahul sees news and gets angry. rahul confronts maanvi about the news. maanvi says harsh was in hospital whole time he couldn’t have.

rahul confronts harsh. maanvi comes to defend harsh. harsh says he did give interview. harsh plays memory of threatened by kabir to say that he did give interview. rahul maanvi back to fighting again.

rahul talks to shilpa. shilpa says there must be misunderstanding. shilpa says sorry but upu stops her. upu blabber against raj again. rahul says that I always took ur side but now you don’t trust me. rahul says he knows his dad is innocent and he will fight world if needed be to prove his innocence.

raj gets call that his award is cancelled. he gets back to his threatening and blabbering. raj gets heart-attack. raj faints

sonali calls rahul and informs about raj’s condition. maanvi asks what happened to rahul. rahul says don’t fake concern. maanvi says what is my fault in all this. he says cant she have stopped harsh from doing this? rahul says its his fault that he married her to save her from sujoy. Rahul’s fault that he fought his dad mom even when she called him names and insulted him all the time never once blaming her. rahul says you cant differentiate between daughter and DIL. until you can… don’t need to come home and that he wants to stay away from her. kabir listening this and grinning.

kabir and nisha talk on phone. nisha asks if the plan worked or not. nisha sent the reporter and kabir gave that write-up. they talk about why harsh gave the statement he gave.

they congratulate each other.

rahul says he will break his relation with maanvi if needed to fight for proving his dad’s innocence.
sonali says what are you saying?
rahul says he will no longer let anyone make more differences between raj and rahul..anyone who tries to take benefit of it … he wont let go.
raj listening to all of this quietly

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