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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

The Episode starts with Ishita and Pallavi being on the way. Ishita goes to buy some petrol. She tells the man that her car broke down at some distance and buys petrol. Romi leaves from petrol pump and stops as Raman calls him. He tells Raman that he could not find Ishita. He asks Raman to wait, and he will come there. Ishita takes the petrol and goes. Romi leaves as well.

Suraj asks Ashok about Ishita’s car outside Amarnath Chadda’s house, why did you get there. Ashok says I met Chadda in some party and thought to give him a case, I went there, and his wife said he is not at home. Suraj says Chadda is handling Rohit’s case. Ashok says so maybe Ishita was there, but his wife said Chadda is out of city, then what was Ishita and his wife doing there.

Ishita and Pallavi proceed. Pallavi stops the car and says this place is good to dump body, get the bag out and I will see if there is some danger. Ishita gets the bag out of the car and drags it. Pallavi asks Ishita to go. Ishita says what, I should leave you alone here. Pallavi says you did a lot for me, don’t worry, go from here, I will manage, your family would be finding you. She says its good if I end this and leave from here, you go, give me petrol can. Ishita gives her petrol. Pallavi asks her to just go. Ishita leaves.

Pallavi puts petrol on Chadda’s body and says you troubled me a lot, I will erase every sign of you, you can’t trouble me ever now Amar. She burns him. She cries. Raman says we did not get any clue. Mihir says calm down. Ishita comes home. Raman asks where were you, where did you go, we were finding you, why did you go to Chadda’s house. She asks what. He says you called Abhishek, and we traced your phone, we went there and watchman said you took big suitcase and went with Pallavi, Neelu said you went to clinic, how did you go to Chadda. Ishita says a boy was needing help, he was unable to come to clinic, and I went to his home. She cries and says I attended him at his home and then visited Pallavi, there was heavy things which she was giving away and I helped her, my phone was off and I could not contact you. He says you should have informed us, was Chadda not there to help Pallavi. Ishita says no, don’t know where was he. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to let her freshen up and rest. Ishita apologizes and goes.

Ishita applies lotion to her hands and sees blood. She gets scared and says I did murder. She starts cleaning the blood and cries. Pathak talks to Raman and asks for his signs. He says I will meet Chadda in morning, old papers are misplaced. Raman says call Chadda and ask him does he need any more papers, we will end this case soon. Ishita washes her hands and face, and hears her phone ringing. She says this is not my phone’s ringtone and checks her bag. She gets Pathak’s call on it and thinks whose phone is it. Chadda and Pallavi’s pic appears. She gets shocked realizing its Chadda’s phone. She sits crying.

Pathak calls again. Pathak says Chadda is not receiving and calls again. Ishita switches off the phone and thinks where to hide it. She hides it in cupboard. Raman asks Pathak to contact Chadda tomorrow. Ishita cries as she did murder. Neelu comes and asks her to come for dinner, Mrs. Bhalla is calling. Ishita says I had food at Pallavi’s place and sends Neelu.

Ishita gets disturbed in sleep and recalls Chadda’s murder. She cries and says I did not kill, no. Raman wakes up and hears her. He wakes her up and asks what happened to you, it would be bad dream, are you okay. She thinks to tell Raman, else she can’t live peacefully by lying. He asks what happened. She says I have to tell something, when you were finding me.. He says take rest. He gets Manoj’s call and says I hope Shagun is fine. He gets to know Shagun fell and says don’t worry, I m coming.

Shagun says sorry, I had icecream craving and wnet to kitchen, I slipped as there was water on floor, I did not get much hurt. Manoj and Raman ask her to take care. She says really sorry. Ishita recalls Pallavi and Raman’s words. She thinks how did Shagun get hurt, Pallavi made me swear not to tell anyone, I was going to tell Raman and this happened, I can’t hide this from Raman. Manoj worries for Shagun.

Pallavi tells Ishita that she erased all evidence. Ishita says I m scared, there will be something left. Abhishek gets to know from an old man, about a red car, a woman was taking out a suitcase from the car.

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