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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th August 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ishita waking up and getting worried seeing time. She says why did alarm not ring, I have to study all presentation, how would I prepare, what should I wear. Raman looks at her and calms her down. She says you know if my presentation gets spoiled, we will have big penalty. He asks you see any tension in me, its because I trust you, you trust me, you will manage well, you are the best. She thanks him and asks for his speech.

He says Ruhi helped, I think it will be fine. She says you say its for Pihu, you love Pihu, you tell this to them, speak from heart, it reaches other’s hearts, keep everything genuine, tell them you want to compete for Pihu, I m sure they will understand, can anyone make you lose when Pihu is with you. He says if victory is definite, give
me prize. She smiles and goes.

Ruhi sits tensed. Ruhi asks him not to worry, everything will be fine. Raman says you compete if they don’t allow me. Ruhi pacifies him. Teacher asks Raman to come and convince PTA members. Raman and Ruhi go. Singhal asks Ishita to let anyone else give presentation if she is not prepared. Ishita says I think you are more nervous, I hope you are ready. The PTA member tell about keeping competition to see about mother’s involvements, its to make children realize how a mother cook food at home, did you make food at home, no right, how can you compete. Ruhi asks Raman not to be quiet and read what he has written in paper. Raman recalls Ishita’s advice.

Ishita gives her presentation on energy drinks. She says a mother, a woman needs energy drinks more, woman is a homemaker, she manages children and family, she has to prove herself time to time, she has to fight with world, I think not just kids and sportsmen need this, multi tasking modern women need this, we are targeting women, we have to publicize this, we have to earn 50% extra profit, we made an unique strategy, we will promote this with kids’ energy drink, we will keep this for mother and child, we will make special ads, we will promote in schools and colleges, I m sure our product will be hit, I m sure Singhal will get 50% more profit. She recalls Raman’s words and smiles.

Raman says I respect mothers a lot, a mother is backbone of family, I m father but want to become mother for my daughter, I can’t cook like you all, but I have right to win her heart, I m trying to come close to her and doing her mum’s duties, I do mistakes, but I m learning, I made Pihu eat leafy vegs yesterday. This competition is to make mother and child relation strong, does father not have right to do duty, I request you to give this chance to me, please it will be big favor, Pihu won last year and has hope to win this year too.

Everyone clap for Ishita in board meeting, and PTA members clap for Raman. Adi and Aaliya hug Ishita. The lady permits Raman to participate in this competition. Raman thanks them.

Mrs. Bhalla does Raman’s aarti and says I know you would convince the ladies. She tells Pihu that Raman will participate in cooking competition. Pihu smiles. Mihika says come, we will make food ready, we will see presentation videos to make food look good. Ruhi says there should be double celebrations. Raman says I have work, we will keep party later, I can’t cancel my plan. He asks Ishita to come. Adi tells Ruhi that there is something fishy, Papa planned something else.

Shagun tells Niddhi that our plan flopped, Ashok said right, Ishita is a fighter, Raman got chance to participate. Niddhi says relax, I m sure Ishita can’t complete project. Shagun says nothing is impossible for Ishita and Raman, I m getting angry. Niddhi says I know that family well, they will do something to celebrate Ishita’s victory, why don’t you spoil their happiness.

Shagun says yes, but who will tell me whats happening there. Ishita asks Raman why did he refuse, why are you going out. Raman says I have a friend, I miss her too much, I m saying about you, tell me when is the last time we went on date, I miss our time, we will go out today, you can have a friend, make such excuse, we will meet each other outside, did you not lie and meet someone. She says no.

He asks don’t you feel like young college love. She says it looks exciting, how will we do this. He says do as I say. She says I don’t have clothes, what will I wear. He says no need to have any issue, and gifts her. He says I knew you will do well in conference and got gift to surprise you. She sees black saree and likes it. He asks her not to ruin his plan, be normal. She says I m normal. He asks her to not smile. She says if I lie, it comes on face. He asks her to go, I will come, don’t smile. She goes. He says I will need psychiatrist while managing her.

Raman asks Mrs. Bhalla about spices. Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to make dinner. Ishita says we will make Rajma. Raman coughs. Ishita says Neelu will make, I have dinner with a dentist friend. Everyone smile and ask who is that friend, we know all your friends. Raman signs Australian friend. Ishita says she does not stay here, she is from Australia, she is also dentist, I have to meet her, she sleeps early, so I will go early. They all laugh. Ishita goes.

Mr. Bhalla asks Raman can I come with you, where are you going to meet friends. Raman says he is Brahman friend, he does not drink, maybe he can take me to temple, I will get ready. Raman goes. They all laugh. Simmi says they want to go on date and hiding it, they are so cute. Mrs. Bhalla says their date should be romantic. Ruhi says we have to make sure that Pihu does not know where they went.

Shagun talks to Pihu and asks are you happy, Raman is participating in cooking competition. Pihu says yes, last year we won, Ruhi told me Raman gave good speech in PTA. Shagun asks where are you going to celebrate. Pihu says nowhere, Raman is going to meet his old friend, I will talk later, I m going to play alongwith a friend. She ends call. Shagun says where is Raman going. Niddhi says I can’t believe Bhallas are not celebrating, find out. Shagun says I m going to think of something.

Ishita asks Raman to come. They sit in the car. He says thank God, no one has seen us. Pihu says Papa….. They see Pihu in the backseat….

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