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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raman talking on phone. Adi comes with Mihir. Mihir says we all were worried, thank God you are safe. Raman asks them to book tickets and go back. Adi says I will stay with you. Raman asks whats wrong with you all. Adi says we all love you. Raman says I don’t need anyone’s love, you have to go back. Adi argues and says I have turned 21, I will do what I want, stay relaxed, don’t get angry on everyone. Raman asks him to talk with manners. Adi says you would have not asked if Ishi Maa was here. Raman asks how dare you take her name. Adi asks Raman do you talk with manners, you don’t have to do anything with anyone, you have become stone after Ishi Maa left. Raman slaps him and scolds him. Adi says you are afraid of human emotions and leaves.

Mihir asks Raman what are you doing, Adi has grown up now. Raman says stones don’t have emotions, leave. Mihir leaves. Ishita asks Mihika to understand why she does not want to meet anyone. She asks her not to tell anyone that she is alive. Mihika invites her in her marriage. Ishita gets glad. Mihika asks Mani and Aaliya to come too. Ishita says sorry, we can’t come. Mihika says I m not marrying Mihir, someone else, I will tell later, I m very happy. Ishita says fine, then I m happy too, how is Amma and Appa. Mihika thinks its not right time to tell her how Raman changed…. She says everything is fine. Ishita says we have to leave for Australia soon.

Mani says yes, get fine soon. Ishita says I was unconscious when I was brought here, somebody lifted me and got me here, I want to thank that person. Mani says I will try to find. Nurse comes and asks Ishita how is she feeling, and says other surname. Mihika says I told her. Ishita asks who got me here. Nurse says he was in plane with you, we have his number, I don’t know name, I will ask him to meet you. Mani asks Mihika to go home, I will be with Ishita. Mihika says no, I will stay here, you go and rest. Mani says I also want to… Ishita says I have to share much talk with Mihika, you go. Mani says call me if required.

Nurse calls Raman and says you saved the patient from hijack, she wants to thank you. Raman says I don’t have time and ends call. He recalls Adi’s words. Adi asks secretary for Miss. Indrani.

Mihika feeds Ishita. Ishita smiles. Aaliya takes their pics. Raman comes there to meet Ishita/Indrani. The nurse tells Ishita that man who got you here is coming to meet you. Ishita says I had to thank you. Mani takes care of Ishita. Raman gets a call from Nupur. She says we reached hotel, can you come to meet, we have to discuss about shoot, we have to go back to Australia. He says fine, I will come. Nurse says I told Indrani that you are coming. He says I have to go for imp meeting, can you give these flowers to her.

Ishita smiles seeing the flowers. Nurse says he had work and said sorry. Ishita says did he know I like white lilies. Mihika says white lilies are safe, that’s why he has sent this. Mani recalls Shagun’s words and thinks to go and see outside. He says I will just see, and goes. He says maybe he is not Raman…. Why am I thinking so much. Mihika asks him why is he worried. He says I had to see whether the man who saved Ishu was Raman.

She asks what. He says yes, Raman was in same flight with Ishu, I tried to inform Ishu, she boarded till then, seeing white flowers I felt he was Raman. She says I knew Raman was in flight, I came to see him here and met Akka, I don’t think it was Raman, else he would have not gone leaving her here. He says yes, they are in Mumbai, don’t know how will she react seeing Raman. He gets Nupur’s call. Mihika thinks what to do, how to hide that Akka is alive, they miss Ishita, but Ishita does not want to meet them, Raman changed so much, I don’t want to take rash decision, I promised Akka and should listen to her.

Ruhaan worries for Raman and Ishita. Ruhaan gets annoyed and says I m nothing for them, why am I worried for them. Nupur asks him to get ready, Raman is coming to discuss shoot. Ruhaan gets glad and asks did you talk to him. She says yes, did you had to talk. Ruhaan says his flight was hijacked, so I was worried, I m glad, what about Abhimanyu. Nupur says his relative was in flight, she got shot and he can’t come now for meeting. Ruhaan cries for Ishita and recalls her. Teri bechaini ka………….plays……………. door bell rings. Nupur says I guess Mr. Bhalla is here. Ruhaan cries and says I m not Ruhi, I m Ruhaan and I don’t care.

Adi talks to Mihika and asks her to final the choice, she has to come to choose his selection. She says I m busy, I can’t come, and asks him to choose lahenga design himself. Raman meets Ruhaan and tells about Adi, he has grown up, he does not get along well with me. Ruhaan says that’s since childhood. Raman asks how do you know.

Raman and Ruhaan discuss about the shoot. He asks Ruhaan to first do the shoot for his company.

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