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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th July 2016 Written Update

Toshi asks Mihir to join them for breakfast. Raman says he needs to go to meet a girl. Mihir says so much happening here, he doesn’t want to. All say they will accompany him. Mihir says no, and then Ruhi comes and he says he will go with Ruhi only. Ruhi is saying no. Adi says he will also go with them. Ruhi agrees in end. Mihir says he will go and finish work in office in the mean time. Ladies say he won’t go saying he is meeting a girl after long time, he needs to go for shopping, rehearse how to talk, etc. Ruhi says he will go as he is. Adi and Ruhi argue. Raman calms everyone down and sends Ruhi and Adi inside. He then thanks Mihir for involving Ruhi in this. Mihir says she’s like her daughter too. He’s happy that she’s happy.

Amma teaches Aliya how to fry snacks. Aliya eats and she loves it. She receives a call from Vandu who thanks her for telling her about yoga. Aliya shares her making snacks today. Vandu goes to her class. Amma tells Aliya to give snacks to Mani. Aliya comes to Adi and gives to him. Adi praises her. Aliya says she’s excited to give that to Mani. Adi is lost. She asks what happened. He asks is she going home. She says yes and then she is going to meet her friend. Adi is relived after knowing it’s a girl. She says her friend is nervous as someone is coming to see her and asks how a guy and a girl in India decide whether they are okay for each other. Adi says sometimes you know in first meeting. Aliya says, maybe, but it has never happened to her. It’s complicated for her. Adi then tells her about him and Ruhi going with Mihir to see a girl for him. Aliya wishes the girl sees good inner side of Mihir.

Ruhi is annoyed and complains that no one leaves her alone in the house. Adi figures she’s bored and challenges Romi for a monopoly game. Ishita makes Ruhi’s favoriate pakore. They are set to play monopoly game. Ruhi is very happy. Ishita brings pakore. Ruhi eats in excitement. She gets quiet seeing Ishita and then tells Ishita it’s very good. Ruhi says she had a very good time after a long time. She missed all this in Australia a lot and she will miss this after leaving. She tells Romi they will play like this when he visits her in Australia. Bhalls get sad… Ruhi tells Adi to get ready as they have to leave now.

Mihir, Adi, Ruhi come to see the girl (Priyanka). Mihir is nervous. Adi tells him they practiced in car and tells him not to be nervous. Priyanka comes. Soon Aliya comes with juice. Adi and Aliya are surprised to see each other. Mihir and Priyanka go for a private chat. In the mean time, Adi finds out information about Priyanka from her family member. Suddenly Mihir comes outside and says he can’t do this marriage. He is not ready for it. He apologises and leaves taking Ruhi and Mihir with him. Ruhi says how he decided in 10 mins? Mihir says not there, and leaves. Aliya thinks why he came when he didn’t want to marry.

Bala returns home from work, all tired. He’s stunned to see fresh flowers, candles. Vandu says she brought as he likes them. Bala says, wah kya baat hai. What’s the occasion. She says nothing. She was coming back from yoga class, she saw in a store and bought it. He asks since when she started yoga class? She asks what class? and changes the topic. He says he loved the surprise and goes to get fresh. Vandu says thank god he didn’t understand. She has to follow what Aliya told her and surprise Bala.

Ruhi, Adi are back home. Ruhi says Mihir didn’t want to marry. He went there and refused for rude. He shouldn’t have done it. Adi opposes Ruhi saying there must be a reason behind it. Ruhi and Adi argue. Adi says she can’t judge everyone. Be it Mihir or Ishita. Ruhi says it’s his issue, he takes side without thinking anything..whether it is Mihir or his Ishimaa. Toshi tells Ruhi that Adi didn’t mean that. Ruhi says please..stop supporting Ishita all the time. Argument gets heated up between Adi and Ruhi. Adi tells Ruhi to say shut if she doesn’t know what Mihir did. First know Mihir well before judging him. Ishita comes and tells both enough. She tells Ruhi she shouldn’t judge anyone’s character, and that too Mihir. She knows him very well. He must have had some reason. He wouldn’t behave like this for no reason. They should trust their own. Ruhi tells Ishita that Ishita is right, she is bad at judging people. That is why she always believes on wrong people. Ishita says, enough please. She can’t take her tantrums all the time. Pihu comes in and says, stop all this!

Everyone’s attention goes to Pihu. They welcome her back. Pihu says she missed everyone. She had fever and her teacher called Raman and she came here now. Toshi says they all were missing her. Pihu hugs Ruhi and then tells Shagun, mamma, I missed you a lot. Ishita asks Pihu how is her, but Pihu ignores her. Pihu tells Shagun that she doesn’t want to play any game now. Ishita came for a game, right? so tell her to go back to her home. Why is she still there? Everyone is quiet. Pihu asks further, why was she shouting at Ruhi? She doesn’t like when someone scolds Ruhi. Ruhi hugs Pihu and says not to worry, they both will leave from there in few days. Ishita is hurt. Pihu tells Ruhi not to go anywhere. Ruhi reminds Pihu that she shouldn’t behave like this with elders and asks her to say sorry. Pihu says sorry to Ishita. Ruhi takes Pihu inside to rest. Ishita has tears in her eyes. Raman feels helpless.

Precap: Ishita tells Raman when she can’t give mother’s love to her both daughters, then she should listen to them and go away from their lives. That way they will be happy.

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