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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th October 2015 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

Ruhi saying Ishi Maa has come for her. Ishita asks Ruhi to say hello to Shagun aunty. Raman says Ishita please… Ishita says this is my daughter, I will teach manners. The lady compliments Ishita and says Ruhi hs improved in all subjects and changed a lot, she got much confident. Ishita says yes, its because Raman and I take care of her, you know parents these days, they don’t care for kids, but we give importance to family first. She says its tough to become a good wife and mum, you have to multitask. She sees Shagun and starts taunting her badly.

Raman tries stopping Ishita. Ishita says relax, and taunts more on Shagun. Shagun gets teary eyed and leaves. The lady says congrats for Ruhi’s progress. Raman asks Ishita whats she doing, I got Shagun here, I will tell later, I need to drop her. Ishita asks him to stay with Shagun and goes. Raman goes after Shagun and stops her from taking taxi. He says I will drop you. Shagun says no, I will go, I m happy seeing Ruhi. Raman says Ishita does not know anything, sorry she overreacted, sorry. Shagun says I understand, don’t feel sorry, be with her and leaves in taxi. Ishita takes Ruhi and says Raman will come in his car. Ruhi says I m so happy, you surprised me, I felt you won’t come. Ishita says I love you, I came running. Raman stops her and asks whats wrong with her, whats was the need to taunt Shagun. Ruhi gets glad seeing Raman coming with them, and asks them to take her home soon. Raman sits with them and they leave in Ishita’s car. Ruhi sees Raman and Ishita annoyed and upset.

Ruhi thinks did they fight because of Shagun. Vandu talks to Amma and says she is relaxed here. Bala comes and tells Vandu about over exercising in gym, he will take hot water bath to relax muscles. Amma and Vandu talk about Bala and Appa’s changes. Vandu says I will talk to Appa. Amma says I will talk to Bala and find about his fitness craze.

Romi comes and sees Sarika with her friends. He says Mrs. Bhalla was right, she lied about presentation and partying here. Sarika introduces Romi to her friends. Romi asks her to come. Raman and Ishita come home and argue over Shagun. She asks why is he caring for Shagun, and asks him not to make any excuse this time. She says you find her better as you are seeing my weaknesses, she can become mum and I can’t. He says enough, stop nonsense, I have heard a lot, I have limit to bear, if this is what you want to think, I don’t care, you will regret. He leaves. She says this is not the way, his silence is hitting her and cries.

Romi argues with Sarika and asks her to come home. She goes to get her bag and goes to accept the job offer. She says she is sure about accepting this job offer, she has to go home now. The man says fine, come office in morning, congrats. She thanks him and leaves. Raman talks to Manoj. Manoj says Ishita is feeling insecure, you are giving importance to Shagun, what will she think. Raman says she has to understand, Shagun is carrying our baby. Manoj says she does not know it, she lost her baby, what will she feel, its right time, tell her. Raman says you said not to tell before 6 weeks. Manoj says yes, but its complicating things. Raman says fine, I will tell her that she is going to become mum, thanks. Manoj asks him not to thank him often.

Ishita is angry and says Raman will sleep on couch, when he receives backache, He’ll fully grasp. Raman comes to her with flowers and apologizes. He suggests There exists a explanation driving my odd habits, I don’t understand how you will respond. She asks him to say something. He asks her to sit, and attempts telling her. He states I did one thing for us, its only for you. He will get calls and disconnects. He says he desired to inform her on proper time. He consistently receives simply call. He gets the decision and receives stunned. He asks is Shagun wonderful, I m coming… She receives upset once more and states regardless of what I do, Shagun comes in between. She sees the flowers and cries. Yeh hai mohabbatein………..plays………..

Manoj tells Raman that it had been imp to call him. Shagun experienced some bleeding, I gave her injection, its not good During this pregnancy stage, I’ll do sonography tomorrow and see, it happens by rigidity. Raman tells about Ishita and Shagun’s meet up with, and concerns what’s going to materialize. Shagun states practically nothing will occur. Shagun asks Raman why did he come, why is he offering opportunity to Ishita to question on them, Manoj is with her, she’ll consider relaxation. She says Ishita said all that as she will not know All of this, I m sturdy, I will be fantastic, go house, I will be okay. Raman asks are you currently positive. He suggests Of course, go residence. She goes to her place. Manoj asks Raman not to tell Ishita until Shagun’s wellness will get stable. Raman asks him to deal with Shagun. Ishita cries in your own home.

Shaila relates to shock Raman and Ishita, and says she has arrive at congratulate them for Great news. Simmi is on clinic and hears nurse taking Raman’s indicator, as He’s father of Shagun’s baby. She will get stunned and cries acknowledging this fact.

Written Update By Sahir


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