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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd October 2015 Written Update

Episode starts with Mihir saying he has lost Raman’s trust. Raman scolds him. Mihika says please listen, Mihir is innocent, the gun did not have Mihir’s fingerprints, it has a woman’s fingerprints. Mrs. Bhalla asks who has killed Rinki and why. Mihika says don’t know, police is finding, but Mihir is innocent, its proved. Raman cries and asks Mihir to beat him. He apologizes and hugs him, saying he was not in his senses by this sudden tragedy. Mihir says I m annoyed with my fate, not you. Mr. Bhalla apologizes to Mihir from Rinki’s behalf, and says I m ashamed of her doings, you married her for her respect and always supported her, what did she do, she had an affair even when she was married, I could not think she could do such thing.

Mihir says Rinki was my wife, you know her, she was immature and kiddish, I wanted to change her, you just came to know about her affair, but she should not have died for just an affair, bad happened with her. Mrs. Bhalla says why did Rinki not see your goodness. Ishita says Mihir is innocent, we should forget past and move ahead, Mihir stay with us. Mihir refuses. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, I will not leave you stay alone. Raman requests him to stay. Mihir agrees and goes with Raman.

Ishita thanks Mihika and says Mihir and Raman got together because of you. Appa asks for laptop and looks for it. He sees the laptop open and thinks Amma left it. He sees the chat window and reads message for Vishwa. He says why is my name written in this chat, maybe its random chat, and chats with the girl. He asks the girl’s name and gets reply that he is naughty as if he does not know her name. He replies that he is indeed humorous.

Ishita goes to exchange the food items, and hears Manoj and his mum talking. His mum talks about Shagun and asks why does he want to stay with Shagun, he is grown up and knows what he is doing, he has told that Shagun is pregnant with someone else’s child. She asks why are you taking care of her and her child, where is the child’s father. Manoj says relax. Ishita hears this and says if its not Manoj, then…. She cries. Aansun ka rishta ankhon se hota hai………… she keeps the packet at the door and leaves. She goes to her car and cries, saying she does not understand, are Shagun and Raman together, Manoj loves her, but that child….

Bala chats with the girl at night and says he is a married man and loves his wife. The girl asks him to meet. Bala thinks he can meet a friend and agrees to meet her at some garden. Appa comes there and asks what is he talking to himself. Bala says I speak and type so that I don’t miss any notes. Appa asks for laptop to pay bills. Bala says he will pay it. Appa goes to get water. Shravan insists and takes Bala with him. Bala goes keeping the laptop there. Appa says bill will be unpaid, I will pay it. He opens laptop and the girl messages Vishwa asking him are they meeting tomorrow. Appa says does this chatting start on its own and reads the messages of meeting place. Appa thinks why does she want to meet me and agrees to meet her. The girl writes she will wear red dress and come.

Ishita comes home. Raman asks where is the health food and jokes. She says Shagun is pregnant. He says leave it. She says I don’t know whose child is it. He asks what did dietician say. She asks why is he not taking it seriously, how did she get pregnant, leave it, I felt its Manoj’s child, but its not, the packet was of Manoj’s mum, I went to exchange it and saw them arguing, and heard everything. Raman says leave it, why do we care, we will know it later, and goes to talk to Mihir. She says how can he take this so casually, and recalls Raman and Shagun, and his lies. She feels he is hiding anything, it means he knows about Shagun’s pregnancy and child’s father.

Appa receives ready to meet the Female and Amma thoughts him. He asks whats the situation when he wished to seem tip top. She suggests spouse ought to be cautious if this occurs suddenly. She asks where is he likely. He suggests I m going for stroll and would make excuses. She asks him to provide a bottle gourd for her, she will make kheer for Mihir. He thinks he can’t purchase the gourd and states he is going some place else. He leaves. She thinks what took place to him, there is something fishy.

Raman talks to Shagun and asks how is she. She thanks him for obtaining Mihir bailed. He says I did not do something, Mihika bought him, law enforcement didn’t get proof from him. She asks him for making her check with Mihir. Raman goes and asks Mihir to talk to Shagun. Mihir refuses. Raman defends Shagun and requests him. Ishita appears on and thinks what transpired that Raman is favoring her much.

Abhishek asks The person concerning the gun. The person tells with regards to the female, she had some little Lady with her and demonstrates the pic in his mobile phone. Abhishek sees Ruhi Together with the person and asks have you been guaranteed….

Written Update By Sahir


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