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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th March 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Abhishek coming at Bhalla house. He tells about the real bullet. Raman gets shocked and says it means its not fake, this is real, are you sure, I think you can be wrong. Abhishek says I m a cop. Raman starts worrying and says I changed the bullet, Niddhi tell him. Niddhi says yes, I gave it for servicing and renewed license, they said its fake bullets and they have out real ones in it. Raman says it means Ishita is really shot. He scolds Niddhi and Abhishek calms him down. Raman says if Ishita dies, then… he gets Raichand’s call and says yes, I know it was real bullets, is she fine. Raichand says she is out of danger, doctor removes the bullet, don’t worry, everything is alright. Mrs. Bhalla cries and asks how is Ishita. Abhishek says it means my doubt was right, Shanaya is Ishita. Niddhi scolds Raman for making fun of her emotions. Raman says I cheated you? you cheated me and Ishita, and everyone. He says Ishita is my life, I can make many women bite dust, do you know cheat, Niddhi did not give evidence, she has hidden the proof, like I made her dance on my fingers.

He asks Niddhi to go to jail and get ashamed. He says Ishita went to meet Pallavi that day, Ishita killed in self defense, like she shot today, she has hidden that chip and did not show in court. He says I have also recorded Niddhi’s doings now, give me my wife’s life or go to jail. Niddhi says like my dad died, your wife’s life is in my hands, don’t threaten me. He says fine, I m sorry, I know your dad died because of me, but think with a calm mind, your proposal came for me, I loved someone else, I did not wish to hurt anyone, so my mummy refused to you, I know I m responsible, but Ishita is not, don’t make it difficult for me. She scolds him. Abhishek tells Raman that you should be with Ishita now. Raman asks Abhishek to get the chip from Niddhi. Abhishek asks Raman not to worry. He tells Niddhi to handover the chip, else he knows how to get that from her, she did a crime to hide evidence being a lawyer.

Manoj is with Shagun and gives her the news that its baby girl, Raman and Ishita got a daughter, she is beautiful, she is fine. Shagun gets glad. Niddhi hands over the chip. Abhishek asks her to come. Niddhi says I hate you Raman Bhalla, if you feel I will forget this, you are wrong, I will come back and ruin your happiness. Raman asks her to try, and taunts her. She says wait and watch. Ruhi says I want to go to Ishi Maa. Raman says we all will go. He gets a call and gets shocked. He smiles and tells everyone that Shagun delivered a girl. They all get glad. Ruhi says I want to meet my sister. They all reach hospital and smile seeing the baby. Ruhi asks Raman why did they keep baby in box. Amma says baby is premature and is weak, so she is kept in box to secure her from germs. Nurse asks them to go. Raman asks them to go home. Romi says I will stay here, and sends them.

Later, Romi falls asleep. The nurse sees him sleeping and takes the baby. Romi wakes up and sees her. He asks where is she taking baby. She says I have to check baby weight and change nappy. He says fine, take care. Niddhi takes the baby and gives money. She asks the nurse not to be seen in this city. She says so sorry baby, your dad has to pay for his mistakes, I will ruin Raman, I will begin that with you. She thinks Abhishek could not keep me in jail, as I m a lawyer, now see Raman what I can do.

Raman meets Ishita and says I have to give a good news. She asks what is it. He says our daughter, Shagun gave birth to our daughter on the night when you were shot. She gets glad and says take me there, I will just see, another Ruhi has come. He shows the pics. She says she is really looking like Ruhi. Niddhi calls Raman and asks did you forget my bitter voice so soon…. He says Niddhi…

Raman asks why are you calling me, you were in police custody. Ishita asks him to put it on speaker. Niddhi says I want to talk to Ishita, the happiness you are celebrating Ishita, I have that baby. They get shocked. Niddhi says if you want the baby back, then I want Ruhi in return. Raman scolds Niddhi. Niddhi says I m talking to your wife Raman, not you. She says Ishita is doctor and knows baby is premature, she needs care and mother. Ishita says I will not give Ruhi to anyone and cries. Niddhi says then its big test, I don’t care, give one girl and take another, don’t try to say Abhishek, Ishita will come alone with Ruhi without Raman and family, if you do anything, you will be responsible for both the girls.

Ishita cries and asks Raman to do something about it. Raman says wait, let me talk to Romi. He calls Romi and asks about baby. Romi says I will check. He checks and says baby is not here, maybe baby is taken for bath. Raman says foolish, none takes baby from incubator. Raman tells Ishita that we don’t have any way, we have to give Ruhi. Ishita refuses. Raman says we will just show Niddhi that we are giving Ruhi, I will get her back later. Ishita says I won’t give Ruhi. He says our 7 month baby is premature, she may die, I promise I will get both girls back. She asks will you promise me that nothing will happen to Ruhi. He promises and says we have no option, we have to give Ruhi to Niddhi. Ishita cries and says fine, we will give Ruhi to Niddhi and take our daughter in return. Ruhi hears them and says Ishi Maa wants to give me for that baby, she does not love me….

Raman asks Ishita to give Ruhi to Niddhi, we will catch Niddhi. Ishita asks whats the guarantee you will rescue Ruhi, and cries.

Written Update By Amena


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