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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th April 2016 Written Update

Ruhaan says to raman that if u want to sign me for exclusive contract u should give more money and says to think abt it..Then Ruhaan thinks if raman signs exclusive contract, it will be sure that Raman and Ishita wont meet and i want this only..Raman talks about Pihu and doesn’t stop..his angle..he can fight with world. Smile comes on his face when he thinks about her. Ruhaan is hurt and says raman is worried for pihu only..

Then at hospital amma calls mihika and mihika puts phone in speaker mode so that Ishita hears voice of amma. amma asks abt marriage arrangements. Mihika says it is going good. They continue convo. Ishita cries. Amma asks whose crying. Mihika says she’s outside. she then cuts the call. Mihika says to Ishita not to cry and i just wanted to make u hear amma voice.

Then at iyer house amma wonders if it was Mihika who was crying. vandu and bala reach home. Amma tells them about that. Bala says she may have gotten emotional. And she tells to bala-vandu that they should go to mumbai to help mihika. vandu is angry and tells no need as she is marrying member from bhalla family..
Amma and bala convince her.

Adi calls mihika and ask to come and see the lehanga and Aliya picks call and tells she is a friend of mihika and tells to bring it to the hospital.

Adi comes to hospital and goes towards Ishita’s room. mihika sees it and tries to stop him but he goes inside and Ishita is not in room. Mihika is relieved and adi tells her to try lehanga. mihika is tensed that Ishita may come.
Mihika asks y u came here. adi says I am just helping you…and i called u and your friend told to come here. mihika thinks it must be aliya. She tells adi, lets go to restaurant and have tea and then i will try lehanga.

Mihir comes to raman and asks u are going to do exclusive contract with ruhaan than we have to pay double and says it is not in budget. raman says if this happens, we can get profit 10 times we pay to ruhaana. he says that second contract will be cancelled and money will payed back to mani company..

shravan with frnds is shown
His frnds asks shravan about his friend list and teases him. shravan says i have aliya bhat as my frnd. his frnds tease him. bala comes and asks why they are laughing. They say shravan is lying that he chats with Alia Bhat. Shravan runs away.

Mani tells Ishita to recover first then ask doctor for discharge…he calls her jhansi ki rani. Ishita remembers IshRa moments. He asks what happened? She tells him not to call her jhansi ki rani. Aliya comes in with bhel puri. Ishita gets excited. Aliya feeds her and then she feeds Aliya. Mani says in his mind..thank God Ishita and Raman didn’t meet despite being in same plane. He receives a call from Raman asking for the owner of Ishita beverages. Mani is shocked.

He gets up and calls Aliya to the side. He asks her to tell Raman that he’s not available. He asks her to go outside and talk. Ishita asks Mani what happened. He says nothing.

Aliya tells Raman that Raghav is busy. He can tell her if any important work. Raman says he will talk to him later. Aliya wonders why Mani became nervous..whether there is any issue in project.

Mani comes outside and asks what he said. She says he just wanted to talk to him, but why he didn’t talk? Mani says he didn’t want to talk about it in hospital. She says…was it anything important? He says no and tells her to go. He mummers to himself whether Raman knows about Ishita..that flowers. Aliya hears and asks him to tell her what’s the problem. He says nothing and tells her to take care of Ishita. Aliya is sure Mani is hiding something. Who sent flowers and what’s in flowers?

Precap: Mihika checks her lehenga with Ishita. Someone knocks the door. Mihika thinks it’s Aliya and says to come in. It’s Adi. He sees Ishita. Ishita is smiling, but he’s shocked!

Written Update by Jayashree

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