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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Niddhi asking Ruhi to have food, is she missing her family. Ruhi says no, I don’t want to have food. Niddhi says I ordered enough food, we have to leave for Australia. Door bell rings. Niddhi says it maybe Ashok. Pihu comes there and tells Ruhi that she missed her. Mani walks in. Pihu asks why are you staying here in hotel, I will miss you a lot. Ruhi says even I will miss you, come will you have anything. Pihu says no, I came to take you, Ishita is unwell and missing you, come with me. Ruhi refuses.

Mani says Ishu is very unwell, her bp is low, she is taking your name in this state, Ruhi come with us please. Ruhi says sorry, I don’t have time. Pihu says that’s bad manners, aunty miss you a lot, you were her roommate, doctor came there, come with me to see that aunty, this is very bad, I will take you. Niddhi asks Pihu to stop it and scolds her. Pihu calls her a vamp. Niddhi asks her to shut up. Ruhi says she is my manager. Pihu says my Papa’s manager is very sweet, not like this aunty. She asks Ruhi to come and says Mani uncle will drop her. Mani stops Niddhi and says I respect women, don’t let me say anything, I will drop Ruhi after she meets Ishu.

Doctor says medicines are not working, call Ruhi, maybe she will get fine. Adi says we can’t call Ruhi, just make Ishi Maa fine, call your seniors. Raman says that won’t help. Pihu asks them to see who came. They all get surprised seeing Ruhi. Raman smiles and asks Ishita to open eyes and see who came, its Ruhi. Pihu says I got her, and asks Ishita to see her roommate. Mani asks Pihu to come with him, let them talk. He tells Pihu that she did great work, now Ishita will get fine, go home, I will drop Ruhi home. She says fine, I will hug Ruhi and say bye to her. She goes.

Amma, Shagun and everyone cry. Amma asks Ruhi to say something. Ruhi says I wil leave. Raman asks Ruhi to call Ishita, maybe she will get conscious by hearing your voice. They all request. Ruhi says Ishita…… She says nothing happened. Raman asks her to call Ishita as before. They all ask Ruhi to say. Ruhi says Ishi Maa….. . dil se dil ka rishta jo hai…………….plays……….. Ishita reacts. They all smile. Ishita asks her not to leave her and holds her hand. Ruhi goes. Tere dil ka mere dil se…………plays………… Ruhi sits outside and cries. She is relieved that Ishita is fine now. Pihu comes there and thanks Ruhi. She asks is she getting ache. Ruhi says yes, in my heart.

Pihu kisses and hugs her. Ruhi says I will miss you, when you come Australia, meet me. They hug. Shagun asks Ruhi to come. Ruhi says no, I have to leave. Pihu says Ruhi is leaving by tomorrow’s flight, her manager told me. Mani says I will drop Ruhi. Bala says Mani stay here, I will drop Ruhi. Ruhi leaves. Doctor says Ishita is better now, she needs rest. Amma is glad and goes. Raman thinks what is this relation of you and Ruhi, I could not understand it. He recalls Ruhi and Ishita. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays……………..

Raman tells Mani that I can’t forget your favor, you got Ruhi and saved Ishita’s life, you always took care of Ishita, I m very thankful, I always misunderstood you. Mani says that’s okay, I understand, by the way Pihu got Ruhi, I was thinking we should focus on Ruhi, I have seen how Niddhi was controlling her, you have just tonight’s time, do anything and stop Ruhi. Raman realizes something and rushes.

Raman calls the lawyer and asks him to meet him, its urgent. Its morning, Raman goes to see Ishita. Ishita wakes up saying Ruhi. He asks her to calm down. She looks for Ruhi. Shagun comes there to give juice for Ishita. Ishita says I have seen her here. Raman says you broke our relation, we got away, we both are responsible for it, but we did one thing right, we loved our children a lot, we tried to become world’s best parents, have some patience, we will manage everything, I promise we will get Ruhi back. She says but how is Ruhi behaving, I know her heart is in pain too, we have to get her back. He asks her not to break down, I spoke to lawyer, we have to fight united. Ishita says I will get Ruhi back. He asks her to rest, if we do any mistake, Ruhi will go to Niddhi forever. Shagun hears them and says Raman and Ishita are doing this to get Ruhi back, they are right, they are doing this for my Ruhi.

Niddhi asks Ruhi to hurry up, what happened, are you getting emotional after meeting your family. Inspector comes and asks Niddhi to show her passport. She asks why now. He asks her to just show it. He checks her passport and arrests her, saying there are many cases against her, you are lawyer and know laws, it will be good if you come with us. Niddhi asks Ruhi to stay here, and goes with them. Ruhi says what did this happen….

Niddhi was beating Ruhi. Ishita comes there and stops Niddhi. Raman holds Ruhi. Ishita says how dare you beat my daughter, and beats Niddhi angrily.

Written Update by Amena

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