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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd October 2015 Written Update

Episode begins with Shagun and Ishita comging to the same place. Shagun talks to Manoj and says she will do what dietician suggests, it will be best for baby. Ishita sees her and greets her. Ishita congratulates her and says she came to know good news. Shagun thinks Raman told her everything, but they were supposed to hide it for 6 weeks. She asks do you know this. Ishita says yes, your face glow is showing it, I wanted to meet. Raman sees them and worries, as he did not tell Ishita about Shagun’s pregnancy. Shagun says its so nice you took this positively. Ishita wonders what is she saying. Raman calls Ishita and diverts her from Shagun. Raman asks where is she. Ishita makes excuse of getting Ruhi’s project requirements. He says liar and asks her to come for lunch. She says no, it will have cheese. Raman jokes on her weight gaining.

She jokes on his less height. Shagun sees her and says they are so happy, I hope this baby brings more happiness. The lady asks Ishita to go to meet doctor. Ishita lies that shopkeeper is calling her and ends call. She goes. Raman meets Shagun. Shagun asks did you come to accompany Ishita. He says Ishita does not know, Manoj said you are coming here, so I came to give you company. Shagun says Ishita was congratulating me for good news. He says she does not know. Shagun says I think she knows. Raman says don’t tell her, take care. He leaves. Shagun thinks what was Ishita talking about.

Mihika comes to meet Abhishek and asks is Mihir fine. He says Mihir’s bail is granted. She thanks him and cries happily. Mihir comes there. Abhishek says we got the gun, the murder weapon, Mihir’s fingerprints do not match with it, it shows it’s a woman’s fingerprint, Mihir is free to go, and asks Mihika to sign on paperwork. Mihika signs and thanks Abhishek. She asks Mihir to come home. Abhishek looks at them.

Mihika says I m so excited that Mihir got the bail, everyone will be happy. Mihir says Bhalla family does not have place for me, everything is over, they feel I killed Rinki. She says situation was such, things were against you, Raman was broken, he lost his sister. She pacifies him and asks him not to think that family does not love him, Ishita was so worried and felt you are innocent, come home. He says he can’t go there. She says for my sake, for Ishita and Raman’s sake, come home, trust me.

Ishita meets the dietician and asks for diet chart to control her weight. The doctor says you did right, I met many women who need weight loss, but they don’t have time for them and don’t take care. Ishita gets the checkup done and doctor gives her the diet chart. She suggests her to frame her old pic and keep seeing it, to inspire yourself. Ishita says that’s a nice idea, I will surely do this. Bala does not see Shravan and sits chatting. He gets Vandu’s call and says he misses her so much, he was just chatting… and then denies it saying he was checking his student’s papers.

He asks when is she coming back and ends call relieved that she is not coming soon. He says where did Abhishek trap me and calls him. He complains that nothing is happening as he said, he is just limited to friendship. Abhishek asks why is he sounding nervous. Bala says I did chatting to make Vandu insecure and jealous, I m afraid. Abhishek says just show her that you don’t have time to talk to her, then she will find out and feel insecure. Bala says ya and ends call.

Ishita gets her old pic and thinks this 1 will encourage me. Raman comes and sees the pic. He jokes Is that this definitely her pic. She states its modern pic, my dietician informed me… and stops. He asks when did she head over to dietician, oh that was lie about Ruhi’s phrase. She claims dietician said I m not overweight, I’ve to maintain, I took challenge, I will do that. Raman retains her hand and she goes absent. She suggests she’s going to eat wellbeing food items. He laughs viewing cupcakes cookies, pastries. She claims I didn’t buy this, we should return this, I’ve bought well being meals. He goes. She phone calls the wellbeing keep and tells in regards to the items receiving swapped and asks with the Woman’s address, she’ll give it and obtain it exchanged. Raman jokes on Ishita. She taunts on his top. They’ve a sweet nokjhok. She suggests You can find much more of her to love, he has no complains if she gains weight. Simmi asks them to come back, as Mr. Bhalla is calling them. Raman receives stunned observing Mihir there.

Raman asks how dare you occur During this house and scolds him asking him to wander away, as he killed Rinki. Mr. Bhalla suggests Mihir is harmless and slaps Raman. He says there is absolutely no evidence that Mihir killed Rinki, apologize to him. Raman fumes. Mihir claims no need for Raman to apologize, I comprehend his suffering, he shed his sister, you misplaced your daughter, I misplaced my spouse and Raman’s fact, even I m proved innocent, I won’t get you all back again. Raman states you are the offender, you killed Rinki.

Ishita hears Manoj and his mum discussing Shagun, Which Shagun is pregnant with some other person’s boy or girl. Ishita wonders whose baby could it be.

Written Update By Sahir


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