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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th April 2016 Written Update

Episode starts with raman asking how is the lady doc says him to go to treatment.. and raman tells that i dont knew her but she was struck by bullet shot and treat her first..

Bala tries to get info abt raman. they say we dont get any news abt it. amma feels bad for raman and toshi and toshi would have been feeling very bad and tells toshi will get bp when she is in tension.

Raman asks the nurse abt identity of ishu and says it is not informed to her family nurse says the identity is nit know properly
Then he asks police and he says that in seat 11 c two ladies were siting so it ia not know who is she..
Raman is worried.

Amma asks neighbours to talk with toshi and make her feel better they call amma too but she denies..

Mihika at hospital she tells to romi that she came here for buying designer clothes.. then she feels sorry that she lied to romi
Then she goes to reception and asks abt raman and they say u will see raman near operation theater

Then near operation theater nurse comes and ask to raman to take treatment and raman asks he need to charge his phone and he goes to charging..

Mihika comes in search of raman and in the way she sees ishu and gets emotional and cries telling akka then nurse asks abt her ishu mihika thinks ishu must have reason bring hiding from us so she says fake name indarni and nurse says okay

Then nurse comes to raman and he asks abt patient and she says indarni and raman goes to meet her but toshi calls him. toshi talk emotionally but raman is little rude..
And tells not to worry
Toshi breaks down and simmi consoles her

Shravan is waiting for aliya msg and he thinks is aliya is angry in him
Vandu gives entry and shravan feels normal and vandu says i thought u must have doing project but u are chatting
Bala comes nd tries to calm vandu srithijha comes nad asks shravan to come with her ti see gifts vandu scolds srithijha that u should asks permission before disturbing elders bala tells shravan and srithijha to go and play
Vandu gets mad abt bala saying that infront to children bala tries to calm her down and tells to leave.

Mani is asking abt ishu in reception but they say no one is here in name of ishu mani scolds them aliya tries to console him and she asks them they say i will give u passenger list u people check on ur own..

Then at hospital ishu gains consciousness and mihika comes to help her but ishu shouts i dont know you and iam not ur akka
Mihika says i know u and says not to hide it and tells to promise on ru hithen she accepts and she breaks down mihika asks how can u stay away from us for 7 years and ishu says i dont want yo live but living out of compulsion..and breaks down

Mihika says ruhi is alive on her herself and says u know how she is alive as ur daughter and shows pihu pic
Mihika says it is ur pihu.. and ishu kind of shocked..

Precap…raman asks Adi why he came here
He tells I was worried for you.raman tells I don’t need anyone’s sympathy.
Adi says of ishima was here,she would have not let you talk like this.
Raman gets angry as why he took ishita’s name and slaps him

Written Update by Jayashree

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