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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla getting shocked seeing Raman with Niddhi. She goes and confronts him, saying Ishita is not yet found and they all are mourning, and he is here drinking with Niddhi. She reminds that Ishita is dead. Raman says stop it, don’t say about Ishita, did she care for me and kids, I told her not to interfere in other’s matter and become Jagat mata, why did she go, she was getting hanged, she liked helping others, who will help now, she would be lying in some cliff, did Pallavi come to help her, I became joke for society, you should be happy for me that Niddhi helped me, she saved my company.

She says its not Ishita’s mistake, no woman can take Ishita’s place, I know what Ishita meant for you, if this woman helped you, but she should not be here in your room at this time. He stops her and says I respect you, so I m stopping you, this is my room, and its my personal matter. She cries and asks him to come to senses. Niddhi looks on. Raman asks Mrs. Bhalla to go now and shuts the door. She cries and says what happened to Raman, why is he saying this about Ishita. He gets angry and says Ishita is making me mad. Niddhi says its okay, they need time to forget her, I have an idea, why don’t I take Ishita’s place. He likes the idea. She asks what Ishita did, taking care of kids, its all simple, I will manage. He flirts with her and they drink.

Mrs. Bhalla comes to her room and cries. She says I m sorry Ishita, Raman made me ashamed today by getting Niddhi here. Mr. Bhalla wakes up and consoles her. She cries for Ishita. He makes her sleep and thinks Mrs. Bhalla is not able to forget Ishita, she was so good and used to take care of elders and kids, how will you manage alone now.

Its morning, Niddhi gets angry on Neelu for taking Ishita’s name and instructs Neelu to make breakfast for kids and her. She asks Ruhi and Adi to come, breakfast is ready. Ruhi says why is that aunty wearing Ishita’s apron, I don’t like her. Adi says Ishita taught us to respect elders, we can have breakfast, just for our Ishi Maa. Niddhi serves them sandwich. Simmi gets angry seeing Niddhi. Mr. Bhalla says wait, we have to find why Raman got her here. Niddhi serves breakfast to them as well. Romi asks Neelu whats this. Niddhi says I made Neelu make this, its healthy for body and mind. Amma gets idli for Ruhi. Niddhi says we should not love kids so much, they have grown up, they know everything. Mr. Bhalla says even elders don’t know what to do and what to not, I will talk to Raman. Niddhi says he is sleeping, he had work at night. Romi and Simmi eat idli as well. Niddhi gets angry and leaves.

Romi asks Mr. Bhalla about this new drama. Mr. Bhalla says I don’t know, we have to talk to Raman tomorrow. Raman wakes up and Niddhi asks did you get old, so much hangover. He says I have much headache. She asks him to rest, I will be at home and work, I told Romi to report me everything, you also stay at home today. She gives him mild sleeping pill and asks him to take rest. He says wake me up if you need my help. He goes to sleep. She smiles seeing him.

Simmi asks Neelu about kids tiffin. Neelu says I did not make anything, Niddhi stopped me. Niddhi looks on. Simmi says who is Niddhi to tell you, I will see. Niddhi asks Neelu to give her kids tiffin. Neelu says but its empty. Niddhi says give it any way. She keeps money in tiffin. Neelu says Ishita never did this. Niddhi asks her not to take Ishita’s name, kids can have food by canteen. Adi and Ruhi come with school bags. Adi asks for tiffin. Niddhi gives their tiffins and asks them to leave soon. Simmi looks on. Ruhi recalls Ishita. FB shows Ishita caring for kids and teaching them sentence making by some work. Simmi asks kids to come.

Simmi consoles Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says what will happen of Raman and kids, what about Ishita’s unborn baby, Ishita died before that baby came in the world. Vandu looks on sadly. She recalls Suyyash’s words and leaves. She comes to her room and drinks wine. Bala stops Vandu and asks did you go mad. She says I m sorry, I can’t help it, I will go mad, let me drink. He says no, I won’t let you drink, you are strong woman, you can’t break my promise, we will go to some doctor. She refuses to meet any doctor. He says I want to help you, but I don’t know how to help you, we all love you and need you, we can’t lose you, come with me, everything will be fine. She hugs him and cries.

Simmi asks Mrs. Bhalla to stop crying, and sends Neelu to get Mrs. Bhalla’s medicines. Romi asks Mrs. Bhalla is everything fine. Mrs. Bhalla says I m worried for kids, who will manage them. Sarika says Niddhi will manage everything, Niddhi is Raman’s friend and lawyer, she was acting as if she has special place in this house, she is managing Raman’s office too, she will replace Ishita soon. Romi scolds Sarika. Sarika says I m saying what I m seeing, you think as well. She smiles and leaves. Romi says Simmi, we have to do something. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to do anything fast, before this affects kids.

Adi and Ruhi talk in canteen, that their classmates are saying bad about Ishita. Adi asks Ruhi to have food. She opens the tiffin and gets money. Adi too checks and gets money. She asks what did Niddhi aunty give us. She says I will not eat anything. Few boys come and take money. Adi asks the boy to give back tiffin. They get into a fight. Adi gets hurt. Ruhi shouts Adi and cries. She calls out teacher.

Niddhi checks kids school teacher calling Raman and switches off the phone. She sits working. Simmi tells everything to Shagun. Shagun says so Niddhi is the root of all this, Romi said Niddhi is interfering in office too, now she is staying at home, why is Raman tolerating this, whats going on. Shagun gets a call and gets shocked.

Shagun scolds Raman. Simmi blames Niddhi. Raman shouts on all of them, and says Niddhi will stay with me. He says my kids will get a mother, as I m going to marry Niddhi.

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