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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th October 2015 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

Raman coming home and thinking what might be Ishita thinking. He says I left her and went to see Shagun. Ishita opens the door and welcomes him as she has surprise. Shaila Bua meets Raman and says she has come to congratulate Raman and Ishita for becoming parents, she has got this gift for the baby. The family gets sad. Shaila asks Ishita to take rest and asks Mrs. Bhalla to get active. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says Ishita had a miscarriage. Shaila says forgive me, I did not know all this, I got clothes for baby, but I will not take this back, I trust Mata Rani, she will do miracle one day and fill Ishita’s lap.

She says she tells everyone about Raman and Ishita’s strong love which is example for many. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to rest. Ishita and Raman go to their room. Ishita sits holding the flowers. He thanks her for not saying anything infront of Bua ji. She stays annoyed. She sees the little baby clothes and cries. Pyaar tumko bhi hai…………………………plays…….. Raman looks on and feels sad seeing her crying.

She keeps the clothes in cupboard. She sees Raman and goes. Raman sees the baby clothes. Its morning, Shaili knocks their door. Raman opens the door. Shaila talks to them and asks did they sleep late at night, and asks Raman to come, she has made his fav pancakes. She goes. Raman cares for Ishita’s foot and she argues being annoyed with his fake care. He goes to washroom. She says Vandu is right, every man is same. Vandu asks Amma to talk to Bala. Amma asks her to talk to Appa. Bala hears them and starts acting like talking to some girl.

She tells Vandu that he has to go for classes and will have breakfast outside. He goes. Vandu says he is lying to me and asks Amma to go and see Bala. Raman thinks Shagun likes gobi parathas and he will take it. He asks Neelu to pack parathas, and makes excuse that he is taking office. Mrs. Bhalla says she is making chicken and will send lunch to his office. Raman says I m taking for someone in my office. Raman leaves. Simmi looks on and thinks Raman is taking it for Shagun, she also likes parathas.

Simmi asks Ishita did she talk to Raman and ask him. Ishita says no, whats the use, I can’t give him what he wants. She looks for the box of clothes Shaila gave. Simmi gets empty box and hides it. Ishita gets call and gets busy. Simmi goes out of room and says Raman is surely hiding something. Bala is at café and waits. He says he will go home and have idli sambar. He sees his student crying. The guy says I want do die, my GF wants to breakup with me. Amma comes there and hears them talking. Bala tells the guy that he will fix everything in his life, he likes him a lot and can’t see him crying. Amma gets shocked seeing Bala holding his hand and saying I know you will be a great life partner. Maa ka laadla bigad gaya………….plays…….. Amma says this is Bala’s change, so he wants to look young, what shall I tell Vandu now. She hides her face behind newspaper and looks on.

Shaila and Mrs. Bhalla look at Rinki’s reduction. Sarika greets Shaila. Mrs. Bhalla asks Sarika to consider go away from college. Sarika states I’m able to’t. Mrs. Bhalla reminds Sarika features a son. Sarika suggests I explained Romi to take care of Rohit, I m receiving late. Mrs. Bhalla asks will Romi care for Rohit, he’s not earning, and praises Raman. She says Romi has no dollars to pay for fees. Sarika states I joined job, I received’t get insulted and beg for revenue, I’ll earn for my family. She leaves. Mrs. Bhalla will get irked.

Simmi states Raman just isn’t at your home and maybe Ishita went as well. She appears to be for some thing during the drawers. She will get a comb and will take Raman’s hair from it. Ishita will come and sees Simmi. Simmi hides the hair. Ishita asks what was she discovering. Simmi claims very little, I arrived to talk to you, I forgot now. She goes out and claims I have to seek out father of Shagun’s little one and get Raman’s DNA exam performed.

Simmi goes to medical center and asks health practitioner for studies. She hears the truth about Raman staying Shagun’s youngster and cries in shock.

Written Update By Sahir


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