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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ruhi telling Shagun that Raman and Ishita maybe in danger. She says I will go home and see. Shagun stops her, and Ruhi collides with Ishita’s car. The car alarm rings. The goon says I think there is someone downstairs, and asks Raman and Ishita not to move. He looks outside from the window. Ruhi and Shagun see the goon and hide. Ruhi panics and says maybe its some thief, I will call police, Papa and Ishi Maa…. Shagun says nothing will happen, call Adi.

Mihika calls Romi and says he is not answering. Niddhi greets her and says I feel you and Romi are not compatible, Romi runs after women, he knows how to attract women, you know him, I think your relationship with Ashok was better, this is my opinion, you Iyer sisters make wrong decisions in choosing life partners.

Mihika asks can’t you mind your own business, did anyone ask you, compatibility between me and my husband is my personal issue, your life has something wrong going on, so you interfere in other’s lives, you are with Ashok,l I think you should sort your life first. Romi and Ashok come there. Ashok greets Mihika and asks how are you. Romi says Mihika, meeting went long, I did not know others are also here. Ashok says we are business partners, come. Romi asks Mihika to come.

Raman tells the goons that he has deal for them, I will give 90 crores, give 50 crores to boss, and keep 20 crores each, you can take all electronics. Ishita asks will you give them everything, they are doing wrong, they are troubling us and will they take our earning, its illegal, no, we won’t give anything. Raman asks are you mad, I will give more 10 crores, shoot her, its my earnings, I will give. Ishita says no, you won’t give. Raman says I will give money, be quiet.

Adi and Aaliya worry and ask Ruhi about the goon. Shagun says the goon had gun, we called police too. Aaliya asks Ruhi to calm down. Ruhi says lets go there. Adi says we can’t go now, they have gun. He says we will go to Amma’s house, we will get something, hockey or bat, we can use that. Mihir comes there. Ruhi tells him about the goons. Mihir asks them to calm down, tell me what are you planning. Aaliya says about getting hockey sticks and bats to beat them. Mihir says they are goons and will have gun, its not school fight, relax, come with me.

Romi attends some call. Ashok praises Romi’s business skills. He asks about Shagun, she looks much busy. Mihika says Shagun is fine. Mihika asks Romi to come. Romi says sorry, order main course, I have to make imp calls. Ashok eyes Mihika. Mihika stops Romi from investing in Chandan Shah’s company. Ashok and Niddhi sign each other. Romi says its my company, I know where to invest. Niddhi tells Ashok that Romi’s ego is getting hurt. Romi and Mihika argue. He says its my business, I can handle it. She says I m not illiterate, I m MBA and worked in Raman’s company, I m just warning you, I know that company’s financial status. Romi asks her to just let it be. Mihika gets a call and is shocked. Mihika tells Romi about Ruhi’s call, she said some goons are at home and kept Raman and Ishita at gunpoint. Romi says we have to leave. They leave. Ashok asks Niddhi what happened to you. Niddhi says did you not hear it, Mihika said Ruhi called her, it means Ruhi is worried for Raman and Ishita, I will not let Ruhi go to them.

Mihir asks Amma and Appa to give them chilli powder. Amma worries. Mihir asks them to trust him, they won’t be able to do anything. Amma prays for Raman and Ishita. Aaliya says can’t we wait for police. Mihir says we don’t have time. He asks them to follow him and Adi, and put chilli powder in goons’ eyes, stay confident, this will be our victory. He asks Appa to stay with Amma. Ruhi worries.

The goon says stop this nonsense. The other goon scolds Ishita for not agreeing to her husband. Raman says its good you did not marry. The goon says stop it, my head is aching. Raman says you have headache, I got hemorrhage, Ishita says if I could, I will shoot them. The goon asks them to give gold and silver. Raman asks them to take anything, come. Ishita says what, we can’t do this. Raman says its my money. She asks are you mad, they don’t have any work ethics. He says its my mum’s jewelry, don’t talk in between. She says you won’t touch the jewelry. He says I m ready to give it. The goon angrily shoots at the roof. Raman and Ishita get shocked.

Everyone hear the gun shot outside and get shocked. Ruhi cries and asks Mihir to do something. Mihir says no one shouted, maybe they fired to scare them, Adi be careful, come. The goon says I will shoot you at your head if you trouble us now. Ishita asks the man to leave Raman and pushes him. Mihir rings the bell. Raman catches another goon and asks Ishita to open the door. Ishita runs and opens the door. Mihir throws the chilli. The chilli falls on Ishita and the goon.

They get shocked. Ruhi says Ishi Maa and cries. Amma cares for Ishita. Raman and everyone beat the goons. A goon shows knife and asks all of them to move. He catches Ishita and asks them not to move, else he will cut her neck. Mihir asks him to put knife down. Raman asks Adi to leave the other goon. He asks goons to take all money and jewelry. He goes close to goon and catches him. He beats him a lot. Raman takes vase to beat the goon. Mihir says he will die, stop, we called police, calm down. Police comes and arrests the goons. Inspector says you don’t know they are dangerous goons, they do money recovery work, anyone of you come to file FIR. Raman says I will come. Shagun looks on.

Raman cares for Ishita, and this upsets Shagun. She goes annoyed. Ruhi looks on. Raman makes Ishita sleep and sits by her side.

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