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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ishita leaving for airport. She talks to Mani on phone and asks will I get ticket from agent on airport, fine, I m not feeling good to leave without telling Aaliya, I will explain her, you also tell her, I m sorry. She ends call and says I hope Emraan told mummy ji that Raman is alone, someone should come to take him. She leaves. Aaliya comes home. Ishita is on the way and recalls Raman. Patta patta………….plays………… She wishes she did not come here, everything will become like before, I could not see anyone, Mihika would be waiting, if I saw them, I would be not able to leave. Simmi looks for Mrs. Bhalla and calls her. She says maybe mumma caught that lady, shall I go in sangeet function or not.

Ashok stops her and taunts her. He says people like to attend parties and have good food, drinks and selfies with big people, this party is private party, invitation is needed. She asks him to shut up, I don’t need any invitation, I m Romi’s sister, I have right to come here. He says so you are Romi’s sister, I did not see you when Romi was kicked out of the house, I know you girls well. He says you don’t have your own husband, you want a roof for your daughter, how do you bear Raman, you are working in his company, you don’t have any own identity Simmi.

Mihika tries calling Ishita. She sees Ashok troubling Simmi. Ashok asks Simmi to leave from the party, if Romi sees you, his mood will be spoiled. Mihika shouts Ashok and scolds him. She asks how dare you talk to Simmi like this, be Romi’s business partner, nothing else, don’t talk to Simmi like this. She asks Simmi to come. Simmi asks Mihika not to pretend to be good, if you were really good, our name would have been there in your wedding card, we are not invited here, its my mistake that I came here, thank God mumma did not come, she would have not bear this insult. She gets angry and goes.

Aaliya is talking on phone with a friend and walks to home. The light goes. Adi comes. She asks when will electricity come, I m new here, I have no idea. Adi blocks her way. She asks him to stay away. He shuts her mouth and gets angry. Adi scolds her and says did you feel helpless now, Shravan also felt helpless because of you, I told you not to talk to him, what is your problem, why did you call him loser and fool, you played with his emotions and put blame on him, you ruined her self confidence, if he does anything, I will not leave you, answer me, why did you do this. She says I met him to explain him, I did not say this. He says liar, I know you, I have seen him, if he does anything wrong, you will be responsible, stay away from him, I love my family, if anything happens to them, I can go to any extent. He scolds her. He asks did anyone not teach you human values, you are worthless. She gets shocked. He leaves.

She fumes and says he thinks I can’t do anything if I m girl, no, I have to show him. She goes to Adi and slaps him. She asks him to respect women before judging anyone. He asks her to stay away from his family. She asks him to get lost. She calls security. He says I m not scared of you, you should be scared. He leaves. She says I will not waste energy by wasting time on him, there is no one at home, there is no light here, where should I go, I think I need some coffee. She leaves. Raman wakes up and says I m too drunk. He realizes the place and says on whose house am I. He gets Ishita’s bracelet and says that woman’s bracelet, Adi says right, I become animal after drinking, I don’t remember with whom I was, why did I drink so much. He gets worried.

Mihika calls Ishita and asks where are you, I will come to pick you. Ishita says I can’t come, I m going back, don’t insist, I have decide, I have to go. Mihika says how can you leave, you did not see anyone. She cries and names all family members. Ishita says I can’t control myself if I see them, try to understand, its not easy for me to stay away, but I have to, I will pray you stay fine, my best wishes are always with you, I did big mistake to come here, I will meet Raman, what will I tell him, how will I say about Ruhi, I can’t face him and that family, sorry, its your special day, I can’t come, sorry. Mihika says Ishu Akka, I feel so helpless, you are in Delhi, I m not able to stop you. Ashok hears this and gets shocked. Mihika says I want to hug you once Akka, please meet me once. Ishita ends call. Mihika cries.

Ashok says what am I hearing, Ishu Akka, Ishita….. Mihika cries going to some corner. She says I wanted to tell Akka about Romi, I wanted to get blessings, I m becoming Ishita’s Devrani. Ashok thinks how is Mihika talking to Ishita, I have to find out, Ishita was dead. He tells Mihika that he knows her secret. She gets shocked. He says I know you were waiting for some special guest, I know guest’s name, Ishita Bhalla. Mihika looks at him. He says she is alive, she was going to come today in your and Romi’s sangeet right. She thinks Ashok should not know that Ishita is alive, else he will spoil everything.

Aaliya goes back home. Someone follows her. A man holds her and she shouts for help.

Written Update by Amena

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