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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

The Episode starts with Bala thinking of his problems after hiding from Vandu. He wishes he does not hurt anyone. Ishita tells everything to Romi and asks him to believe her. Adi asks Ishita to talk to Raman. Romi says he is busy, you can talk to him later, he asks Adi to play game on phone and sends her. Romi says I lied to Adi, Raman is not busy, he is not eating food, Sarika went to give him food, I don’t think you should meet him. She says no, I have to talk to him, why is he angry on food, he can shout on me. She goes and asks Raman to open the door and talk to him.

Romi says he won’t open, talk to him tomorrow. She says no, Raman open the door. She asks Romi to do anything and open the door. She worries and asks him to break the door. Romi pushes and breaks the door open. They get inside and get shocked seeing Raman lying near the bed. She shouts Raman and goes to him. They shake Raman. She asks Romi to call doctor. Romi calls doctor. She talks to doctor and tells that Raman was drinking wine. Doctor asks him to flush out wine from his stomach, he will reach. She takes Romi’s help. Sarika looks on and says I think poison affected Raman so soon, now everyone will feel Raman tried to commit suicide, its good.

Mrs. and Mr. Bhalla drink wine to lower stress. He says Ishita would have some reason to do all this. She cries and says I don’t understand whom to trust, Ishita and Shagun were together in this plan, they have hidden it from us. Sarika comes and asks them to come fast, something happened to Raman, he had drunk wine, I was afraid, if a man’s heart breaks, he can do anything, did he commit suicide. They rush to Raman.

Mrs. Bhalla angrily stares at Ishita. Sarika scares Mrs and Mr Bhalla. Doctor asks Ishita and Romi what was the problem, that Raman tried to commit suicide, his drink has poison, he got saved as his fluid intake was much. Romi says Sarika made him have juice. Doctor says its possible juice lessened poison, this poison is so dangerous that it increases heart rate and bp in some time, which will lead to death, maybe poison got dilute by juice, else it would be tough for Raman to survive. Ishita cries.

Doctor comes downstairs. Sarika acts and asks is there any bad news, will Raman get fine. Doctor says Raman is fine. She gets shocked. Doctor tells about Raman trying to commit suicide. Mrs. Bhalla cries. Doctor consoles her and leaves. Sarika says Raman tried to commit suicide, I can’t believe this, if doctor did not come on time, don’t know what would have happened to Raman, I don’t know how Ishita can do this, I went to give food and juice to Raman, but he did not eat anything, he did not tell anything, he is so upset, his heart is broken, I don’t know mummy ji why Ishita did this, what was the need for lying and acting, she calls you Maa, you are not Ashok’s informer, she would have saved this with you. Mrs. Bhalla gets angry after Sarika fills her ears.

Ishita asks Raman why did he do this, he did not think for his two kids. He says we have three kids, Shagun is alive, I m not so weak, I want to see our baby playing in your lap, I want to see Adi and Ruhi’s happiness. He coughs. She asks him to rest. She thinks it means Raman did not attempt suicide, then how did poison go in his body, and recalls Romi’s words. She thinks of that juice, Raman consumed it, Sarika has given it, it means Sarika maybe Ashok’s informer.

Sarika worries that Ashok can call her, and she wants phone from Romi. She tries calling Ashok. Ashok’s phone is busy talking to news channel editor about confirming the news and informing them. Romi asks Adi did he play game, who won. Adi says I won. Romi takes phone and says Sarika will get calls, she will be angry.

Ishita gets Ashok’s call on Sarika’s phone. Ashok asks Sarika is Raman dead, did she do the work. She recalls Sarika and fumes. She ends call. Ashok fumes saying how Sarika disconnected my call.

Sarika tries calling Ashok. She calls Ashok. He says I called you, why did you end call, why did you not reply. She asks what. He asks did Raman die or not. She says no, but… He says we will get chance to kill Raman, but fill your mum in law’s ears that she kicks out Ishita. He ends call. Sarika worries. Romi comes and gives her phone back. Sarika checks and says there is no missed calls of Asha, it means someone received Ashok’s call.

Sarika worries and says it means Ishita spoke to Ashok. Ishita comes there and asks her what happened Sarika. She looks at her with an angry expression. Sarika gets tensed.

Mrs. Bhalla kicks out Ishita and Shagun from home. Ishita says let me stay here, its important, listen to me. She cries. Sarika smiles seeing her and shuts the door on her face.

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