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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Adi going to talk to Mihika. Ishita makes up mind to attend sangeet. Adi asks Mihika if she told Ishita about her marriage plan with Romi. Mihika says she didn’t get the chance. Adi asks her to invite Bhalla family. Mihika says she couldn’t invite them because of Shravan. Adi hopes Ishita comes back soon and unites with Raman. Raman is angry and thinks about Adi and his dad’s words. Adi gets a call and he leaves.

Romi calls Mihika on stage and says he is lucky to have Mihika in his life, for supporting him all these years, and be with him. He promises to be with her always. Everyone claps happily. Romi dances with her on the song Aashiqana…… Itni si baat hai…… Adi wishes Ishita was here and could see everyone here. Everyone clap and compliment Mihika for her pairing with Romi. Ashok says Iyers are happy with this relation, they don’t know Raman and their problem will increase. Mani thinks Ishita was nervous, if anyone sees her there.

Niddhi calls him and says I m Ruhaan’s mom. He says thank God finally, I was waiting for confirmation from you. She says I have to inform you I m cancelling your contract. He asks how can you do this, I have come to India from Australia, why are you doing this, Raman bought you. She says right, he gave good amount to sign Ruhaan exclusively. He says I m also business person, I understand profit matters, its fine with me, I have your signed legal document, if you don’t agree, I have to go court. She gets tensed and says no need to go court, we will meet and talk, and understand things well. He thinks to meet her at hotel, where he has to meet Ishita too. He asks her to come at hotel in some time. She agrees. He ends call and says don’t know whats happening, its right if this shoot does not happen, Raman and Ishita won’t meet, but my business, my employees who are expecting lot from this shoot, even Ishita will feel bad, I will try my best, I promised Ishu, I hope everything gets fine, I hope everything is going on in that sangeet. Ishita reaches hotel and is covering her face.

Raman is at same hotel and drinking. Manager gets his phone and says three missed calls from Mihir. He attends call. Mihir asks Raman where is he. Manager tells about bar/hotel location and asks him to take Raman with him. Mihir says I m just coming there. Raman pushes manager and leaves from there.

Simmi asks Mrs. Bhalla to have food. Mrs. Bhalla refuses. Simmi pacifies her and tells Romi loves you a lot, we will go in sangeet. Mrs. Bhalla says he did not invite us, he will insult us. Simmi thinks Romi can’t dare to tell anything, he knows what secret I m hiding. She recalls catching Romi in Raman’s cabin. She says don’t worry, I will see who stops us.

Ishita waits for the lift. Her veil falls down. She covers her face and gets inside lift. Raman is much drunk and waits for lift. Ishita pins her hair and tries to cover her face. Raman stops the lift and gets inside. Ishita gets shocked seeing him. Raman sees her and does not react much. He thinks he is hallucinating. He stumbles. She holds him. He smiles and says Ishita…… I m so drunk that I m seeing her. She turns and hides face.

He says you are Ishita. She says I m not Ishita. Power goes. She knocks and asks someone to open the door. Raman holds her and says you are Ishita. She denies. He says you can’t be Ishita, she was selfish woman, she died, why do people do promises when they don’t know keeping it. Some money falls. She recalls one similar moment. He says people do this for money. She says I don’t want anything. He says my brother is marrying, he ended all relations, my son started hiding things from me, its because of money. She gets shocked….. He stumbles. She cries seeing him.

He says person becomes lonely without money. He holds her hand. She says I m not Ishita, leave me, you are drunk and feeling so. He pulls her close. She holds him. yeh hai mohabbatein……plays………………… She cries.

Raman tells Ishita that every relation is about money and motive, why am I talking to you, there is no one to talk to me. She cries looking at him.

Written Update by Amena

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