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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th October 2015 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

Adi and Ruhi asking Simmi about Ishita. Simmi is unable to answer them. Raman comes and promises the kids that Ishita will be fine, they have to promise they won’t disturb Ishita. Ruhi asks Raman to open this Mata Rani’s protection thread, as she will tie this to Ishita. Raman and Simmi hug the kids. Raman looks at the thread. He takes food in a plate. Sarika comes and says I think you should not go close, as she is not in control. Raman says she is my wife, she is not mad or murderer. She says sorry, I mean she can harm you. Raman says she can’t harm me, she is my wife. Romi scolds Sarika and asks her to leave. He apologizes to Raman from Sarika’s side.

Raman takes food for Ishita. He sees her sleeping and goes towards her. She wakes up and says Raman. She cries and asks whats happening with me. He sits by her side and tries feeding food. She throws the plate and holds his hand. She says I don’t want food, I want you, forget Ishita Bhalla, you are just mine, you are Shagun’s. He frees his hand and starts going. She says you are just mine. He stops as she starts crying, asking him not to go, she will kill me. He walks to her and she says this is big drama queen, your Ishita, I will not leave her, I m your first love, come back to me. He stops and leaves from the room crying. She screams.

Everyone hear her and come in living room. Mrs. Bhalla asks what will happen now. Sarika says I told Raman not to go to Ishita. Raman comes there. Mrs. Bhalla says we have just one way to save Ishita. Raman calls doctor and says she is not taking call. Sarika says we should take Ishita now. Raman says she is ill, she can do anything, please let me manage her. Mr. Bhalla says Raman will manage, Ishita is our daughter, we have to think well. Raman sits on the stairs and cries.

He recalls their happy moments. Yeh hai mohabbatein……….plays…………. He feels guilty and says its all because of me, I should have told Ishita about surrogacy, Shagun would have not died, and this would have not happened. Mr. Bhalla asks him not to blame himself. He says Ishita will be fine. Raman hugs him and says I don’t want to lose Ishita. Ruhi gets up and says Ishita might be sleeping, Raman has tied the thread to her hand, so she maybe fine.

She goes to Ishita’s room. Adi does not find Ruhi in room and looks for her. Ruhi comes to the room and sees Ishita tied by ropes. She cries. Ishita says I m missing you Ruhi, come to me. Adi tells Raman that Ruhi went somewhere. Raman rushes to the room. Ishita asks Ruhi to tell Papa to open the ropes, she is having ache. Ishita cries and says please open the ropes Ruhi. Ruhi says Ishi Maa, I will open your hands. Raman comes there and stops Ruhi. Ishita asks Ruhi to come to Shagun mumma and scolds Raman. Raman hugs Ruhi. Ishita shouts asking him to open the rope. Raman takes Ruhi with him.

Ruhi cries. Raman asks why did she go to Ishita. Ruhi asks why is Ishi Maa indicating she is Shagun mumma. Raman says she is sick, she can get fine shortly. Ruhi says Ishita is crying, her palms are tied, she requested me to open up her palms. Raman claims they tied Ishita for her protection. Ruhi suggests make her fine, I need my Ishi maa great. Adi asks will she get great, I m scared. Raman suggests she is going to be wonderful, I will slumber with you both of those right now and normally takes them to place.

The children sleep. Raman wakes up and goes out. He gets the health practitioner’s call. She asks did he contact him, she went for loved ones emergency and remaining cellphone at your house, she has seen his messages and skipped calls. He asks her to come and find out Ishita. She asks why, she was high-quality, I achieved her yesterday. He claims I will appear and decide you. She says fantastic, I will come. Amma hears this and claims Raman termed physician, but just pandit ji will make Ishita good.

The physician talks to Ishita and asks does she don’t forget what transpired yesterday. Ishita suggests she would not bear in mind just after she opened the cupboard.

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