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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

The Episode starts with Shagun getting shocked knowing something on the call. The teacher tells Shagun that Adi is wounded, Ruhi is crying seeing him, come soon, I even tried calling Raman. Shagun tells Simmi the same and they rush. Shagun and Simmi get Adi and Ruhi home. Mrs. Bhalla cries and Simmi consoles her. Simmi asks her not to blame herself. Amma asks Adi is he fine. Shagun goes to Raman’s room and sees him sleeping. She puts water on him and wakes him up. He gets up and asks whats wrong with you. She tells him that Adi is hurt, you are sleeping here. He says I had headache. Shagun says stop lying. Niddhi comes and says he is saying true, whats big issue if Adi got hurt in school.

Shagun says you are saying its not big thing, why am I talking to you. She asks Raman what is he doing with some woman here, kids need him. Simmi and everyone come there. Simmi blames Niddhi. Raman says enough, I brought Niddhi here, don’t care for kids, my kids will get a mother, as I m going to marry Niddhi. Ruhi, Adi and all elders get shocked. Amma cries.

Simmi asks what are you saying, how can you do this. Raman says why not, I will do this for me, Niddhi and I are perfect for each other. Shagun slaps Raman. Raman gets angry. Shagun asks Raman to just shut up, you are doing this for me, kids don’t like this woman. Raman says Adi did not like Ishita, he is my son and now things changed. Shagun says that was Ishita, whom you loved, whom you used to visit in jail, we don’t know she is dead or alive, you are talking about marriage. He says you all are fools, I m saying I saw her jumping down the cliff, I need people too, I want to live for myself, Niddhi is my support.

Shagun says fine, I will take my kids and leave. Raman reminds her Manoj, will he accept three children, my kids and my and Ishita’s baby, do you have courage, I m fed up fulfilling other’s wishes, I will get this happiness, Niddhi and I are marrying, this is my last decision, I don’t care who comes and who does not. He asks them to leave as this is his room. Ruhi and Adi cry. They all leave. Raman apologizes to Niddhi saying they all are mad. Simmi cries and says how can Raman do this, he forgot Ishita so soon and going to marry Niddhi. Amma says I think we should not talk to Raman now. Simmi says mum is unwell, don’t know what will Raman do. Amma says Raman is going through big trauma, we have to keep patience and manage kids now. Simmi hugs Amma.

Niddhi asks Raman are you fine. He says yes, I m sorry. She says relax, and asks about Shagun. He says you don’t know about her, there is one way to make them quiet, I think we should get married soon. She smiles and hugs him.

Shagun fumes and tells Manoj that Raman is marrying Niddhi, he is so selfish, I told him I will not leave my kids with him. Manoj looks at her. She asks what happened. He asks what do you mean. She says I will keep my kids with me. He says what are you saying, I convinced my parents by difficulty, what will I answer them, this to be born baby will be with Raman too, right? Nurse says sonography room is ready. He says we will come. Shagun worries.

Ruhi misses Ishita and hugs her pic. She says no one can take Ishita’s place, you changed my life, I got my Papa because of you, I remember what you used to tell me while teaching tables. FB shows that moment, where Ishita promised she will never leave Ruhi. Ruhi asks Ishita to come back soon. She calls someone.

Manoj asks Shagun not to take stress and does her sonography. She says I m stressed. She thinks how can she leave kids in pain. He says I told you its not possible. She says we have to think about our relation, if my kids make any difference in our relation. She goes.

Romi tells Adi to keep calling them and stay in touch. He ends call and tells Simmi that Adi understood, I told him Raman is in meeting. He asks Ruhi what is she doing in kitchen. She says someone is coming, Ishita used to make snacks and tea ready if guests are coming. Pathak comes there and says I have come to meet Ruhi, I know Raman is not at home. Ruhi asks Pathak did he get papers as she told him. He says yes, but are you sure. Ruhi says I m not happy that Raman is marrying Niddhi, I took a decision. Simmi asks what. Pathak says I was surprised when Ruhi told me, I made papers as Ruhi said, I came to know what Ruhi wants to do. Ruhi says I m giving these papers to Raman, that Raman has forgot Ishita and will forget us too, I don’t like Niddhi, she can never become my mum, Raman will decide what he has to do now.

Simmi asks Pathak to go. Ruhi says no, I understand everything and asks Pathak for papers. She signs on the papers. She says you are my lawyer, give these papers to Raman’s office tomorrow morning, I will go to do homework now, else Ishi Maa would feel good. She goes to her room. Romi and Simmi worry.

Simmi and Romi check the papers and cry. Pathak asks what shall I do, how to hurt Ruhi’s heart, you can help me now, take these papers to Raman please.

Neelu asks Niddhi to make tea for herself. Niddhi raises hand on her and Romi stops her, saying Neelu is part of this house, not you. Niddhi calls Raman and tells Raman that Romi insulted her.

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