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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 11th December 2015 Written Update

Avanti and Rahul are practising for their function. All the family members watch them from a distance. Shaleen looks on angrily. On the other hand, Sujoy and Manvi too practise for their sangeet. Rahul imagines Manvi in Avanti. His mood changes immediately and he smiles. He dances romantically with her. Moments later, he realises that he was dancing with Avanti. Sonali teases Rahul. He backs off immediately. Avanti asks him to practise once again. He reluctantly joins her. Sujoy dances all cosily with Manvi during practise. Upmanyu does not like it when Sujoy holds Manvi so tightly. He even finds the song weird. Manvi is uncomfortable throughout the dance rehearsal but smiles for her parents’ sake. Shilpa compliments their pair.

Manvi is making tea when Shilpa takes her aside. You are in this house only for 2 days. You will go to your new house afterwards. You should only enjoy now. Your memories are in every corner of the house. Don’t know how we will be able to live without you. They both get emotional. They share a hug. Manvi too doesn’t know how she will live without them. Upmanyu reminds her he will come to check on her riyaz daily. I have told Diwakar too. Shilpa remarks that if he can, he will make Sujoy their Ghar Jamai. Upmanyu jokes that he can become Ghar Sasur for Manvi. When Manvi was a kid, she never used to leave my hand for even a second. Now it is my turn. Manvi hugs him. I don’t know how I will live without you. Rupa teases Manvi for crying. She has come to take Manvi to the parlour. Both the girls leave. Shilpa prays everything goes smoothly.

Everyone is waiting for Rahul at the venue. Rahul thinks of Manvi. Agar Tum Saath Ho plays in the background. He gets his mom’s call but is all lost. Nikhil picks it. Sonali wants to talk to Rahul. He simply replies that they are reaching. Sonali asks him if he is sure about it. Are you happy? There is still time. We can still stop it. Rahul dismisses her questions. I am sure about it. I will reach soon. The call ends. Nikhil asks his brother why he looks so lost. People look like this when they are married for too long. Rahul jokes if he has been married for too long already. I will watch your diet today. Nikhil rues that he wont even let him eat in his wedding.

Upmanyu is angry to see the big cars parked in the entry to the sangeet hall. The bouncers / guards advise him to take a side entry to the venue. Rahul’s sangeet is happening here. Upmanyu gets angrier. He complains to Shilpa about the same. Raj is doing it intentionally. He tried to break Manvi’s engagement. He failed so he is doing this now. He is wrong to think I will keep quiet. He cannot create problems for us. She advises him to be quiet during the wedding atleast. He calls the Inspector of the area. He asks for his help. The Inspector refuses to help Upmanyu after knowing about Rahul’s wedding. Please adjust a little. Upmanyu asks him if he does his duty only for special people. Come here fast and clear all the cars. I will approach the Local MLA and other people. Inspector agrees to come. Upmanyu vows to bring down Raj to earth. I will show him common man’s power.

Raj and Talwar share a hug on the occasion. Raj notices police coming in. Raj was expecting them anyways. He goes to handle them. Raj instead invites the policemen for the party. I sent invites for you. You can join us now. Commissioner Sir will be coming too. Inspector tells him about the complaint that they have received from someone. Raj diplomatically tackles them. He sends them with a waiter to eat something. He wants Upmanyu to suffer. I will make sure you are unable to do anything.

Upmanyu cannot understand why policemen are taking so much time. Someone informs him about policemen eating food inside. Upmanyu decides to insult Raj in his party only. Shilpa tries to stop him. Manvi’s engagement was about to break yesterday. You know of the consequences. Upmanyu regrets not giving a fitting reply to Raj yesterday itself. He asks a guy to be with Shilpa till he comes back.

Rahul reaches there just then. Reporters click his photos. Upmanyu tries to get inside but the guard stops him. Rahul watches them. He goes there to see what’s happening. What are you doing here? Is Manvi alright? Upmanyu tells him to stop his acting. You are asking about her before media only. You don’t care about emotions. He complains to him against Raj. So many vehicles have been parked here. Today is my daughter’s engagement. How will my guests reach the venue? Rahul is sad to know Manvi’s engagement is here only. Rahul assures Upmanyu all the vehicles will be removed from the entrance. Upmanyu advises him to tell his father to stop troubling people. Rahul speaks in his father’s favour. Upmanyu remarks maybe he knows nothing about his father’s evil thoughts. Rahul refuses to know anyting about his dad from anyone. You and your daughter have done enough drama already. The cars will be removed from before the gate.

Precap: Everyone waits outside for Rahul’s would be fiancé. Manvi steps down from the car. Everyone looks on in surprise.

Written Update By Pooja


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