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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mani and Mihir having a meeting at café. Aaliya sees Mihir and says Mihir works for Raman, what is he doing with Appa. She meets them. Mani says I had meeting, how are you here. She says to have coffee. Mihir greets Aaliya and says I hope your fuse box is fine now. Mani asks fuse box. She says yes, its long story Appa. She says I will not disturb you, I have do my work. Mihir asks Mani whats the matter. Mani says I have an offer for you, I want to represent my company in India as CEO, I know you work for Raman, you work hard and Raman gets credit, but at my company, you will get credit, package will be thrice of what you are getting now. Mihir says my answer is no, you

know me since long, your offer is good, but Raman’s company is like mine, he is my mentor, apart from being my boss, he is like a brother to me, I m grateful that someone valued me and my talent, don’t take me wrong, I have imp meeting at office, I m sorry, all the best. He goes. Mani smiles. Aaliya says he is so rude. Mani says you will understand this after some years, Mihir is confident, loyal and focused, he does not want any credit, Raman is lucky to have him, Mihir is his own strength and he can never lose to anyone.

Amma says dinner is ready, and tells Mrs. Bhalla that she made something special for her. She thinks Mrs. Bhalla will get such spice that even lassi can’t help. Mrs. Bhalla also plans a special surprise for her. Amma says we should celebrate as Romi is here after long time. Mrs. Bhalla says I made Chole for you. Raman asks is this done now. Ishita says we were waiting for Ravan Kumar. He asks about Ruhi. She says Ruhi got the invite, she will come. He gives her legal documents to keep. She keeps papers on the table. Ruhi thinks I wish this dinner was true family dinner, this is just a medium now. Ruhi comes. They all smile seeing her. Ishita calls her cute and compliments her. They all sit to have dinner. Ishita tells Ruhi that everything is made especially for her. Everyone wait for Ruhi to start. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma feed the food to Ruhi. Ishita too feeds Ruhi. Raman looks on. Kya kehna………….plays………. Everyone start having food. Ruhi smiles seeing Raman and Romi behaving fine. She thinks what to do, how to believe them, and what to believe, don’t know whats the truth.

Some men come there. Neelu tells Mrs. Bhalla that plumber came. Raman asks is this time to come, come tomorrow. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to go to bathroom. Raman says it will disturb us. Mrs. Bhalla says everyone will need to go bathroom tomorrow. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma serve their special dishes to each other. They ask each other to have first. They taste the food, and dislike it. They praise the food and eat it for Ruhi’s sake. Mrs. Bhalla says my cupboard is open, plumber is there, I will go and see. Amma also runs saying Mrs. Bhalla is alone there. They both get unwell and run to bathrooms. Everyone look on. Simmi says let me also taste it. Mrs. Bhalla says no, she got this with love for me. Mihika asks Amma to give that dish to her. Amma says no, its mine, Mrs. Bhalla will make for you later. Ruhi asks is there any problem. Mrs. Bhalla says no, there should be some taste. Ishita takes those papers.

Ashok and Niddhi cheers. Niddhi says there will be mahabharat starting by now. Ishita asks Ruhi to sign on the papers, and read it properly first. Ruhi checks papers. Raman and Ishita smile. Ruhi gets angry and says you want me to sign on this. Ishita asks what happened. Ruhi says you all did this acting to get me sign on papers. Raman says its simple papers of making trust till you get 18, then you can get all property back. Ruhi says don’t think I m kid, its written clearly that Ruhi Bhalla can’t claim any property. Raman gets shocked.

Ishita looks at him. Mr. Bhalla says we talked about making trust. Raman checks papers and is shocked. Niddhi tells Ashok that its good your lawyer called you on time, Ruhi’s heart would have melt knowing about trust. He says her heart will melt and burn that Bhalla family. She says its good your men reached there on time and did work well. FB shows The plumbers changed the papers. Ashok says I take work from professionals, your idea was good. He flirts with her. She smiles.

Raman says its mistake, someone changed the papers, do you think your Papa will make this plan. Ishita says believe us. Ruhi asks them to stop this drama, don’t I understand anything, Mrs. Bhalla and Amma were leaving from table, I understand this united family drama, stop it now. She goes. Everyone get sad. Raman says someone changed the papers, its someone from this house.

Raman talks to Anil on phone and says I don’t know who changed papers, that man does not want Ruhi and us to unite. Mrs. Bhalla says Niddhi does not want Ruhi to stay with us. Ishita asks her to go and rest. Mrs. Bhalla says I will talk to Ruhi, how can she think you and Raman will snatch her right. Ishita says Ruhi won’t listen to anyone, we have to get innocence proof. Raman says I don’t know what is that person in our house. He sees out of window and gets shocked seeing Ashok and Romi checking some papers. He tells Anil that he got to know who did this cheap thing.

Raman and Romi have a fight in the society compound. They argue. Ashok looks on and smiles thinking I don’t need to do anything, they both want to beat each other.

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