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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ashok talking to Appa. Adi gets thinking why is Ashok talking to Appa….. I don’t want any problem to happen. Ishita is coming after long time, I don’t want her to see Ashok. He tells Bala about Ashok. Bala takes selfie with Ashok and takes him to talk. Ashok says I m a bad guy, I m taller and rich than Raman, I have become MP now, what problem do you all have with me, who made Raman… Bala says you made Raman what he is today, whenever you get much drunk, you take his name. Ashok says you mean I m overdrunk, you know Raman, he is big drunkard, he is drinking at the bar, he is here, I have seen him. Bala asks Raman here?

Raman tells about Romi’s marriage and Adi is also there. He shares his pain and stumbles. He holds her hand and asks her to come. She says listen, we can’t go there. She covers her face. He falls down. She says you can’t go there in this state. He says everyone left me, I had a family, I m totally alone today, my son left, Ruhi left, Jhansi Ki Rani left, she would have managed me, she was selfish and left. She cries and makes him sit. He says every relation is around money, selfish, I had a meaningful relation, but she left me, I don’t know why who are you and why I m talking to you, no one listens to me now, the one who used to hear me went so far that I can’t even call her, I wish she calls me to her there. She cries seeing him. Samandar se zyada ankhon me aansu……Patta patta jaanta hai……………… plays………….

She calls Mihika and thinks what to do to seek help. She asks Raman to stay here, I will come here in 2mins, don’t go anywhere. He holds her hand and says she also told this and left me, no one comes back, I m fine alone, go. She cries and leaves. She goes to sangeet party and sees her family. She calls Mihika again and sees Mihika busy with everyone. She thinks how to call Mihika. She sees Ashok with Bala. Ashok says Raman is drinking there, does he think he signed popstar and became great, he fought with me, I m MP now, I will not leave him. She says so many years passed, and Ashok’s enmity did not end, I won’t let him do this. Bala thinks Raman is here, this way I can take Ashok outside. He asks Ashok to show where is Raman. Ashok says come. Ishita says party is over, we have to leave, just come please. He says my life got over here… She takes Raman from there. Patta patta jaanta hai……plays………….

Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla reach the hotel and argue with taxi driver over fare. Ishita brings Raman outside. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi see Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says who is this lady with him, why did she hold Raman, do they have any affair. Mrs. Bhalla says now I understand, Raman was refusing to marry Shagun, so this was the reason. Ishita makes Raman sit in car. He holds her hand. She cries and holds her hand. The man asks Ishita to sign and take her car. She signs on the file. Mrs. Bhalla collides with Niddhi and falls down. Niddhi understands its Raman’s mum, and does not turn to her. Simmi takes Mrs. Bhalla and goes. Ishita and Raman leave till then.

Niddhi walks inside the hotel. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman left, who was that woman, did you see her face Simmi. Simmi says no, I will find out. Mrs. Bhalla says find out, hire any cab or auto, you will miss them, come fast. They follow the car in an auto. Simmi asks driver what happened. Auto says wire broke. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi scold the driver. Mrs. Bhalla pays fare and rushes to follow Raman. Raman and Ishita are at signal. Mrs. Bhalla tries to reach Raman. She gets glad seeing Emraan Hashmi…..

Mrs. Bhalla sits in his car and asks him to help. He says I m going to promote my movie. She says my son’s life is getting spoiled, help me, follow that car. Ishita sees Raman asleep and makes his head rest comfortable. Mrs. Bhalla asks Emraan whats the movie name. Emraan says film name is Azhar, its releasing on 13 th May, its on Azhar Uddin’s story. He promotes his movie. She says I m in tension because of my son, my son had two marriages, first one left and he married second, then second one left and first one came, now I asked him to marry first one and now I think there is someone else. He says my life is less complicated. She says people say I know like Sangeeta Bijlani, and Hema Malini. Emraan says Hema came first and then Sangeeta…. She says so what, I kept myself so fine, if I did not marry, I would have met him, but Mr. Bhalla and I have good romance. He says good, film has romance and much cricket. She asks romance of Sangeeta and Naureen too. He says yes.

She says I asked Salman did he get married, I heard you are kissing expert. He says its acting, I have to do to earn. She says you got shy and laughs. She shows the car and says I have to see them anyway, else my son…. My bp is getting high. He says you have bp, hospital is coming, get checkup done. She says no. He stops car at hospital and asks her to get checkup done, I will follow car and get your son, save your phone number, thanks. She says all the best for your movie, we all will watch it. She thanks him.

Ishita makes Raman sleep. Raman suddenly wakes up and gets shocked seeing her. He holds her and asks are you alive. He hugs her. She cries.

Written Update by Amena

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