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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st August 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Adi saying Ruhi that Shagun is doing the same with Pihu what she did with us, I will talk to her. Ruhi stops him and says Pihu wants to bring her family together, she wants to see Papa and Shagun together, she is missing Shagun so she is doing this, we have to explain her that we want her good. Pihu comes there. Pihu asks them are they anger on her. Ruhi says no, we are not angry, you are our little sister, I understand you, your Papa loves you, you did wrong. Pihu says he scolded me a lot.

Ruhi says I know it was bit wrong, but he is your Papa, what were you saying that you have to leave house and do acting, you are very little, I don’t want you to spoil childhood, I did such mistakes, I don’t want you to do same mistakes, understand this. She hugs Pihu. Pihu asks will you love me after Ishita leaves. Ruhi says don’t do this, we all love you. She thinks why did Shagun do this, how can you play with such a little girl, I will go anything to protect Pihu.

Ishita packs her bag and hugs Raman. They cry. Raman asks her not to go. Ishita takes her bag and leaves. Appa asks Ishita are you sure. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita not to go. Ishita says I m just going to neighboring house, don’t take tension. She hugs Mrs. Bhalla and says I m close to you. Adi cries. Pihu stops Adi. Ishita goes to Iyer house. Pihu smiles.

Ishita cries. Vandu consoles and hugs her. Raman thinks of Ishita and their lovely time. He gets sad. Dil kahin rukta nahi…. plays…….. Adi and Ruhi come there. Adi says I m 21 years old. Ruhi says I m 17. Adi explains him that they understand everything, if there is distance, love won’t get less. Ruhi says yes, you love Ishita and distance won’t matter. Adi says you both can date now. Ruhi says you guys can tell us about dates now. Raman asks did you know. Ruhi says yes, we understand everything. Raman says I think you are right. Ruhi says atmosphere changed here, Pihu should feel we are annoyed, else Ishita’s sacrifice will get waster. Adi says yes, we can’t let Shagun’s plan work. Raman asks when did you two grow up. Adi says we have grown up, but you are young and go on date. Raman hugs them, and they say I love you to Raman.

Aaliya and Mihir have a talk in office. Mihir says I wanted to tell you, thanks for headphones. Aaliya says you are welcome. Mihir says I went home that night and heard all my fav singers on that headphones, its really great, I don’t know about gadgets, I really love them, you tell me what do you ant. Aaliya asks what do you mean. He says you gave me gift, I will gift you. She says there is no such rule, gifting has other reasons. He says I have to give return gift. She says I don’t want return gift. He asks her to say what she wants. She says you can gift for other reason, not return gift. She goes. Mihir says I want to gift you, I don’t know what you like.

Mihika checks file and says Romi has sold beauty products company. Romi comes being on call. Mihika asks him about selling company. Romi says I thought you are very intelligent, we buy such sick companies to sell it and get profit. She says I m impressed, I forgot that company is a sick unit. He says your focus is on something else, you won’t agree, but I m a good businessman and run a company, don’t stop me, I have imp meeting and will have dinner outside. He leaves. She says why does Romi taunt me and started ignoring, I need to talk to someone, I can’t bother Ishita.

Ishita asks Vandu will she have coffee. Vandu says yes, make it, we did not talk over coffee since long. Ishita gets Dr. Batra’s call and says fine, I will do this. She tells Vandu that attending Batra’s patient, shall I refuse, I did not go clinic since long. Vandu asks her not to doubt on herself, go and get ready, I will make coffee. She thinks its good for Ishita to go out and get change, I will inform Mihika, she was worried for Ishita.

Ishita goes to clinic and gets a letter there. She gets Dr. Batra’s welcome letter and says that’s sweet, but there is no staff today, maybe they are late. She looks around and sees the dentist’s room. She smiles seeing her desk and says I feel good seeing this. She recalls treating Ruhi and takes her coat. She says when we get simple things after a long time, it feels so good, Vandu said right, I m feeling good after coming here. Someone opens the door. She turns and asks who is there. She goes to see.

Ishita goes out to see the person. She walks in the corridor and goes to some door. Someone comes to her and she turns being tensed.

Written Update by Amena

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