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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ruhi coming home, thinking what happened today, Papa got arrested. She hears Pihu crying and goes to see. Neelu tells Ruhi that Pihu got unwell and I gave these medicines. Ruhi checks and says these medicines are expired. Neelu says what shall I do now, there is no one at home. Ruhi lifts Pihu and says I will take her, you inform everyone. She goes out and tries getting an auto. He asks for lift. The driver says I can’t take you, if anything happens to the girl on the way, I will be stuck. Ruhi asks him to show some humanity. He agrees and takes them. Ruhi asks Pihu to wake up, and checks her. She says she has high fever and worries. She recalls the incident.

Adi tells inspector that I can’t see anyone hurting my mum, Ishi Maa left us 7 years ago because of Raman’s anger, I could not do anything that time, but now I can’t let her go again, I can’t let Raman torture her. Raman tells inspector that I m not related to this woman, she is dead for me, I don’t care for her, if I m wrong, take me or send him, Adi is arguing for an outside. He asks Adi to just shut up. Inspector takes Raman. Ishita thinks whats happening.

Ruhi reaches hospital and worries for Pihu. Niddhi catches Ruhi and takes her to the ward. She asks what are you doing here. Ruhi says Neelu gave expired medicine to Pihu, she got unwell. Niddhi asks did you get emotional seeing your sister. Ruhi says we have enmity with Raman and Ishita, she is little girl, let me go. Niddhi says we have good chance to ruin them, let their daughter die. Ruhi gets angry and pushes Niddhi against the wall. She says just shut up, do you think I will let a little girl die, I won’t let anything happen to Pihu, you won’t stop me, I m doing this because someone saved my life like this once. She recalls Ishita saving her and says Ishita saved me, I will save her daughter, I earned a lot of money for you, I will pay for Pihu’s treatment, be quiet, else I will bring your truth out, I will tell everyone I m not Ruhaan, I m Ruhi, you just tortured me since 7 years. Niddhi says no, relax, I will do payment and come. Niddhi goes.

Simmi is worried for Pihu. Neelu tells her that Ruhi has taken Pihu. Simmi says that young girl, what did you do. She calls Raman and he does not answer. People comment on Bhalla’s upbringing, as son is filing complaint against father. Ishita asks Adi why is he doing this, people are pointing finger on his family values and upbringing. Adi says Raman is behaving very badly. She says its between him and me, I know children get affected, but no need to get matters out of home, you will make things fine and prove your upbringing is not bad, take complaint back and apologize to Raman. Raman comes and says no need, you can act and take family on your side, if you think about Pihu’s custody, I will not leave you. He asks inspector to tell Ishita not to provoke him. Inspector says we just spoke, don’t get house matters to police station, some paper work is pending, then you all can go home.

Ashok comes to meet Romi and says it’s a day to celebrate. Romi asks why, did you become minister. Ashok says that will happen soon, but I have a good news, Raman will not participate in business meetings now, Pihu is in hospital, she is very serious, its beneficial for us, if she gets more serious, Raman will get depressed and we won’t have any competition. Romi asks what happened to Pihu, how do you know. Ashok says my GF told me, I was thinking if Pihu dies…. Romi shouts Ashok, just leave. Ashok asks what happened, why are you concerned for Raman’s daughter. Romi says just get lost now…. Mihika hears them and worries for Pihu.

Ruhi stays with Pihu. Doctor says don’t worry, she is out of danger now, you got her here on time, so her life got saved, relax now. Nurse says I have to fill form, what is your relation with this girl. Ruhi says nothing, I m her neighbor, I saw her in this state and got her here, I will inform her dad. Nurse says do that soon, we thought you are her sister, call her dad from reception. Ruhi gets senti.

Pihu gets conscious. Ruhi says I m here, nothing will happen to you, I will inform your dad. Pihu calls her Ruhi Didi. Ruhi stops and gets teary eyed. Dil se dil ka rishta jo hai….plays……. Pihu asks Ruhi not to go, I feel scared here. Ruhi goes to her and kisses her forehead, saying you called me Ruhi Didi, I will never leave you, how can I leave you, you are my younger sister, I m your elder sister. Tere dil ka mere dil se……plays………. She says I love you so much and cries. Ruhi goes out and says I have to inform Papa.

Ruhi calls Raman. Ishita says his phone is ringing since long. Inspector asks Raman and Adi to atleast think of elders, Mr. Bhalla is coming to police station in this age. Ishita answers the call. Ruhi says I m Ruhi, I stay in Raman’s building, I called to inform that his daughter Pihu is admitted in city hospital, she is unwell. Ishita gets shocked and informs everything to Raman. She gives his phone. Raman then gets Simmi’s call. Raman says I m just reaching there.

Raman acts rude and talks bitterly with Ishita. He says this woman is troubling everyone, Shagun is Pihu’s real mother, I m her Papa, don’t know who is that lady. Ishita cries.

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