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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

The Episode starts with Romi coming in the taxi. He pays fare. The driver asks for waiting charges. Romi is drunk and gets into a heated argument with the driver. Mihika comes and pays the money. She sends the taxi driver. She asks Romi to manage, what happened to him, can she help. Romi says what help, I don’t want anyone, leave me. He goes. She worries for him.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to serve dinner, Romi will be coming. Romi comes home drunk. Mrs. Bhalla worries and holds him. She says you came on right time, I made your fav food. Romi says leave me, I don’t want to have food, and goes to his room. She worries and cries.

Ishita is on terrace, she talks to Shagun about Sarika and Romi. She says Manoj came here, and it all looked like before, take care. Raman comes to Ishita and says I have a gift for you. He shows a black jacket. She likes it. He makes her wear it. He says I love you a lot, when she did all this for him, there is another surprise for her. She asks what. He makes her stand and asks her to close her eyes. She closes her eyes and says tell me fast. He says it will be fun, wait for the miracle. He calls Prateek and asks him to pull her. She is pulled up in air and asks whats happening. He asks her to have fresh air.

Prateek tells Raman that Ishita is brave, she will not be scared, we will get her down, she will beat me. Raman says she is scared, let her be there. He asks Ishita how does she feel. Ishita says this is nonsense coat, bring me down. Raman reminds when she got him lifted against the wall. She says you are taking revenge, I had reason to do this. He says even I have reason, tell me I m best husband of the world. She says yes, you are the best. He says tell me you love me. She says obviously I love you. He says tell I m most handsome. She asks will you make me lie, fine you are handsome. He says you look beautiful, how is the weather. He asks Prateek to get her down. She says I will not leave Prateek. Raman thanks him and ends call.

She gets annoyed. Raman says listen to me, you are world’s best wife, I love you a lot, you are most beautiful. She says Prateek was seeing us by that camera, off it. Raman goes. She says I love you Raman, you world’s best husband and handsome guy, I m very happy with you, thank God, all problems ended. She smiles.

Its morning, Neelu serves tea to Mrs. Bhalla and says Romi did not have food at night. Ishita talks to Rohit and says its polio day, who will take you. She asks Mrs. Bhalla about Romi. Romi comes and sees Rohit. He asks Neelu to make tea. Ishita asks Romi to help, take Rohit for polio, I m busy. He says please, don’t try to get me related to Rohit, I have go for some work. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to have breakfast. Romi leaves. Ishita says polio is imp, everyone knows this, Rohit and I will go.

Bala takes the class. He gets some envelope. He requests the students to come at his home if they have any problem, he asks them to give 100% result. Romi goes to meet Sarika. He asks her why did she call him. She says I wanted to meet you. He says I came to ask, does Rohit have any family. She says I don’t know. He asks why did you do this, I changed for you. She says I did this for you. He says enough now, you could have told me the truth, I would have accepted you. She says I was afraid, I lost our child when you left me, I love you and want to stay with you, trust me. He says you want to put all this on my head. She says no, try to understand, I did this to get you. He shouts shut up, you ruined us to make your life better, stay away from me and my family, we are not related now. He leaves. She shouts Romi and cries.

Ishita tries getting info from orphanage and tells Sarika’s story. She says I want to know baby’s real mother, its about his life, tell me, whose child is it. The lady drops water on the table. The man scolds her and sends her. Ishita says Sarika lied to me, I have to legally adopt the baby, will you help me. The man says you have the baby, raise him, you said its your family’s child, please go. She leaves. He says I gave that baby to Sarika, if that baby’s mother and family name comes out, it will be big issue.

The lady stops Ishita to talk to her. She says I know that baby, he is an orphan, Sarika did not adopt her, I know everything, I helped Sarika, someone left that baby here, manager knows everything and hiding it, don’t know why. The lady says go and ask Sarika, tell her Kasturi told everything. Ishita says Sarika lied even in jail, if he is not adopted, then who is his parents, its complicated.

Ishita asks Raman why did he take case back and free Ashok, I got him caught by difficulty, why did you not ask me. He says we have our own reasons. She argues.

Written Update By Amena


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