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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ishita asking Niddhi to have pity and tell them about Ruhi. She says its 7 years, tell me please. Aaliya and Adi come and ask about Ruhi. Aaliya says Nimrit Mam, I used to work as Ruhaan’s PA, I told Amma that Nimrit is Ruhaan’s mum and she beats him, I have seen Ruhaan, he was leaving in hurry. Raman says he came here. They all rush to find Ruhaan. Pihu wants to go to Raman. Mihir says Raman went for imp work, you can’t go there. Pihu insists. Shagun says I will take you to Papa. Pihu asks mumma, why did you change, Papa flopped marriage plan, come. Mihir asks Shagun not to behave this way. Shagun says I m fine. Simmi asks her not to take Pihu there, Ishita will be there, if Pihu knows…. Shagun says that’s why I m taking Ishita, Raman left marriage incomplete, but he can’t go to Ishita by seeing Pihu.

Ruhi runs out of hotel and says I can’t get caught, else they will know I m Ruhi, I have to run away, where shall I go. She asks for lift and gets shocked seeing Ashok. Ashok thinks he is Ruhaan, he should be with Niddhi, what is he doing here. Ashok says why not, I will help Ruhaan the rockstar, Niddhi called me and asked me to help you. Ruhi thinks how does Niddhi know Ashok. Ashok says don’t act smart, I know Niddhi is arrested, come with me, you will be safe. Ruhi agrees and goes with Ashok. Ishita and everyone try to find Ruhaan. Dil kahin rukta nahi………….plays………….

Mihika informs Appa that they could not find Ruhi. He cries and asks her to inform him if they get to know anything about Ruhi. Mr. Bhalla gives her a kerchief and consoles Appa. Mr. Bhalla says I also wish we get Ruhi. Appa says we don’t know if Niddhi filled poison in her mind, did Niddhi make Ruhi like her, I wish we get her.

Ishita hopes they get Ruhi. Raman says we will get Ruhi. Ishita says why did we not get her, don’t know how Niddhi kept her. Raman says nothing will happen, we have been bearing this punishment for 7 years, I promise I will get Ruhi, this time we will not let Ruhi get away. He hugs her and pacifies. She says I m scared. He says I promise, nothing will happen to Ruhi. Romi looks on and thinks how Raman has angrily beaten him. Romi goes to Niddhi and asks about Ruhi. He says Raman and Ishita are in this state because of you. Mihika stops Romi and says Niddhi wants us to react this way. Romi cries and asks for Ruhi, our family got torn apart because of you, tell me about Ruhi, I promise I will not let anything happen to you. Niddhi pushes him and says I will never tell you about Ruhi, she is dead.

Shagun comes to the hotel and sees Raman hugging Ishita and both of them sharing pain. Shagun asks Ishita to manage herself. Pihu says I want to talk to Papa. Shagun says we will talk about marriage later. Pihu says I want to ask something else, is Ruhaan going back, I have seen him leaving in the car, you know who was with him, Ashok uncle, Romi’s friend. Raman and Ishita get shocked. Pihu says Ashok was keeping Ruhaan’s bag in car, I want to meet him. Shagun says yes Raman, Pihu was shouting Ruhaan, we will meet him in concert when we go Australia, stop this. Ishita says Pihu you helped us a lot. Ishita and Raman rush to Ashok’s home. Ashok asks Ruhaan to have some food. He asks about his age, country of birth etc.

Ruhi asks why are you asking me. Ashok asks him to say. Ruhaan says 16 years. Ashok asks what about your parents. Ruhi lies and says I tour with Mam, my parents trust her. Ashok asks did your Mam tell you about the past, do you know any girl named Ruhi. Ruhi says no, I think I should leave. Ashok holds Ruhaan and says Niddhi is your manager, why do you want to get into this matter. Ruhaan says Mam gave me first break and I m successful because of her, can you call a cab for me. Ashok says you can’t help Niddhi, your parents can help her, call them. Ruhi says no, I don’t want to trouble my parents, I will handle. Ashok says I feel you are hiding something. Ruhi says I think I should leave. Ashok asks what are you hiding, tell me.

Ashok says I want you to do an ad for my company, tell me fast now. Ruhi says let me go and falls down. Her hair come out. Ashok gets shocked seeing her. He catches Ruhi and says oh my God, you are not a boy, you are a girl, you are Ruhi right, you were hiding this from me, this is the best day of my life, now I can make Raman do anything, because his life Ruhi is with me. Ruhi says just because you know truth, it does not mean you can hurt my family. He asks what will you do. She pushes him and runs out. Ashok asks her to stop and catches her again. Ruhi manages to run out and locks the door. He asks how far will you run, I know your truth.

Raman and Ishita reach Ashok’s house. They get shocked seeing Ruhaan with long hair and that mole above her upper lip, and realize Ruhaan is actually their Ruhi. Ishita and Raman cry.

Ishita and Raman smile seeing Ruhi. Ruhi looks at Ishita’s tears. Ishita hugs Raman happily. Ishita and Raman hug Ruhi.

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