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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th October 2015 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

Amma trying to solve Ishita’s problem. She holds small sindoor box in her hand. Raman gets doctor at home and asks her to come to see Ishita in room, they have tied her. The doctor asks what, is she fine. Sarika says she is not okay, I have made her video and shows her. Raman says Ishita got violent, and takes the doctor there. The doctor sees Ishita tied and asks why did they tie her. Raman cries seeing Ishita. Ishita says she tries to call Raman at night, what did she do. She apologizes to Mrs. Bhalla.

The doctor asks them to free Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla and Romi free Ishita. Ishita cries and asks did I get mad? What did I do? The doctor says you are fine, don’t take tension, calm down, and asks them to get water. Sarika gets water. The doctor makes Ishita drink water. She asks does she remember what happened yesterday. Ishita asks what did I do. The doctor reminds they came to clinic, and then what happened at home. Ishita says Ruhi wanted me to come in puja, I thought to wear clothes which Raman gifted me, and sees the saree she is wearing. She sees it burnt and torn, and says I don’t know what happened, I got this from cupboard.

The doctor says fine, it happens, you just take rest. Raman takes Ishita and goes with doctor. Bala sees them and asks Romi. Romi and Bala also go with them for hospital. Vandu tells Amma that Ishu is taken for tests. Amma says fine and sits to do puja. She says no use to do tests. Vandu asks her is she thinking about soul nonsense, Ishu will be fine. Amma prays for Ishita. Vandu asks her to manage her kids till Bala comes, as she has to go to college. Amma says I have some work, I will be back, then you go. Vandu says fine. Amma sees the red sindoor.

Sarika brings Ruhi and Adi home. She tells Mrs. Bhalla that Adi was fighting with kids, Ruhi was stopping him, I got them home. Mrs. Bhalla asks Adi not to do this. Adi says I can’t hear anyone calling Ishi Maa mad. Ruhi says I also don’t like anyone saying bad about Ishi Maa and cries. Mrs. Bhalla hugs Ruhi. She says whatever people say, we should not leave our goodness, Raman has taken Ishita to doctor. Amma says no doctor can make Ishita fine, pandit ji gave this sindoor, this will cure Ishita.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to take kids to room. She asks Sarika to see Rohit. She sees Amma and asks her to come inside. Amma says she has come to see Ishita. She asks Mrs. Bhalla to give her bp machine and sends her. She goes to Ishita’s room and says pandit said if sindoor turns black till morning, it means spirit has possessed Ishita. She keeps sindoor box there and says she will know everything till morning. Vandu is in her class and talks to students. She wonders whats happening in hospital. She checks the id cards and catches a guy with wrong id. She asks is he giving exam for someone else, she will call police. He says no, I will tell the truth. He says Suraj gave me money to make me write exam, I did this for money, I need money. She asks him to call Suraj right now, and not tell him that you got caught. She thinks she is already worried for Ishu, and now this new drama.

The doctor checks the reports and says you have mild depression, don’t worry, its not mental illness, you are not mad. She says she is in shock of Shagun’s death, she believes she is responsible for this. She says she behaves like Shagun when it gets over on her, I will write medicines for her. She sends Ishita and asks Raman to take care of Ishita, she should get back in work, make her stay busy, don’t talk to her about Shagun, please don’t tie her to bed, she is victim, she will not hurt you and your family, don’t tell her what happened at home. He says don’t worry, I will take care, thanks.

Vandu argues with Suraj. Suraj suggests Indeed, I have sent this man to write down Examination, I wanted pg degree for my small business. Vandu asks him to review and generate Test. The senior asks Suraj to give exam himself and go. Suraj refuses. The senior asks Vandu to show Suraj, and asks Suraj to return college or university on a regular basis and give Test. Suraj agrees. Vandu thinks she will be able to’t even refuse now, how can she train this cheap man.

Raman brings Ishita house. Ruhi hugs Simmi and cries. Ishita cries observing Ruhi terrified and asks her to return. Simmi asks Ruhi to come, her Ishi Maa is calling her.

Amma cries looking at the sindoor black. Ishita holds her from behind. Amma screams. Ishita appears to be at black sindoor fallen on the bottom.

Written Update By Amir K


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