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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

The Episode starts with Raman telling Ishita about Niddhi’s game plan, she wants to take revenge. He says I made her sure that I love you, it was not easy to convince her, when I proved that I have pushed you down the cliff, she believed my words. I did all acting to get chip from Niddhi, she is clever, I did not get that chip at her home. He says I have to do marriage acting tomorrow. She asks what. He asks her not to worry. She asks how is everyone at home. He says they are fine, Ruhi has grown up and gave me divorce, she left home and is staying at Iyer house, which father will wish that his daughter hates him. He cries and says I lived for my kids, and now those kids hate me. I m not wrong, what shall I do, I can’t tell them the truth. He tells about Mr. Bhalla, who was proud of him, today he is ashamed that I m his son, he said its better to be childless than having children like me, my brother and sister are not looking at me now, they feel I m devil. I ruined my family because of this acting, I can’t lose you, I m losing everything, I can’t bear this. She cries and says its all acting. She hugs him and consoles him.

She stops him and gets a little box. He asks what. She takes his tear and puts the tear in the box. Aansoo ka rishta………….plays………. she says this is my husband’s love for his family, now I will keep this love in treasure box forever. I will remind you this love, you are very good person, if you are here, they all are mine, else I have nothing. He says I met you and my heart got light, I have a plan and it will work. He tells his plan. (muted)

She says this plan will sort out everything. He says yes, once Niddhi is trapped, you will be proved innocent. She asks him to share his plans always. He says I won’t let you go anywhere, else I can’t live. She hugs him and asks him to go, else Niddhi will doubt, now just wait for me to come there, I can’t live without you. He says I miss you, just one night more. They hug. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays…………… They smile.

Bala comes home. Appa asks where is Vandu, I thought she is with you. Bala says no, I went to tuition class. Appa says no. He asks Bala’s mum. She says I don’t know. Bala asks his mum where is Vandu. She says I have taken Vandu to alcoholic rehab centre and left her there. Bala asks how can you do this, I will get her. She says stop, I did this for you, she was dangerous for your kids. Bala says are kids not Vandu’s, just Vandu and I can decide, not anyone else. Appa asks Bala to get Vandu back. Bala asks his mum about the centre.

Raman comes home, while Mr. Bhalla and Simmi were worried. Mr. Bhalla says I told you he will come back, and leaves. Raman feels sorry that he can’t apologize to Mr. Bhalla. He asks Simmi to go and sleep. Niddhi comes and asks Raman to take rest, its big day for them tomorrow. He says yes, its our marriage, you sleep in my room tonight. She says its okay, we are getting married tomorrow. He says groom and bride should not see each other one day before, go and sleep, I will manage here. He sends her.

Bala goes to get Vandu and asks about her. He gets to know Vandu has run away and wonders where can Vandu go.

Its morning, Ashok gets ready and says I should not be late to reach airport, Shanaya will not like waiting. He thinks to give ring to Shanaya. Suraj says you gave such ring to Shagun, she left you. Ashok says I left her. Suraj says I m your brother, if you don’t like Shanaya then.. Ashok says its just business relation, there are no feeling attached, don’t worry. He leaves. Suraj thinks how to explain Ashok and worries.

Raman gets a call and says everything is fine, don’t be late today, come on time, Niddhi and my marriage should not happen at any cost. Niddhi smiles seeing her lahenga and says finally, I m becoming Raman’s bride today. Sarika likes the lahenga and gets gajra for Niddhi. Niddhi says I m fine and don’t care for anything today, I m going to parlor, you can help me. Sarika says why are you being rude, but you will need someone, what about your family, I know you are orphan, but will your relatives not come, did you not invite them… Niddhi says killed them.. Sarika asks what. Niddhi says come fast, I have to rush. Sarika asks what did she say, killed them, who killed and whom?

Ashok waits for Shanaya. He thinks how will I identify her, I have not seen her. He sees a beautiful girl and thinks she is Shanaya. He goes to her and says I m Ashok Khanna. The girl says you are my husband’s new driver, you look good, do you drive well. Her husband comes and says sorry I got late. Ashok says sorry, I was mistaken. He says I got insulted and did not get Shanaya, where is she. He gets Raichand’s call and says yes, I came here to meet her, what, she reached home, okay. He gets angry that he is waiting here for her like a donkey and she reached home, its okay, once I marry her, then I will show her.

Amma tells Bala that night passed and we did not find Vandu. Bala says I don’t know what to do, I will call Abhishek. Amma says if we tell police, they will put her back in rehab. Bala says why did my Amma do this, Vandu might be scared, so she is not coming home. Amma says Vandu is not weak, she will come home for her kids. She cries. Bala asks her to be strong, and goes to find Vandu. She prays.

Ashok goes to Raichand’s house and says Shanaya will be impressed seeing me. He greets Raichand and says I went there to meet Shanaya. Raichand says she came here directly, meet my daughter Shanaya Raichand…. Shanaya (Ishita’s new avatar) walks there. Ashok gets shocked seeing her.

Ishita/Shanaya asks Ashok about meeting his friend to know any illness of Ashok. Raichand says Raman is his old friend. Ishita says if he is old friend, he will know your deep secrets.

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