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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

The Episode starts with Abhishek showing Ruhi’s video to Ishita. Ishita sees the video and smiles. Ruhi shows the Mata Rani chunri, and says see, I m trying this for your safety. Ishita thanks him. He says I can do this for you, there is nothing to be sorry or thankful. She goes. Pathak waits to talk to Niddhi. Niddhi comes back and asks are you still here, it means case is really imp. Pathak goes to her cabin with her. She asks about the case. He says Ishita Bhalla, I want you to fight Ishita’s case. She says no lawyer wants to take her fight, even bar counsel was saying the same, Ishita has killed a lawyer Amar Chadda. He says she is not criminal, even our law say this, you are best criminal lawyer, I m sure you will win this case, I know you just listen to your heart, this case is perfect, its complicated challenge. She says you know a lot about me. He says a qualified lawyer is one who does his research. She says that’s why, you are Raman’s lawyer. She asks him to call Raman, she will meet him and then decide. He thanks her and leaves.

Mr. Bhalla asks Raman to go office if he is free. Pathak calls Raman and says Niddhi will fight Ishita’s case, she is qualified, she did not lose any case till now. Raman says she did not handle case well at Vandu’s time. Pathak asks him to forget everything, I have fixed meeting with Niddhi today evening. Raman says fine. Ishita does work in jail. She smiles recalling Ruhi and everyone. The women gossip about Ishita. Constable asks Ishita to come, someone came to meet her. Ishita says Raman… and goes. The lady says its her drawing room, someone or the other come to meet her always. Ishita goes and says Raman…. She sees Sarika and says you… why did you come here, this is not meeting hour, how did they allow you. Sarika says so many questions, I wanted to see you here, I have been here too, I m getting peace seeing you here. Ashok has more contacts than Raman, Ashok has sent me here to see your state. Ishita asks Sarika to leave. Sarika says we will gossip, we have common topics to talk as we both are criminals. Ishita says I m not related to you. Sarika taunts her for her jail stay. Ishita goes. Sarika says I have to make Raman and you cry a lot, this is just start. Ishita wishes Raman ends all this and cries.

Raman waits for Niddhi. Pathak calls him and asks what did Niddhi say. Raman says she did not come. Pathak says she said 7pm, now its 9pm, call her, maybe she is stuck in traffic. Raman waits there for more time and gets irritated waiting. Raman calls Niddhi and asks her where is she, I m waiting since 3 hours. She says you have to keep patience, after hiring a top lawyer, I have meeting. He says you could have atleast messaged me. She says I don’t have time, wait or leave, its your wish. He asks then what am I doing, my wife is in jail, she is suffering. She says I m not your dad’s servant, talk with manners, don’t forget I was waiting for you like this and you did not come, you value time, Pathak came begging and I agreed to come, don’t forget you need me, I don’t need you. He says sorry, I m stressed. She says shouting on each other won’t solve anything, find any good mannered lawyer. He says sorry, I will wait long, I m ready to do anything. She says fine, come to my office. He asks in 10mins, how will I reach. She says its not big thing for you, you own big company, fly in charter and come anyway, I don’t care. Raman says fine, and speeds his car.

She sees the time and smiles. Raman gets stuck in traffic, as some men fight n the road. He sees the time running out. Raman requests the men to move their cars. Niddhi starts leaving from her office. Raman leaves his car and runs on the road. He tries taking lift in next area and fails. He keeps running and finally reaches Niddhi, while she is about to leave. Niddhi and Raman see each other. He runs to her and tries to stop. She leaves in her car, while he says he tried reaching on time. He falls down and cries.

Mrs. Bhalla comes to Raman and asks why are you sitting like this, what happened. He says nothing, I m unable to do imp work, I failed. She says brave people never fail. He says all lawyers refused to take the case, Ishita will not get bail. She asks him not to say this. He says I m not saying this, we should make place to hang Ishita’s place. She asks him to come back to senses, and slaps him. He says I hate myself, I lost right to be called good father and husband. She says no, you are good husband, father and son. He says your bahu is better than me, I m failing to help her. She pacifies him and hugs him. They cry. Ruhi looks on and cries.

Raman came to meet Niddhi and refuses the clients. Niddhi asks Raman to come.

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