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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th August 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ishita challenging Singhal. Raman claps and says yes Mr Singhal, Ishita will complete this contract well, I did not talk to you as I wanted Ishita to get confidence, she can manage my home and children, contract is little thing. Mrs. Bhalla says its shameful you think women are weak, world’s power can’t stop determined women, Ishita has done a lot, many problems came on our family, she saved us, woman manages family as backbone manages body, she is not alone, we are with her. Mihika says your thinking is outdated. Simmi says we challenge you.

Singhal says enough, prove me wrong and show by completing this project, I have a condition, if project does not get completed, you will return my complete investment with 15% interest and 25% penalty, tell me do you agree. Raman says no, we will return investment with 30% interest and 50% penalty, I m with Ishita. Ishuta accepts Singhal’s challenge. Mrs. Bhalla asks Singhal did he get scared. Singhal says no, I will send papers. He leaves. Raman tells Ishita that she did great, and he is proud of her. Everyone get proud of Ishita. Ishita hugs them.

Singhal asks Ashok what does Bhallas think of themselves, Ishita challenged me. Niddhi says challenging is different and completing challenge is different. Ashok says I know Ishita, she is Jhansi ki rani, she is a fighter. Niddhi asks them to make challenge tougher then. Mihir gets a message and says how can Singhal do this, I have to inform Ishita.

Ishita thanks Raman and says I m trying to understand Singhal, when he said he can’t trust me as I m woman, I lost it. Raman says its good Singhal got quiet. She gets Mihir’s call. She says Singhal is not taking support back. Mihir says there is a problem, did you check mail, is Raman there, put phone on speaker. He tells Mihir that he wants detailed presentation tomorrow to show whats unique in this project, how will you get 50% extra profit. Ishita asks how can he do this, how can we prepare reports, Singhal is taking revenge. Raman says calm down, its not difficult, Ishita runs home and has idea to manage every crisis, think of this project as family, you will prepare good report. She says you are with me. He says I m not with you, you have Mihir, Adi and Aaliya, I have to convince everyone to get chance in cooking competition, I m father, not mother, so I m preparing speech, I know you will do it. He leaves. Ishita tells Mihir that Raman left. Mihir says I m coming, ask Adi to keep docs ready, we will work all night. She asks him to come fast and starts work.

Raman says I can’t write a speech and I left Ishita alone, don’t know what will happen. Mrs. Bhalla asks him not to worry, Ishita will manage, sometimes we have to do this to make our loved ones independent, I know its tough to leave Ishita alone, I remember when I left you alone for school’s first day, you hugged me and cried, I explained you, I was thinking how to leave you alone, thinking of your studies I left you alone, when I came back to take you, I saw you smiling and jumping, Ishita will also make her way, if she falls, you are there to help her. Ruhi hears them and smiles. Raman says I understood, how to prepare speech to convince PTA members. Ruhi says I m here, they will be convinced. She says we will do some changes in your speech. Raman says Ruhi has grown up. Mrs. Bhalla says I will make food, you both prepare, thanks Ruhi.

Shagun makes Pihu’s fav food and misses her. She thinks to call Pihu. Aaliya asks what did you make. Shagun says pasta and gives her. She calls Pihu. Pihu says I m missing you. Shagun says even I m missing you. Pihu says I know, I m getting hiccups. Shagun says I love you, I made your fav pasta. Pihu says don’t worry, I will come to you soon, no one can make us away. Shagun says yes. Mani likes pasta and asks Aaliya about Shagun. Aaliya says she is on call, I m enjoying work, Mihir guides everyone so well, he praised me and Adi infront of clients. Shagun comes and says yes, Mihir is a great businessman and a great person, he appreciated you, you should appreciate him, get a small gift for him. Aaliya agrees and says I should gift something to Mihir.

Adi shows the files. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to have food first. Ishita says Adi, we will start after Mihir comes. Pihu comes and sits sad thinking of Pihu. Simmi serves her dish. Pihu says I won’t eat this, ask Neelu to make pasta. Simmi says Neelu did not come. Mrs. Bhalla says I will make paratha for you. Raman says no, Pihu is good girl and won’t waste food, have this. Pihu says no. Raman asks everyone not to make anything, food should get wasted. He explains Pihu about the serial lines, he heard Parvati saying her son that food should not get wasted. Pihu asks for pasta, and says if mumma was here, she would have made pasta for me, no one loves me. Raman gets angry and says I understand, don’t be adamant, fine you can sleep without having food. She starts leaving. Raman asks her to finish the food. Ishita sees Pihu.

Raman does not let Mrs. Bhalla cook. Mihir comes. Ishita and Adi go with him. Everyone leave from the table. Raman goes to Ruhi. Pihu does not eat the dish. Raman asks Ruhi to wait and see. Pihu takes roti and eats food. Raman smiles. Ruhi says Papa you are too good, you proved you are best mum. Raman says when Ishita cracks presentation, then it will be real victory.

Mihir tells Ishita that 50% growth is impossible. Ishita says I know, but we have to show this, we have to find some way. Mihir says my plan can show 40% growth, check this. Adi gets Aaliya’s call. She says I want help, what should girls gift guys, my friend is very sweet, I thought to gift him. Adi smiles and suggests things, gift is not big and small, feelings matter. Ishita hears Adi and thinks Aaliya wants to gift Adi, Adi knows what Aaliya thinks, I did not think of this, Adi and Aaliya, wow….

Aaliya thanks Adi. Adi ends call and smiles. Adi joins back Mihir and Ishita. Raman gets coffee for them and sees presentation papers. Ishita asks whats this. Raman says why, don’t you make coffee for me when I work late night. She asks is this presentation right. He drops the cup and says sorry for the loss, I will make coffee again. He goes and hears them. Mihir says I felt Raman dropped coffee intentionally. Ishita says yes, it was seen on his face, maybe he did not feel its upto the mark, we should start from scratch. Raman smiles and says great, you understood my sign.

Ishita asks Raman to tell about love for Pihu, how much you love Pihu, they will be convinced by true talk, when Pihu is with you, can anyone make you lose.

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