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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th November 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pathak telling Abhishek that he did not kill watchman, the dead body was in his car and he was afraid. He went there to hide the body, think what will be my motive. Raman and Ishita look on. Pathak asks Abhishek to check post mortem report, he was at his office at the man’s death. Abhishek asks why did he not inform police. Pathak says I was afraid that those people.. Abhishek asks who. Pathak says believe me, I don’t know who kept that dead body in my car, let me go. Abhishek asks where you have to go, to erase the proof? Raman asks Pathak to say truth. Pathak says let me go, my wife Trisha’s life is in danger, they will kill her. Raman asks what happened to Trisha.

Pathak says sorry Raman, I accept I lied to Raman, I was helpless to save Trisha, forgive me. Ishita asks why did you not tell me. Pathak asks what could I say, that Trisha is getting away from me, Trisha’s brother Tandon is bankrupt, problems started in our home, she used to stay upset, she felt complex meeting her friends, she started gambling, I did not know this, she lost much money in gambling, her friends threatened her to return money, that day I came to know this, how could I repay her loan, my friend told me just one man can help me, I said I m ready to do any work to save Trisha, he took me to that man, Ashok Khanna. Raman asks why did you not come to me.

Pathak says how could I come to take your help, I agreed to Ashok and. …. Raman says you gave him our contracts. Pathak says sorry. Raman asks did you get money from Ashok. Pathak says yes, but it was late, those guys kidnapped Trisha, I have to go there to give money. Abhishek says agreed, what about dead body. He says I don’t know, they called me outside city to meet, I think they have done this, I did not inform police so that Trisha’s life does not get in risk, please let me go. The inspector brings post mortem report and says that watchman was dead, and Pathak was in office at that time, we verified. Raman asks Abhishek to help Pathak. Abhishek says fine, I will help Pathak. Pathak says no, I can’t put Trisha in risk. Abhishek says I know such goons, tell me. Pathak tells him the place. Raman says I will come along. Abhishek says no, less people should go, don’t worry, I will bring Trisha.

Ashok scolds someone and says this should not happen again. He ends call and says don’t know how many people should I kill, to kill Raman. Mihika and Mihir talk in office with Pathak. He is angry knowing Pathak cheating Raman. She says I lost touch with Trisha. Mihir says why is this happening with Raman, he is so good and everyone cheats him. She says Raman is strong. He says I m worried, how much stress will Raman bear.

At home, Raman and Ishita have a talk. He says Pathak loves Trisha and when his love is in trouble, anyone would do that. He is not angry on Pathak and asks her to think keeping him in that place. She says don’t out yourself in that place, please. He says I m glad Pathak proved his love, just like you do. He gets Abhishek’s call and is relieved knowing Trisha is fine. He tells Ishita.

Ishita talks to Shagun, Abhishek and Prateek at night and tells everything. She worries that Ashok can get desperate to harm Raman. Abhishek says yes, he will be angry. Ishita says I think Ashok will contact Shagun next. Shagun asks me? Ishita says me, he knows Shagun’s soul is in me and will contact me, then I will double cross and try to know who is his informer in our house, once he gets in our trap.

Its morning, Vandu tells Amma to give bath to Shitija and asks about Bala. Amma says he went out. Vandu is leaving. Bala comes and gifts a saree to Vandu. She asks for bill for exchange. He says I got it by love. Vandu sees the saree and says its not my fav color, why did you get it without any occasion. He says I liked it and got this. She says so sweet, but give me bill, I will change its colors. She leaves. He says Vandu looks normal, what was Raman saying, I should talk to Ishu once.

Ashok is in restaurant and reads news. He says oh no, police got the watchman’s body, I thought his chapter will close. He meets Khurana and talks about business. Khurana says I heard Raman is also quoting for this contract. Ashok says I m sure I will get this contract. Khurana says I will meet my friend and come. Ashok sees Khurana meeting

Ashok asks Khurana about Prateek. Khurana says Prateek is my friend, he was very afraid of paranormal things since childhood. Ashok thinks then how does he control Shagun’s soul, there is something fishy. Ishita talks to Simmi and waits for call. She gets waste call first and then gets Ashok’s call. She asks Simmi to go out and see if anyone is coming. She talks to Ashok as Shagun. He thinks is this ghost fake like Prateek. She says I felt you forgot me. He says so sorry, I was busy, so I called today, shall we meet on dinner. She says yes, I m dying to meet you, tell me where to meet, restaurant? He says no, we will meet at home. She says dining at home will be boring. He says we can meet well, lots of privacy at home, is there anything else, are you afraid of Raman. She says no ways, I will come. He says superb, tonight it will be sure Ishita has Shagun, then I will use her against Raman, as my informer will not do this work. She says I have to know who is his informer in our house.

Ashok says I thought to make you meet someone, my informer in Bhalla house. She says interesting, why not, I would like to know who is standing in that house against Raman. 

Written Update By Amena


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