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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shravan hiding from goons. The goons say they can get hefty amount if they kidnap this boy. Simmi defends Mrs. Bhalla. The goons spot Shravan, and follow him. Shravan runs and falls down. He sees someone and asks him to help. The man asks why are you running. Shravan says goons got after me, they want to kidnap me, see there, they are coming. Its Abhishek, who is drinking and looking much changed. Abhishek asks are you all after this boy. The goons ask him what will he save the boy, and call him a drunkard. They beat Abhishek. Abhishek fights back and beats the goons. The goons run away.

Abhishek sits there. Shravan asks uncle, are you fine. Abhishek says yes, my bottle broke, but where are you going at night, where are your parents, come with me. Shravan says no, I will go. Abhishek says I will take you, you are young teen, you are not a hero. He says I have seen you somewhere, maybe I know you. Abhishek says no one knows me, you talk a lot, come. Police talks to Mrs. Bhalla and asks her to come along, as doubt is on her after checking CCTV footage. Romi walks in and asks why. Mrs. Bhalla smiles. Romi says that evidence can’t prove mummy kidnapped Shravan, I m her younger son Romi Bhalla, I don’t stay here for personal reasons, but I know my mum can’t do this. Vandu tells Amma had trust on Romi, and see he is supporting Mrs. Bhalla.

Romi says blood will speak up for blood, and Mihika informed me, that’s why I came here. Inspector says don’t teach us our work. Ashok walks in and tells inspector that commissioner will explain you. He makes inspector talk to commissioner. Inspector apologizes to Mrs. Bhalla. Amma asks what about our Shravan. Inspector says evidence can’t prove Mrs. Bhalla culprit, we will try to find Shravan. Romi promises Amma that he will find Shravan. Bala asks Amma to come home. Romi assures Bala that he will find Shravan, why to punish mum if she did not do anything. Bala says first find Shravan, then we will talk. Simmi hugs Mrs. Bhalla.

Ashok asks Romi to come soon, he is waiting outside. Mrs. Bhalla hugs Romi. Romi says this was my duty to come here, anyways where is your talented son CEO Raman Bhalla, did he not come to save mummy, he is always out of home when he is needed, finally I came of some use, I m feeling good to help my mum, I have many favors on me, that favors got less. Ashok says Romi, lets go. Romi leaves with Ashok. Mrs. Bhalla cries and tells Simmi that I thought Romi worries for me and came to save me, but he ……..

Adi and Raman are on the way. Adi worries for Shravan. Raman talks to Mihir and asks how can Iyers do this, I left shooting and came here. He is angry. Adi thinks Papa worries just for business. Adi gets a call from Shravan…. Raman says ask him where is he, we will pick him. Shravan tells Adi that its not his mistake, you are scolding me. Adi says tell me where are you, are you fine. Shravan says I m fine, I won’t come home, no one cares for me. Adi pacifies him and thinks to inform Bala about Shravan by taking him on conference call.

He says Shravan my imp call is coming, stay on call. He calls Bala and asks Bala not to say anything and hear Shravan. Adi asks Shravan to go back home. Shravan says no, Amma and Appa think I m loser. Vandu cries. Adi says no, everyone loves you, talk to me, tell me where are you, I love you a lot, we will go out, promise. Shravan tells the place. Adi says stay there, I m coming. Shravan says you will come alone, if you get Amma and Appa, I will run from here. Adi says fine, I m coming. Shravan ends call and returns phone to Abhishek.

Abhishek asks to whom were you talking. Shravan says he is my best friend, Aditya Bhalla. Abhishek gets shocked and asks whats your name. Shravan says his name. Abhishek thinks he is Bala’s son, same thing is happening what happened 7 years ago, I have to protect Shravan. Adi tells Bala not to come there, else Shravan will run away. He says I will meet Shravan and get him. Vandu says its our mistake, Adi handled situation well, Ishu would have done same. Bala says yes, situation would be not like this if Ishu was here. Raman looks at Adi and recalls Ishita. Adi says when I take Ishita’s name, you shout on me, and you were thinking of her now. Raman says stop nonsense. Adi says don’t life, its seen on your face. Raman says we will take Shravan, and asks driver to drive fast. Adi looks at him. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays………….. Adi thinks I wish I can share your pain and tell you that Ishi Maa is alive.

Raman comes home and asks Simmi why did Romi come here, I told you I m coming, why did you take Romi’s help. Simmi tries to say. Mr. Bhalla says hear Simmi, we did not call Romi, Mihika informed him, he did son’s duty. Raman says he is stain on son’s name, he would have some benefit. Ashok tells Romi that your family insulted you. Romi is angry and says I did what Raman could not. Ashok thinks I m sure Romi is with me now, Bhalla family will never ever get together. Raman is angry. Mrs. Bhalla asks him not to go and take matter ahead. Simmi requests Raman not to go. Raman says fine. He gets call and says I m going office. Mrs. Bhalla asks where is Adi. Raman says he went to take Shravan. She asks did Adi get Shravan…..

Ishita is worried for Shravan and says don’t know how is Vandu, I can’t even call them up, what to do. Mani comes to her and finds her worried. He asks whats the matter, you want to go Delhi right, why are you stopping yourself. She says you know if I go there….. he says till when will you torture yourself. She says I can’t go there, everyone will know…. I have tension, but what to do. He says no one will know, I will come with you. She says you have shoot here. He says shoot postponed, Ruhaan’s Mam will decide about our contract, we have two days, we can go there and come. She says I don’t know. He says I m with you. She says you have always been so kind. He says don’t be formal with me, alright, come. She says yes. She cries worriedly.

Adi meets Shravan and asks who saved your life, we should thank him. Adi goes to Abhishek. Abhishek turns his face and says its okay, you can go now. Adi says I want to see you once.

Written Update by Amena

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