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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th October 2015 Written Update

Ishita angrily looking at the burnt saree. Sarika comes there and gets teary eyed. Ishita catches her and asks her to be away from Ishita, else she will burn her first. Sarika screams and leaves from there. Simmi asks Ruhi and the girls to sit for Kanya pujan. Amma says I forgot to get something and goes. The bhajan plays. Ishita comes there and asks them to stop it. She holds her head and screams. She says her head is aching. Ruhi cries seeing her. Everyone get shocked.

Ruhi says Ishi Maa… Ishita says who Ishi Maa, I m Shagun, and throws the things. The diya blows off. Ishita breaks the things. She asks them did they forget her, she has come to stay here forever. She says you all are in my house, get lost, or shall I beat and kick you all out. Mrs. Bhalla cries. The power also goes and they all cry seeing Ishita.

Ishita says lovely mummy ji, you are standing in Shagun Bhalla’s house, will you go out or shall I kick you out. Mrs. Bhalla says you are not well Ishita, go to room and rest. Ishita says you did not like me ever, your sympathy and love are for Ishita. She taunts Simmi and hurts Sarika. Amma and Vandu hear the strange noises from Bhalla house. Amma says this is Ishu’s voice, we will see. They go inside and see Ishita ruining the things. Amma calls out Ishu.

Amma gets some small plants and Lord small idol inside it. Ishita sees it and screams. Ishita moves back. Amma asks her to tell what happened to her and goes to her. She asks her to come to her. Ishita asks her to move it away from her, else she will not leave her. She forwards hand to beat her and falls back. Amma sees the idol. Raman, Bala and Romi come home and see Ishita and the home. Amma tells Raman that Ishita is scared of Mata idol, this is not my Ishita, this ido0l will make Ishita free from the spirit. She says some mantras and throws the leaves on Ishita.

Raman, Bala and Romi hold Ishita, and take her to the room. Amma cries. Ishita pushes back Raman, Bala and Romi in the room and frees herself. She says I told you all to be away from me, see what I do to Ishita now, if you come close, I will kill Ishita, and breaks a glass. Raman asks her to stop it. She shouts at them to go. Romi gets a rope. They tie her with the rope. They calm her. Raman says Ishita and cries seeing her……………. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays…….. She screams. They all get sad seeing her.

Bala asks Raman to have them, she will be fine. Abhishek applies wax to his fingers and is hurt. Mihika arrives and states he appears to be diverse. He suggests nothing at all, and thinks she did not even discover, even when he dies, she will never know. She sees his hand and asks did he do waxing. He states Certainly, you like these kinds of Males. She says no way. He suggests Mihir told me, he gave me this advice. She claims I’ll see Mihir and goes annoyed. He claims why did I do all this then, if she does not such as this.

Amma suggests she is going to phone pandit. Vandu states this doesn’t come about. Mrs. Bhalla says we shall get Ishita to no cost her from spirit. Raman arrives and claims there isn’t any spirit. He says she’s in shock, Amma you happen to be educated, how can you believe this, she is my spouse. Amma states I have witnessed her, my Ishu can’t discuss like this, its Shagun. Raman says Shagun has died. Amma says Shagun will destroy my Ishu. Raman claims we achieved health care provider, she mentioned Ishita has anxiety, she is in shock of Shagun’s Demise, believe in me, nothing at all will take place. He suggests its currently recognized in Culture now, I don’t want any more concern.

Raman goes to Ishita. She suggests Raman and cries. He goes to feed her food stuff. She retains his hand angrily in spirit state, and suggests I don’t want foods, I want you….. He receives shocked.

Written Update By Sahir


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