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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th November 2015 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

Vandu talking to her colleague in college. She tells about Bala gifting her a saree. The lady warns her about husbands gifting costly things, if they have an affair. Vandu laughs and says my Bala is not such. Suraj looks on and says Bala is gifting, Vandu can rejoice now, but things may change soon. Ishita comes to meet Ashok, and wears handsfree being connected with Shagun. Ashok welcomes her and says you came as you are Shagun, else Ishita would have not come here. Ishita says you decorated well, you remember my flower choice.

He says I will get red wine for you, I know you like this, every dinner is incomplete without wine. She says absolutely. Shagun asks Ishita to go with the flow and be calm. Ashok asks why is she not drinking wine. Ishita says I will drink, I have to spend lots of time with you, do you have to go anywhere. He says no, I m free, I thought to make you meet my informer, Bhalla family member who gives me news about Raman. She says I want to know who is helping you against Raman, Raman deserves that every member cheats him, I will be glad if Raman is in pain, so who is it. Ashok says I will say, that is not very important, and reminds they used to dance on their fav song, dance for me on that song. She says ofcourse. He goes to play.

Ishita asks which song. Shagun says O Saathi re…. start now, don’t be distracted, we have to focus. Ishita asks Ashok is he playing O saathi re… He says yes, what else. Ashok looks at her. She closes eyes and turns. She imagines Raman and smiles. Raman and Ishita have a romantic moment. They dance. She opens her eyes and Ashok claps. He says wow… you were amazing. She says thanks.

Door bell rings. He says I think out guest come. She asks informer. He asks her to wait. She tells Shagun that she will know who is that informer. Shagun asks her not to get emotional like Ishita, remember Shagun does not get emotional. Ishita goes to see that informer. She does not see anyone. Ashok talks to someone and sees her. He asks why did she not here. She says you said you will make me meet informer. He says he has imp office meeting. She says you are ignoring me. He says I m glad you came here, but I have to go, I m fine to pay my penalty, what do you want, necklace…… he keeps a mic in her purse and says he likes to be close to her. She says fine, you go, I will manage. He thinks he will hear all her conversations by this mic. He asks shall I drop you home. She says I will go, you leave for work. He thinks he will know is Shagun ghost or acting, I will hear everything. He leaves. Ishita tells Shagun that she will follow Ashok, maybe he is meeting informer. Shagun asks him to be careful.

Ashok concerns a resort. Ishita follows him. She leaves her purse in her car or truck. Ashok phone calls a person. She collides with a boy. She says sorry. The boy cries expressing my cookies fell. Ashok sees her and says Ishita you can idiot Every person, not me, your mic will make me know almost everything. The Woman usually takes her son. She thinks in which did Ashok go.

Ishita tries obtaining data about Ashok from receptionist. She won’t see Ashok. The lady asks her to check in coffee store. Bala meets the financial loan manager. The person states you will get financial loan shortly. Bala many thanks the man and leaves. Suraj satisfies the man and asks is function above. The person suggests I gave him loan but versus financial institution policy, I m nervous I’ll get rid of my position. Suraj claims don’t stress, I’ll deal with, but Bala must get revenue. The person many thanks him and leaves. Suraj claims get habitual to invest money, when its time to return, you received’t have income to repay, then you will end up ruined.

Ishita goes in espresso shop. She phone calls Shagun and says she missing Ashok, she’s sitting in espresso shop, she has discovered everywhere, what to locate. Shagun suggests I believe you should depart now, if Ashok sees you, he will question that you are pursuing him. Ishita feels unhappy. Shagun asks her not in charge herself, Lord will show them a way. Ishita claims fantastic, I’ll depart. She leaves from there. Ashok seems to be on and smiles.

Sarika asks Ishita where did you take my phone. Ishita says auto driver gave this. Sarika gets tensed. Ishita asks her why is she tensed. Ishita follows Sarika and stops her. She says your game is over Sarika.

Written Update By Amena


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