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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th December 2015 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

The Episode starts with Ishita meeting Ashok. She fools him that she is ready to kill Raman for the sake of her kids. He asks did she agree then. She says I will kill myself along Raman. He asks what. She says I will die if Raman dies, so if I have to kill him, I will also give up my life. She says she has thought well, she will take Raman to a hilly area and she will push Raman, and she will give up her life too, but we have to make a deal, promise me that you will be away from my kids. He says you feel I will believe you, what is the proof you are saying truth.

She asks will you doubt on me, how should I believe you. He says I want to see Raman’s death, I promise I won’t do anything to your family, but what proof you have. She says I have proof, I did hotel booking for me and Raman, you can confirm it. Ashok calls the hotel and confirms the booking. He asks will she double cross him. She says her kids are everything for her. He asks who will inform me. She says your informer will tell you. She asks him to be away from her kids and leaves. He says great, she got trapped in my plan, I know its her plan to safe Raman, my plan will start where her plan starts, I will make this fake plan real, Raman will really die and blame will go on you Ishita.

Mrs. Bhalla, Amma and others are enjoying the kitty party. Ishita calls Mrs. Bhalla and says she made plan to go out with Raman. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to enjoy. Ishita says I will call you in morning. Mrs. Bhalla says I will manage kids. Ishita asks her to take care of everyone. Ishita ends call and feels sorry, but she is doing this for Raman. Mrs. Bhalla tells this to everyone. She asks Sarika to inform Romi to pick them. Simmi wonders whats Ishita’s plan. Ashok asks his informer to tell anything else. Ashok says it means Ishita lied, and what Ishita planned surprise for Raman when he returns, tell me if there is anything else.

Ashok smiles and says Ishita, this is my plan, you feel Raman will go Kolkata and get safe, no, I will not let him board the flight, I will make your kiddish plan real. He checks Kolkata flight details. He changes the sim and calls airlines, telling about the flight. The inspector tells staff that they got information that the plane has bomb. The man asks everyone to go back as flight is cancelled for technical reasons. Raman asks for any info, he has to go for urgent work. The man asks Raman to go to info desk and find out. Ashok calls again and gets to know the flight status, that it got cancelled. He smiles and thinks to do something.

Raman tells Mukherjee that there is no flight now, and asks him to manage work. He thinks to call Ishita. The lady calls Raman about Ishita and Raman’s booking in their hotel. Raman smiles and thinks this is Ishita’s surprise. He says no, we are coming tomorrow, I will see all arrangements, and thinks to surprise Ishita. Ashok thanks the lady and asks her to block that number. He says this is my smart plan, Ishita I m sending Raman to the cliff, I know you won’t push him, my informer will do this work, now Raman will die.

He calls his informer and asks him to go to that hotel to kill Raman, if any mistake happens, then he will expose him infront of Bhalla family. He ends call and says Ishita wanted to surprise Raman, now she will get surprise by Raman’s death, its not easy to double cross Ashok. He gets ready to see this scene live.

Vandu likes the necklace a lot and thinks to keep it in Amma’s locker. Mihika is angry and tells Vandu that Ashok is not giving me divorce. Mihika says I m going to lawyer’s office. Vandu says I will come along. Mihika wants Ashok to just leave her.

Ishita gets Ashok’s call. Abhishek asks her to pretend as if she is with Raman. She attends call and acts like she is with Raman. Ashok thinks she is acting well and asks is she ready to kill Raman. She acts and says she will kill Raman, if they go near cliff, she will push Raman and fall with him. She asks him to promise he will not come close to her family. He says fine.

Abhishek asks Ishita not to worry, Ashok and his informer will see what we want, this body double will pretend as Raman, act like you also slipped and hide in the cave, I will keep an eye that no one sees you. Ashok is also on the way and says he is 10 times smarter than Ishita and asks his informer to come there.

Abhishek drops Ishita to that place. He keeps an eye on her and is connected to her. He says main road is away and there is a cave beneath this cliff, I m sure Ashok will follow you, I will keep an eye on Ashok and his informer, you be confident. Ashok sees Raman leaving and smiles. He says now it will be fun, final countdown has begun, Raman is going towards his death, lets see what happens now. A person with black mask and clothes is in truck to hit Raman. Ashok tells him that we are reaching there. Ishita worries and prays everything goes well, she is doing this for Raman.

Ishita sees Raman coming and is shocked. Ashok says Raman has come towards his death. The truck goes to hit Raman. Ishita cries seeing this.

Written Update By Amena


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