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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd September 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita talking happily about Pihu accepting Ishita and they are succeeding in their aim. She says I felt it she has accepted me. He says she will accept you, your eyes are showing your happiness. She says I m scared Shagun can say you planned this accident. Shagun consoles Pihu and says Raman did not get hurt because of you, cheer up, I feel bad, you will lose competition. Adi and Ruhi hear them. Shagun says Raman can’t compete now, Ishita influenced him, I feel so bad. Adi takes Pihu. Ruhi asks Shagun why is she doing this drama with Pihu, you left me and Raman and acting now, Pihu does not know your truth, the day she knows everything, she will get against you, stop this drama. Shagun says I m your mum, I gave you birth. Ruhi says yes, you did not give me mum’s love, you don’t have any right on me, just Ishi Maa gave me mum’s love, you stop ruining Pihu’s life. Shagun says I know what I m doing, no need to tell me.

Raman asks Ishita not to take stress. His hand aches and tells her that he spoiled everything by himself, he can’t cook by one hand, Pihu wants to win competition, I m not doing anything right. She asks are you giving up. you are Pihu’s superman and can’t give up, just two fingers got burnt, do your best. He says its not easy. She says I m sure you can manage, be there for Pihu. The lady says yes, Ishita is right, you can’t lose now, we all support you. Raman says what can a man tell infront of women. The school staff lady asks Raman to come, they can resume competition if he is fine. Raman goes.

Mihika recalls Romi’s words and cries seeing their pic. She says I won’t let this happen. She calls Sanchi and scolds her for having an affair with her husband. She says you regarded me your friend and did this with me, since when is this going on, I will not leave you easily, I will not bear this. Sanchi says you are mistaken. Mihika says you think I can’t see anything. Romi comes and takes Mihika’s phone. They both argue. Sanchi hears them. Romi calls Mihika mad and says I m just helping Sanchi. She says help, you don’t have time for me, is this your help. He asks her to believe it or not, go to hell. Sanchi cries hearing them and says its happening because of me.

The lady says Mr. Bhalla has come back, it shows how much serious he is for this competition, clap for him once again. Everyone clap. Mr. Bhalla gets message and tells Mrs. Bhalla that he has to go to meet society head, Raman will do well, don’t worry. Pihu asks Raman will he do it. Raman says yes. The competition starts. Raman wears a plastic cover. Pihu helps him. Ishita smiles. A lady’s finger gets cut and she says I can’t participate, I want help. Shagun says Raman can’t win. The lady asks Ishita to compete in her place, I m not a good cook and can’t win, atleast you can give moral support to your husband being there. Ishita thanks her. She takes Mrs. Bhalla’s blessings and goes to compete, standing bit away from Raman. Raman smiles. Shagun thinks whats going on.

Sanchi asks Romi to explain Mihika. Romi says she won’t understand. He sees Mihika and ends call. Mihika says continue the talk, I m sorry to disturb love birds, I m going, you got freedom and can do anything. Mr. Bhalla comes home and asks whats happening, where is Mihika going. Mihika says I was going to Amma’s house, Vandu asked me to come for few days as Ishita is staying there, can I go. Mr. Bhalla says sure. Romi asks Mihika to listen. Mihika leaves.

Raman makes food and Ishita guides him the steps by sign. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays……. Ruhi taunts Shagun and says aloud that Raman is doing well and someone is not happy.

Mihir and Aaliya are on the way. He tells Adi and you did good work. She thanks him. She says weather is bad, I think it will rain, we should go and stay at resort, its not safe, we can leave early morning. Mihir says I know road is bad, I will drive slowly, I don’t want to upset Mani. She says why don’t we listen Kishore Kumar songs. He says I thought you feel sleepy listening those old songs. She says not now, I love the songs. The car breaks down. He says I will check, it started raining, you sit in the car. He checks tyre and says I will change the punctured tyre. Some goons see them.

The lady says all dishes are ready, time is over, I will request judge to announce result. Judge tastes all the dishes. Raman and Ishita wait. The goons ask Mihir to give money and attack on him. Aaliya says leave him. The goons say she is good, we will take her first. Mihir asks Aaliya to stay inside the car. She gets down the car. The goon catches her. Mihir fights with them. She shouts for help. The goon stabs the knife in his stomach. Aaliya gets the stone and hits on goon‘s head. She beats the goons with a stick angrily. Mihir falls down. She rushes to Mihir and sees the bleeding. Mihir asks her to go. She says I can’t leave you like this, I can’t go, don’t close your eyes.

The judge says thanks to everyone for the good dishes, we will announce winner now, winner is Mrs. Babita, Mrs. Preeti and Mrs. Shilpa. Raman and Pihu get sad. Shagun smiles and says I m sure Pihu will realize I should have participated with her. The principal says we are giving special prize to mom who completed the competition despite being hurt, that mom is Raman Bhalla. Pihu and everyone get happy. Raman gets the prize and gives to Pihu. Everyone smile.

Aaliya calls Ishita and says he is bleeding, come fast, Mihir ….. some goons attacked on him, do something, I need you. Ishita gets shocked.

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