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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pihu crying and telling Shagun that her friend said Shagun is not her mumma, Shagun and Raman are not married, her friend’s mum is teacher and teacher confirmed this. Shagun goes and scolds the teacher. She says I can proof that Pihu is my daughter. The teacher and principal apologize. Shagun says kids are sensitive, be careful. She thinks she managed today, but how will she manage next time.

Niddhi scolds Ruhaan and asks him to go for recording. Ruhaan says I have tooth ache and cries. Niddhi says you can take pain killers, I m troubled by your drama, I wasted my efforts and invested money to make you a rockstar, you are teen sensation, take these medicines, I want you in recording studio now, I m waiting. Ruhaan gets upset.

Aaliya reaches Ruhaan’s home and prepares to give her introduction. She tells servant that she is Ruhaan’s new PA, Aaliya, the manager gave this guest house address. Servant asks her to sit, and they will tell Ruhaan that Aaliya came. Aaliya takes Ruhaan’s pics and says my friends will be jealous knowing Aaliya knows Ruhaan personally. Ruhaan comes and Aaliya greets saying I m Aaliya, I m sorry you hired me, my brother is also your big fan. She talks to Ruhaan. Ruhaan says I have tooth ache and will take pain killers. Aaliya says Niddhi Mam said you have to go for recording, these pain killers are strong, you will feel drowsy, if you say, I will postpone recording. Ruhaan shouts no, I mean how do you know about these pain killers. Aaliya says my Amma is a dentist, I know about these, you can visit her and get fine, just 10 mins, I will call Amma. Ruhaan asks Nancy not to tell Niddhi. Aaliya asks him to come.

Pihu tells Simmi that Shagun said great dialogues. Shagun asks how did she hear it. Pihu says sorry, I heard everything, I got to know you say good dialogues. Shagun says bad manners. Pihu asks her to make her sindoor right. Shagun says fine, now go. Pihu leaves. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi find Shagun upset.

Aaliya brings Ruhaan home and shows the way to washroom. She says did I do mistake getting Ruhaan here, he is so scared of Mam, who is she. Mrs. Bhalla consoles Shagun and says one day Pihu will know you and Raman are not married. Shagun says its fine, I m doing this for Pihu’s happiness, I will do this acting, the mistake I did with Ruhi, I will not repeat with Pihu, I left Ruhi when she was 6 months old, I see Ruhi in Pihu, she is my daughter. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, she is our Ruhi.

Ruhaan’s cap flies by the air. Ruhaan smiles seeing the long hair. Ruhaan actually turns out to be Ruhi. Ruhi says what am I doing, don’t open your hair, you are a boy, not a girl. She recalls Niddhi asking her not to cry and accept her fate. Niddhi says I know wrong happened with you, it was because of Ishi Maa, you were her step mum, she gave you to me to get her own baby, she played with your emotions, she will be happy and playing with her new baby, she won’t know are you alive or not, I have solution, forget your past and Ishi Maa, I m your family from now on, we will show your Ishi Maa that you can live without Ishita, I will give you new name and identity, no one will know about us, you don’t have any option. She hugs Ruhi and says sometimes children bear punishment of parents’s mistakes, you love your hair right…. Ruhi when you are ready to forget past, whats the need of this long hair, we will change this, you are not Ruhi from now on, you are Ruhaan. FB ends.

Ruhi/Ruhaan says I m not Ruhi, I m Ruhaan. Aaliya asks Ruhaan are you fine. Ruhi ties her hair and wears the cap. Ruhaan says I m fine, I have some tooth pain. Aaliya says Amma will come, she got late as she went to get medicines for Appa, take rest in my bedroom, I will get ice pack, you will feel better.

Mihir comes home and Pihu runs to meet him. He asks why did she not get ready to go in function. Pihu asks what function. Mihir says Raman is getting business award. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman is not here, what will we do there. Mihir says Raman will come there directly. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi agree. Mihir asks Mr. Bhalla will he come, his sons will be there. Mr. Bhalla says what sons, one who does not live with us and one who stays with us and still away from us. Mihir insists. Mr. Bhalla agrees. Mihir asks about Shagun and Adi. Adi comes and says I went for shopping, I have to match dad. Mihir says we have to match you, you are Bhalla business group’s future. Pihu talks to Shagun about her dress. Raman calls Mihir. Mihir asks him to come at award function, why did he go to office. Shagun says Raman will come in award function, leave it to me. Mihir says who is such who will convince Raman. Adi says the one and only one, you know.

Aaliya asks Ruhaan is he okay. She says I can’t believe popstar Ruhaan is in my home, everyone is your fan, the way you talk to press is so cool, you are so young and achieved this. Ruhaan says everyone does not get everything, you have family to support you. Aaliya says yes, family is very important, wait I will get something for you. Ruhaan cries and says everyone does not get family. Ruhaan recalls how Ishita took her baby and gave away Ruhi to Niddhi. Ruhaan cries and Ishita’s pic is kept there.

Niddhi asks Ruhaan where is he, and asks him to be at recording studio. Ruhaan says I have to go, lets make a move. Aaliya says Amma is coming, she is on the way. Ruhaan and Ishita see each other.

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