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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone rushing and meeting Pihu in hospital. Ishita goes to thank Ruhi. She holds Ruhi’s hand and thanks her. Ruhi says no need to thank, I had to return someone’s favor. Ishita asks her to meet Raman once, he does not believe the goodness left in the world, he should just see that people can be selfless too. She takes Ruhi. Ruhi thinks why can’t I refuse to her.

Romi and Mihika come there. Raman gets angry and asks Romi what did you come to see, whether my courage broke and my business got down when my daughter got unwell, I m ashamed to call you my brother. Mihika says we just came to see Pihu. Raman says you may have come for Pihu, but Romi just knows to use relations. Ishita comes and defends Romi, asking why is he shouting on everyone, is the world wrong, Ruhi saved Pihu, thank her. She says I know Ruhi, Raman wants to thank you, he can’t verbalize. Nurse says Pihu woke up. Raman asks can I meet her.

Nurse says doctor will say that, you come and do formalities. Raman goes. Doctor comes and says Pihu is fine, just bit weak, her parents can meet her. Ishita and Shagun see each other, and cry. Shagun turns away and gives a sign to Ishita to go. Ruhi leaves from there. Pihu says mumma in sleep…… Ishita cries seeing her. Shagun comes there with Raman. Raman sees Ishita and gets angry. Doctor says just patient’s mummy and Papa can come here. Raman says exactly, I don’t know who is this woman, she always interferes, Shagun is Pihu’s real mother, don’t know who is she. Ishita cries and says I will wait outside. She leaves.

Niddhi asks Ruhi so did you come back finally. Ruhi says really sorry to behave like that, next time this won’t happen again. Niddhi says you tried to beat me, you think I will forgive you easily. Ruhi says I was saving both of us, if anyone saw us, and if anything happened to Pihu, I would have got stuck. Niddhi says if your informal drama is over, we shall go back to Australia now. Ruhi recalls Amma, Ishita, Pihu…. and says no…. Niddhi asks what do you mean. Ruhi says I have to wait here till Shagun and Raman’s marriage, Ishita is trying to come between them, I will not let Ishita and Raman unite, I got Pihu here, they are indebted to me. Niddhi says just till Raman and Shagun’s marriage…..

Ishita cries recalling Raman’s words. Raman comes out of the ward. She stops her and says you made me leave from the ward, it does not mean Pihu is not my daughter, you know I can claim Pihu anytime, don’t use my goodness, you have no right to behave like that with me, you don’t have to say anything. She thanks Shagun for raising her daughter, I will always be thankful, it does not mean Pihu is not my daughter, I m good when I m calm, else I will get out of control, explain Raman that I m not interested in him, just be happy, I did not come back for him, but Pihu will always be my daughter, no one can change this, I will always be Pihu’s mother, I can claim her if I want, don’t stop me again from meeting her.

Raman asks Shagun to ask Ishita is her lecture over, why did she run like a coward 7 years ago, she left kids crying, now she came to see kids. Ishita asks did you think why I left, it was because of you, you made me helpless to feel guilty, I lost Ruhi, my husband did not support me, he said I m careless and does not deserve to become mother, who talks to wife like that. She cries and says you made me helpless, I thought I should go away from my children, maybe I m bad influence for them, I went to die, I went to commit suicide, you forced me for this.

Raman says explain her she can’t clam Pihu, if I get angry, then no one will be left. Shagun says please Raman, just realize the situation, where are we now, and Ishita you also understand. Nurse asks Raman to come and talk to doctor. Raman says tell them that Pihu’s parents are coming. Pihu heard the entire conversation and cries.

Ruhi tells Niddhi that she will just see Pihu and come. Niddhi sends her and says I have to keep an eye on Ruhi, else she can play double game with me. Shagun looks for Pihu and tells Raman that Pihu is not in washroom. Raman worries and asks nurse. Ishita comes and asks where is Pihu. They all start finding Pihu.

Everyone get worried for Pihu and look around. Ruhi comes there thinking I lied to Niddhi, I want to hug Pihu, why am I getting attached to her, when I don’t want to keep this relation. She sees Pihu crying, sitting in storeroom. She goes to Pihu and asks why are you sitting here, why are you crying. Pihu says don’t take me out, else Ishita will take me, she told Papa that she will snatch me, she was fighting with Papa, she will make me away from Papa and mumma. Ruhi hugs her and says nothing will happen to you. Pihu cries.

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Written Update by Amena

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