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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Romi saying I will be leaving soon. He asks Simmi to give phone charger and goes. Ishita assures Mrs. Bhalla that they will stop Romi too, as they are stopping Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to promise she won’t go back to Australia, and stay with them. Ishita says we don’t know about future, we will make present good, don’t get sad. She hugs Mrs. Bhalla.

Its morning, Raman rushes to get ready and finds Ishita is in bathroom. She asks him to wait for 10mins, I m doing hair wash. He says whats the need, you have wig, why to waste water and shampoo. Mrs. Bhalla says water is not coming in my bathroom too, go to guest bathroom. Raman and Romi argue that they would go first. Ruhi comes there. Romi and Raman see her and turn sweet. They ask each other to go first. Ruhi says you both decide and goes first. Raman and Romi argue again. Mrs. Bhalla says we can celebrate Romi and Ruhi’s coming home. Shagun tells everyone that Pihu to schoo, teacher and I convinced her. She gives an idea of going to five star resort and planning dinner, I m sure Ruhi will like it, what happened, isn’t the idea good.

Ishita says its good, but Ruhi stayed in Australia, five star will be normal for her, she may get fun if we all make cook for her, we should make her fav dishes, we can bond well with her. They all agree with Ishita and make list. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma argue over veg and non veg food. Amma says we can’t sit on same table where non veg is served. Ishita reminds them what they told the judge. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma agree as per said terms. Amma says I have to make palak paneer ready and goes. Mrs. Bhalla says I will cook such food without chicken, that Amma will know.

Amma makes paisam and says I should make such palak paneer that Mrs. Bhalla will forget shicken, I will win in the competition. She adds much haldi/spice. Mrs. Bhalla is also doing the same by adding much salt to shock Amma. She asks Neelu to get all the items. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla plan to outdo each other.

Ishita makes a card for inviting Ruhi for dinner party. She keeps the roses. Simmi comes and smiles. Ishita says I wanted to formally invite Ruhi, I got her fav flowers too. Shagun looks on. Simmi asks how do you get such ideas, no one could do such. Shagun goes out and acts to talk to Pihu with love. Simmi and Ishita see her and go. Shagun looks for some reaction. Adi asks Shagun why do you do this. Shagun says no, it was Pihu on call, you think I m acting. He says I agreed, come, we will go for coffee.

Anil meets Shagun. She says Raman is upstairs, you can talk to him. he says I know, I wanted to talk to you since many days, my cousin is good and close to me, can I ask about her and Mihir’s alliance. She says its good. He says I liked Mihir as we met many times for this case, he is sincere and a nice guy. She asks him to talk to Raman, as Mihir is very close to Raman. He agrees. Adi and Shagun leave.

Ruhi reads card and says so they planned dinner for me, I will keep bouquet on table, they will understand I m going to come. She hears Raman saying about property papers, just Ruhi’s signatures are pending. She recalls Ishita’s words and goes. Ishita asks will Ruhi sign, any issue can get created. He says I will explain her the truth at dinner time, I m sure she will understand, I will get papers checked again by Anil, you send tea. Ruhi says it means everyone is after us so that Ruhi do not ask for share in property, all this dinner, flowers drama, this is pathetic. She goes to dump the flowers. A little boy asks her not to throw flowers, he will give it to his mum. She asks where do you stay. He says here and there, wherever I find place.

She asks what will you say him. He says give it to me, I will be scared to go late. She asks where. He says graveyard, I will talk to her at her grave. She gives the bouquet and says my aunty gave this to me. He asks why are you throwing it, my mum used to say never throw things if anyone gives by love. She says everyone is not like your mum. He says atleast you have someone, I have none, it would be good if I had someone to give me flowers. He goes. She cries recalling Ishita’s words and says people change with time, like Ishi Maa changed, she was mine till Pihu did not come, after Pihu came, she changed. I hate her, I wish if she did not do that, this would have not happened, why did she do that. She cries.

Adi praises Shagun and says you always care and support me and Pihu, no need to show importance, it makes you fake and insecure, you and Ishi Maa have own place, don’t compete with her, you are the best and will always be. She says my son is talking so good. Adi’s friend meets him and asks where were you since many days, are you making new friends. He greets Shagun and asks from which college are you. Adi says she is my mom. His friend says sorry aunty, you maintained so well. Adi sends him and apologizes to Shagun. Shagun says why, he made my day, he complimented me. Adi also compliments her. She asks him to have coffee. Adi gets Aaliya’s message and thanks her. Adi’s friend asks Aaliya to remember her promise. She says don’t worry, I will. She messages Adi that his friend bored her. He replies sorry, thanks again. She messages no sorry, no thanks. Shagun asks who is it you are chatting to, your GF. He says no, Ishi Maa was also asking, when there is someone, I will tell you.

Raman asks Anil did Shagun say this. Anil says yes, she said you are close to Mihir, what do you think. Raman says that’s great news, he is like my brother, he is hardworking, honest and innocent, I also don’t like him to stay alone. Mihika and Romi hear Raman. Raman says his fate is bad, who promised to love and support him, left him, trust me Mihir is alone and those people who left him are happy, they are settled and Mihir is alone, I will be glad if he gets settles. Anil asks him to tell Mihir, Mihir and my cousin can meet and know. Raman agrees. Romi says Raman will never change.

Mani tells Mihir that you do all the work and Raman gets credit, this won’t happen in my company, and offers a good deal. Ashok tells Niddhi that Ruhi’s heart will explode and burn Bhalla family.

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