Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd October 2016 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Update


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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd October 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Amma pacifying Ishita. She asks her to be strong, even Mrs. Bhalla is worried. Ishita says I know, I will try to be strong. Amma and Ishita make some dish for Mrs. Bhalla. Raman drinks and entire family gets worried for him. Amma and ishita come there. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman is drinking since he came home. Simmi says you have drunk so much, you know you do weird things. Raman says my wife told you all this. Simmi says no, I know this. Mrs. Bhalla says drinking spoils things. Raman says what else will spoil now. He sees Ishita and says I will drunk, anyone stop me if she could. Ishita cries.

Mani looks for Aaliya and says its late, she did not come till now. He says how did I get irresponsible, how could I forget her hospital appointment, and thinks to go and see at the clinic. Raman calls Mani and calls him coward to give IT raid tip. Mani says you just know barking, I m not scared of you, you can’t do anything, as your daughter Pihu is with me. Raman says don’t take her name. Mani says why, you are doing this for her, don’t test my patience. Raman says I will kill you if you do anything. Mani ends call. Raman breaks the glass and hurts himself. Ishita stops Raman. Shagun heard Mani and gets thinking.

Adi was following Aaliya. Aaliya asks how did you come here. Adi says I was following you in other auto to be sure that you reach home safe. She calls him mad. He says I m mad for you. Ae dil hai mushkil…..plays………. They smile seeing each other. Auto driver asks her for fare. Adi pays the fare. Aaliya smiles. Adi gets shocked seeing Mani coming and sits in that auto. He leaves from there. Aaliya sees Mani. Mani says you came Aaliya, sorry I could not come with you to hospital, are you fine. She says feeling better, we will go home, come. She gets thinking. He asks her to come.

Amma asks Mrs. Bhalla to explain Raman, you are her mum, its harmful to drink so much. Mrs. Bhalla says he has become animal. Raman drinks from bottle and says I will kill Mani. He calls Mani again and scolds him. Everyone worry. Pihu hears Raman. Shagun asks what happened Pihu, did Papa not answer. Raman asks Pihu to talk to her. Pihu says you don’t care for me, you don’t love me. Raman says no, I thought its Mani, I love you. Pihu says I heard it. Raman says I m not lying. Ishita asks Raman to go and meet Pihu. Pihu says this happened because of Ishita aunty, I hate her, I will never meet you. Raman cries and asks Ishita who asked her to talk in between. He throws phone and goes. Shagun smiles and says Raman do anything, you can’t snatch my Pihu, I gave her Mani’s phone so that you do that you always do in anger. She goes to Pihu.

Raman goes to his room and cries. Neelu comes to him and asks him to come out and see whats happening. Raman sees the women drinking. Ishita says people drink to forget things, they drink in sorrow. Raman breaks the bottle and asks them to drink now. He goes. Ruhi says our plan did not work. Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla worry for Raman and Pihu, who is alone there and upset. Mrs. Bhalla says we can’t even go to Pihu.

Ishita sees Ananya’s school paper and says I have an idea. Simmi asks what. Ishita gives papers. Ruhi says I understood the idea, its best place to meet Pihu, school, as Shagun is not there. She tells them about working as teachers in Pihu’s school. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma get glad. Ishita says we can make plan to meet Pihu, but what to do of Raman, he is out of control. Raman sees Pihu’s pics and cries in his room thinking of Pihu’s words.

Pita se hai naam tera…..plays………Ishita comes to room and cries seeing him. She says I can’t see you like this, I m sure Mrs. Bhalla and Amma will manage Pihu, we thought for something, don’t get angry, don’t hurt yourself, talk to me. Raman has fallen asleep. She sees he slept. She recalls Raman’s words about Mani. She says I m with you, why are you hurting yourself, I can’t bear to see this state of yours. She holds him and cries.

Simmi gifts purses to Mrs. Bhalla and Amma. Ruhi wishes them all the best. Raman asks shall I drop you guys. Ishita says I will drop you, come. They leave. Raman wonders whats happening.

Written Update by Amena

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