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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Bala telling Amma that I can’t take part in this contest, Shravan can get complex again. Amma says Shravan gave the form, he wants you to participate. Vandu says this contest is waste, whats the need to flaunt infront of everyone. Adi comes and asks Bala to participate. Vandu thinks I don’t want any woman to see Bala. Adi tells them that even Shravan is participating. Bala says I can’t participate then. Adi says no, he will get a confidence in competing with you. Shravan’s teacher comes there and says right. She gives the appreciation certification to Bala and asks him to participation in the contest, you are so handsome, dashing, smart, you will win this competition. Bala agrees. Vandu gets angry. Adi asks Bala to talk to Raman, he is behaving like a kid.

Mr. Bhalla shows his shirt and matching pant. Mrs. Bhalla says I got jeans for you. Amma says we are not going to temple, we did shopping for fashion contest, go now. Aaliya tells Mani that you have to look best, you are looking handsome. Mani asks really and they laugh. Raman gets ready and asks Ishita not to scare him, I will win competition, I m best. She says it will be decided in contest, I m too busy, I m doing to help Adi backstage. She smiles and goes. He says she won’t agree till I show her.

Everyone come in most dashing man contest. Adi welcomes everyone and thanks them for support. He says I want to thank my participants and their motivating families. He says there will be three rounds, whoever will top it will become most dashing man. He calls Shagun and Sonali as judge. Mrs. Bhalla says I did not know Shagun is judge, else I would have told her to make Mr. Bhalla win. Simmi laughs. Amma tells Vandu that Shagun won’t let your Appa win. Vandu sees Shravan’s teacher there and gets angry.

Adi says our first round will be ramp walk, the men will walk in casual wear and judges will judge them based on their confidence and style. Mr. Bhalla comes first followed by Appa. Desi boys…………plays……….. Shravan’s teacher smiles seeing Bala. Mani looks dashin, and Aaliya cheers for him. Romi flaunts his body and muscles. Ishita teases Mihika. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi clap for Romi. Shravan comes next and dances. Iyers smile. Mihir comes and lastly Raman shows his style. He shows off his body just a bit and does not remove jacket. He teases everyone and goes. They all clap for him.

Adi says next round is traditional one, the men will show their traditional side. Mr. Bhalla does bhaangra, while Appa represents Tamilian style. Bala comes bare-chested and dances. Vandu gets shocked, while Shravan’s teacher gets overjoyed seeing him. Romi, and others come. Raman comes wearing superman costume and Ruhi gets emotional. She recalls how Raman has worn same costume for her school competition. Ishita looks at Ruhi. Adi tells everyone that it was traditional round, but my Papa’s style is different, he is our superdad. He says the third round is question and answer round, the man giving best answer will become most dashing man contest winner. Sonali asks Raman why did he wear this superman costume, did he not get afraid that he will lose contest. Raman says I was afraid of failing to do father’s duty, even if world laughs, I can wear this costume daily and even go office, for my daughter’s sake. My daughter is the strong link of my family, she united my family, every father is a daughter’s hero. Ruhi cries hearing his speech. Shagun calls Mihir next. Mihir is asked why is he simply dressed, no fashion followed. Mihir says I think person should be judged by nature and not looks, fashion can change, everything can change by time, but nature won’t change.

Adi says I had good fun, three rounds are done and judges have the result too. Shagun comes there and says finally, we have the results, it was tough competition, we had fun to judge it, maybe the most dashing man win. Sonali says our first award is good heart, a man of true heart, this award goes to Mihir Arora, our second award is Delhi’s Gabru, Romi Bhalla. Shagun says next award is gracefully ageing, that goes to Mr. Omprakash Bhalla. Everyone clap. Shagun says Vishwanathan Iyer gets true to tradition award, best smile award goes to Mr. Patel. Sonali says we have three awards now, best personality award goes to Bala. Shravan’s teacher claps. Vandu gets annoyed. Shagun says most handsome man award goes to Abhimanyu. Sonali says our competition winner, most dashing man award goes to Raman Bhalla. Everyone clap. Raman looks at Ruhi and smiles.

Adi thanks Mihir for participating. Mihir says I could not win it though. Aaliya says you said honestly and I agree with your thoughts. Mihir says thanks, I genuinely believe what I said. Raman shows his title to Ruhi. Ruhi gets emotional. She congratulates him. He thanks her. She goes. Ishita signs Raman. He wipes his tears and shows the title. She claps and they smile.

Adi takes Ishita for dance. Ruhi attends Pihu’s teacher’s call and gets to know Pihu is missing her family a lot.

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